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  1. 1. Advantage Claims Recovery Group Services save Time for Health Care Providers
  2. 2. Advantage Claims Recovery Group is a well-renowned and leading claims recovery company. Since 1995, Advantage Claims Recovery Group has been instrumental in collecting an average of 6 million dollars a year in lost provider reimbursements by honing in on deficiencies in the claims process. Advantage Claims Recovery Group saves the time for health care providers who are not able to dispute denied workers’ compensation claims.
  3. 3. This highly reputable firm follows a legal procedure in order to collect revenues. The highly experienced and extremely talented professionals working in the company recover the lost revenues quickly thereby saving the health care providers’ precious time and energy. It also offers value added services to health care providers. Advantage Claims Recovery Group, Inc. employs 45 full-time recovery specialists and begins to secure lost revenues in as little as 30-60 days.
  4. 4. Advantage Claims Recovery Group aims at providing the excellent, outstanding, and high quality customer service. Advantage Claims Recovery Group services are quick and efficient. Advantage Claims Recovery Group services include denial management solutions and medical insurance claims resolution. There is no upfront fee for availing the Advantage Claims Recovery Group services.
  5. 5. Advantage Claims Recovery Group services fall under the membership of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Their services are used by thousands of reputed institutions like DCs, MDs, DOs, rehabilitation facilities and hospitals by recovering millions of dollars that were inaccurately denied, incorrectly reimbursed claims. To get further details regarding the excellent Advantage Claims Recovery Group services, log on to