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Top Industrial HVAC Repair

  1. 1. Welcome To American Combustion Service,Inc. Service-Mechanical-Refractories
  2. 2. About American Combustion Service American Combustion Service, Inc. & ACSI Mechanical was founded by Frank M. Lacny in December 1984. The Company has always been based in the southwest suburb of beautiful Mokena, Illinois. In 2009, the company moved to its current location at 19325 S. Schoolhouse Road, Mokena, Illinois. The spacious building is home to corporate offices, stock room and shop for any “in house” fabrication and repairs. Located off Interstate 80 and Route 45 makes it convenient to travel to service clients up into Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana and southern Illinois. We have provided services for customers as far east as New Jersey and as far away as Mexico and Alaska. The consulting and specialized service capabilities for working on any type of fuel burner and/or fuel, has earned American Combustion Service, Inc. a reputation as “burner specialists” – second to none in the area! Over the years, the Company has consulted and assisted many other contractors in the Chicago and Chicago metropolitan area with burner start-up work, unusual boiler room problem-solving situations, or just some basic backup service support.
  3. 3. Our Services ACSI provides specialized maintenance and installation services that help organizations reduce risk, save on energy costs and maintain facilities with confidence. Our specialized expertise is in boiler/burner services and industrial HVAC services. Industrial and Commercial customers nationwide in the areas of healthcare, education, manufacturing, public service, hospitality, among others, rely on ACSI to help keep their facilities running smoothly. We offer an expert team of skilled technicians, preventative maintenance programs, customer education and 24/7/365 emergency, on-call services.
  4. 4. Mechanical Whether it’s a new or refurbished/used burners, cooling towers, high temperature furnaces, kilns or pumps, ACSI has years of consulting and hands-on experience to manage, install and complete your full service installation. Installations of recondition or used burners, boilers, cooling towers, high temperature furnaces, kilns or pumps, can be problematic. Our vast experience gives us the advantage of making your unit operate as originally designed – The ACSI team knows what it takes to keep your investment in top working order.
  5. 5. Refractory In addition to being “burner specialists,” ACSI is among a select group of firms that offer combustion-related refractory products and services nationwide. Our heat resistant refractory linings provide premium insulation value, a higher resistance to thermal shock, faster heating and cooling of the combustion chamber and greater overall efficiency. ACSI’s refractory services oftentimes add years to a boiler’s operation. ACSI’s refractory services accommodate all types of boilers and furnaces including: Industrial Ovens, Thermal oxidizers, Kilns, New burner installations requiring front wall modifications, all types of furnaces such as reactors, ladles and stills
  6. 6. Industrial Commercial Boiler hvac Repair When your equipment has a problem, you need instant repairing. Waiting is not an option. ACSI is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The ACSI team of employees and skilled technicians understand the pressures you are under especially when the equipment such as burners, boilers, high temperature furnaces, kilns or air conditioning is malfunctioning. We stock hundreds of parts so we are ready to get your equipment up and running quickly. ACSI has come to the rescue of many oil burners, high temperature furnaces and kilns. The talented technicians at ACSI have the skills to retrofit and/or fabricate old obsolete parts when a replacement part cannot be found! We keep your oil burners, high temperature furnaces, kilns and
  7. 7. ACSI Multi Point Maintenance Studies show that if you find a potential problem and fix it before it becomes an issue, your cost savings become three times that of the initial investment. ACSI offers the most comprehensive burner analysis of fuel burning equipment in the industry. The ACSI Preventative Maintenance Program includes a XX-point inspection and thorough cleaning of five major combustion systems: boilers, burners, air conditioners, chillers and controls. These systems get used every minute of every day causing stress from fluctuating on-off cycles, thermal shock conditions, and energy demands. Our program keeps you running at peak performance. From anticipating potential upgrades or new equipment to providing valuable energy savings that could otherwise go unnoticed.
  8. 8. Installation Service Whether it’s a new or refurbished/used burner, cooling tower, high temperature furnaces, kilns or pumps, ACSI has years of consulting and hands-on experience to manage, install and complete a full service installation.Installations of recondition or used burners, boilers, cooling towers, high temperature furnaces, kilns or pumps, can be problematic especially with used units. Our vast experience gives us the advantage of making your unit operate as originally designed. ACSI has a team of people who know what it takes to keep your investment in top working order.
  9. 9. Pipefitting Many times while servicing a boiler, high temperature furnace, kiln, heating or air conditioning system, a customer inquires as to whether we can fix or replace a single pipe or a full distribution of pipes. Of course we can! Our customers have come to rely on us to consult and service their every need. ACSI provides high quality consulting and expertise for installing steam piping, gas piping and oil piping. Our pipefitters are members of the Local 597 Pipefitters Union and each individual has completed OSHA safety training.
  10. 10. Consulting Services Available Air Conditioning Systems & Consultations Boiler / Burner Analysis & Consultations Controls Analysis & Consultations Emissions Consultation Energy Savings Consultation Estimated Fuel Cost Savings Analysis & Consultation Furnace Analysis & Consultation Safety Training
  11. 11. Energy Saving Burner Analysis Energy efficiency makes a difference in a company’s bottom line. ACSI offers complimentary onsite energy assessments. Oftentimes, these analyses result in an average 6% savings in addition to fuel savings. Our detailed report includes recommendations on efficient lighting, exit signs, furnace and boiler tune-up schedules, and programmable thermostats. Plus, through the Small Business Energy Savings program, energy providers like ComEd, Nicor Gas, Peoples Gas and Northshore Gasoffer incentives based on our assessments. We have helped customers save thousands of dollars from utility rebate programs.
  12. 12. Request A Call Our expert team of skilled technicians is available now to consult and help you define the problem with your boiler, HVAC, high temperature furnace, kiln, heating or piping system. ACSI is here for you 24/7/365 with emergency servicing. Make the call NOW. Skilled Technicians Are On-Call 24/7 Simply call 24-hour dispatch center at 773-737-9200 and tell us what your system is experiencing…in as much detail as possible. ACSI is here for you 24/7/365 with emergency, on-call servicing and we will respond to you quickly. Non-Emergency On-line Inquiries Need non-emergency consulting or looking for new equipment or parts? Tell us what you need and an ACSI representative will contact you directly.
  13. 13. Hope you will find some ideas how American Combustion Services,Inc offer services. Follow Us On Twitter @ACSIGroup For more details visit us @ Calls Us @ 773-737-9200 ( 24 Hours Emergency Services)

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24 x 7 emergency Industrial HVAC Repair by American Combustion Services, Inc. Get on call services at 773-737-9200!


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