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Classroom Management Philosophy<br />In the United States everyone has the right to a free education. As a future educator...
Classroom management philosophy
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Classroom management philosophy


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Ashley Steele's classroom management philosophy

Published in: Education
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Classroom management philosophy

  1. 1. Classroom Management Philosophy<br />In the United States everyone has the right to a free education. As a future educator it is my goal to see that all children I come into contact with exercise this right, and in a way that benefits them the most. The foundation for achieving this goal is strong classroom management skills. My three main focuses as an educator in relation to classroom management are community, rules and procedures, and preparation for the “real” world. <br />The first major component of my management philosophy is creating a community with regards to classroom management. I want each child who enters my classroom to understand that we are a family, not only in our classroom but in all other aspects of our lives. As a family it is our responsibility to treat each other with respect and dignity at all times. Our class rules will be made with equal input from all students, as I believe that people are more likely to follow rules that they themselves have created. I believe a strong sense of ownership is important in classroom management. I believe that my students should have the chance to solve their problems with each other as a group, with weekly group mediation. School should be a safe, welcoming environment where students are free to explore who they are. My classroom is a place where each student has the right to be themselves, and ownership is a large part of this ideal.<br />Secondly, rules and procedures help keep order and peace in a situation that can often be chaotic. I believe in student created rules that are complimented by strong procedures. Students need respect and discipline which can be reflected through very specific classroom procedures. As the instructor it is my job to be a strong, positive discipline role model for my students. I believe that a strong sense of ownership and family will also foster an overall respect for others and their property.<br />Finally, I believe that my sole purpose as an educator is to prepare the children I interact with for success in the “real” world. I believe that my classroom involves more than just the physical area that we inhabit. The educational experience should be global: students need to have an greater understanding of the world in order to be successful adults. I will instill in my students a respect for others and for life. This respect will help foster a global sense of community, in which students feel connected to people outside of their neighborhood. Also, students in my class will be required to give back to their community in an effort to establish ownership in their surroundings. <br />I am currently on the final leg of my journey as an education student. As I move closer to having my own students I feel as if I finally have a greater understanding of just what classroom management means. Nothing has prepared me quite as much as actual experiences with children, in which my beliefs about classroom management were formed. I now feel that I will be confident when I am in charge of my own students. <br />