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Andrew, Val and Lori will present the work they are doing to help create a people-ready, global-ready health information resource in Wikipedia. The project involves working with physicians and the Wikimedia foundation to identify important health information articles in Wikipedia by looking at usage statistics from the majority world, especially Africa. These articles are then edited to simple English standards using a combination of technology and professional editors. The goal is to simplify the text whilst retaining the correctness and relevance of the critical health information. As well as making these articles easier to understand by English as a Second Language readers, the editing process also prepares the content to be more easily translated. Translators without Borders is providing a platform for volunteer translators across the planet to translate the articles into their own language. In a new initiative Translators without Borders is training a whole new community of translators in Nairobi who are now developing skills and experience in medical translation. These translators are paid by non-profit organizations who task TWB with providing life-saving content in local languages. Learn more about this project:

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Content Saves Lives

  1. 1. Content Saves Lives
  2. 2. From The Guardian (search “dirty little secret liberia”) ©
  3. 3. What Charles and Dorris need: Content that works … you are the content professionals!
  4. 4. Wikipedia 80 x 80 Project• Take the 80 most often used medical articles on• Simplify the English – vetted by physician• Translate into 80 languages
  5. 5. Why Wikipedia?• ~200 million page views for more than 25,000 medical articles• More than 40 million health information page views per month• >50% of physicians and pharmacists use Wikipedia
  6. 6. Acrolinx for Simple Wikipedia• Basic Wikipedia Style Checking• People-Ready Health Terminology
  7. 7. Before
  8. 8. After
  9. 9. Before AfterSchizophrenia Before Schizophrenia is a mental(/ˌskɪtsɵˈfrɛniə/ or illness that causes strange/ˌskɪtsɵˈfriːniə/) is a mental thinking and feelings.[1] Manydisorder characterized by a people who have this illnessbreakdown of thought hear things that do not existprocesses and by poor (hallucinations). They haveemotional responsiveness. fears and suspicions that doCommon symptoms include not make sense (paranoia).auditory hallucinations, They might believe in thingsparanoid or bizarre that are strange and senselessdelusions, or disorganized (delusions). They might speakspeech and thinking, and it is and think in a way that doesaccompanied by significant not make sense to othersocial or occupational people.dysfunction.
  10. 10. Before
  11. 11. After
  12. 12. Results• 18 articles simplified to-date Yoruba Kinyarwanda• All posted at Telugu Norwegian Urdu Chinese Portuguese German Spanish French Russian Italian Armenian Arabic Dari Dutch Czech
  13. 13. Content Rules Editors18 down, 62 to go!Editors and Writers Welcome
  14. 14. Today, Translators without Borders is the world’s largest community of humanitarian translators7.5 million words2587 activetranslatorsWorking into 257language pairs70 volunteer staff91 non-profits
  15. 15. Zafen built 1,000 more homes 18 months laterBefore
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Today’s Translator Training Centre
  18. 18. You can help!
  19. 19. Time MoneyIntroductions