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Online event payment


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Powerful, easy-to-use online event payment solution for payment processing, credit/debit card processing, electronic check conversion, e-commerce internet payment processing for fundraising events and commercial businesses

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Online event payment

  2. 2. Ensure All Payments are Made Online•Help your users to completeall transactions over theinternet.•Help them make and acceptall payments online.•Ensure money transfer arecompleted easily with only afew clicks of the computermouse.
  3. 3. Make Cashless Online Transactions•Help attendees do away with thehassles of handling cash.•Accept payments through variousonline means, such as CreditCards, PayPal, and others withonline event payment solutions.•Ensure cashless transactions withthe help of various Credit Cards andother payment platforms.
  4. 4. Provide OnlineTicketing Options•Provide the users with thefacility of online ticketingoptions.•Provide the opportunity ofbuying tickets online from theregistration page itself.•Send the soft copy of thetickets to the users so thatthey can take print out ofthose and attend your event.
  5. 5. Keep Account Detailsof Attendees Private•Use PCI-compliant paymentmanagement solutions toensure privacy of accountdetails.•Create a secure paymentenvironment with the onlinepayment managementsolutions.•Provide the attendees with theopportunity of completingtransactions in a safe andsecure way.