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Degree Programs Available with Top Universities in the UK


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Choose undergraduate courses or masters graduate programs with the best Universities in the UK

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Degree Programs Available with Top Universities in the UK

  1. 1. Graduate degrees with the BestUniversities in the UKWhether you were previously a Study Abroad student and wish to return tothe UK for graduate studies or you are going for the first time – Across thePond are here to help!A Master’s degree in the UK has many advantages over a Canadian Master’sdegree. One of the main benefits of a UK Master’s degree is that it isstructured so that it only takes 12 months to complete, saving you both timeand money and you can start earning sooner!
  2. 2. Undergraduate degrees with Top British UniversitiesAlmost any subject offered in Canada, can also be studied at our partneruniversities. You can combine several subjects to make up your degree, orconcentrate on one major throughout your studies – it is up to you!Due to the more professionalized nature of British degree programs,students tend to focus their studies from the start of their degree on one ortwo closely related academic areas. Therefore BA and BSc degrees aretypically 3 years in England and Wales. There are also options to study forfour-years which include a year in industry or a year abroad as part of theprogram.
  3. 3. Study abroad programs with the BestUniversities in the UKThe Across the Pond UK partner universities have a long history of welcomingstudents from Canada for their study abroad experience and they provideexceptional personal and academic support throughout the year.All the university courses are credit rated and students usually have noproblem in transferring credit back to their home institutions. Theflexible modular academic structure means students can devise their ownmajor/minor combinations to suit personal interests. As long as you getapproval from your home university for the intended program, credittransfer is not a problem.
  4. 4. Law Degrees in the UK Whether you are looking to study an LLB (qualifying law degree) or an LLM -our UK partner universities offer plenty of excellent programs. We recognisethat many Canadian students want to study law in the UK and we are verypleased to be working with some of the best law schools in Britain!
  5. 5. Benefits of studying law in the UK Qualify in just 2 years with a Senior Status LLB degree Boost your career prospects with an international education The UK’s unique tutorial system means that you have the benefit of studying in small classes with increased opportunities to interact with your professors Study in the country where common law originated Interact with students from around the world; 7-20% of our partner universities’ student population is from outside the UK Comparable tuition fees to top-tier Canadian law schools The degree be recognized in Canada