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Online event payment


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Online event payment

  1. 1. Streamline Transactionswith Online Event Payment•Ensure all payments are made overthe internet using the Online EventPayment Solutions.•Receive fees in no time with thehelp of Online Payment ManagementSolutions.•Experience real-time processing ofevent-related transactions.
  2. 2. Streamline Your Payment Online•Automate the process ofpayment with Online PaymentManagement Solutions.•Provide your attendees with thechance of completing paymentsthrough multiple methods.•Accept payments made throughCredit Cards, PayPal, and othersimilar online payment gateways.
  3. 3. Ensure Privacy withPCI-compliant Solutions•Ensure privacy of your accountdetails with the online paymentprocedure.•Eliminate the chances of fraudulenttransactions by taking the paymentonline.•Send automated confirmationmails to your attendees oncompletion of payment.
  4. 4. Complete Payment In No Time•Use Online Event PaymentSolutions to streamline theprocedure of receiving and makingpayments.•Make and receive payments in realtime.•Complete the payment procedureby a single click the mouse.
  5. 5. Help Your AttendeesComplete Payments Easily•Acteva provides its attendees withthe chance of completing paymentsthrough the Online EventManagement Solutions.•The user-friendly interface of thesolution ensures all attendees canmake payments without facing anycomplexity.•Maximize attendance by providinginterested participants with ahassle-free payment procedure.