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Advantage claims recovery group, inc.

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Advantage claims recovery group, inc.

  1. 1. Inside Business features Advantage Claims Recovery Group
  2. 2. Advantage Claims Recovery Group , Inc. offers world class claims recovery solutions to health care providers. This group was founded by Pamela Bush Davis in 1995 with an aim to recover underpaid medical and hospital claims. Being the CEO of Advantage Claims Recovery Group, Inc., Pamela Davis explains purpose of the workers compensation fee schedule in an efficient manner.
  3. 3. Here, comes the actual role played by Advantage Claims Recovery Group that enables the doctors to spend plenty of time to treat their patients without bothering about recovering claims. If doctors or healthcare providers would go behind these insurance companies, then it would take a lot of staff time, resources and expertise to manage in such a specialized area where one needs to be active all the time.
  4. 4. Advantage Claims Recovery Group based in Texas helps those doctors who are facing such problems. Advantage Claims Recovery Group reviews all files closely, going through all minor mistakes. Each closed file is reviewed exhaustively. With the help of the company's 'advantage program', the lost revenues are recovered fast and conveniently.
  5. 5. Advantage Claims Recovery Group , Inc. was founded in 1995 in Dallas, Texas, in response to a need by medical and healthcare professionals to recover denied, uncollected, and disputed Workers' Compensation claims. To obtain more information about recovering lost revenue, please browse through