Scale and Specificity: Automating Local SEM


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Building the right keyword list, proper ads and tightly controlling how money is spent are the most vital parts of the local paid search marketing process. Without these, the chance for success and profitability of your SEM campaigns drops dramatically.

In this webinar you'll learn how to generate superior results even when handling thousands of small, hyperlocal accounts. On May 14th at 12pm, join Marc Poirier, EVP and Co-founder at Acquisio and Regan Davis, VP of Product Development at Zenya who will present:

- Some insights on the local search marketing industry.
- A new approach to PPC campaign creation.
- Several case studies.

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  • Local Marketing LandscapeResellersChannel PartnersYpsIYPsMedia companiesVerticalFranchisesSaaS (websites, email, accounting, crm, billing)Domain RegistrarsHostingOffice Supplies
  • More and more about driving calls / leads, less about clicksNeed to keep the conversation at a high level Need to automate everything in ad ops
  • SEM automation for SMBs – where are we?Campaign structureKeywordsTargetingAdsLanding Pages – Mobile ReadyCall trackingOther trackingBid management’Budget managementUpsells / cross-sellsSupportSales
  • ChurnCost of sales it too highCost of operation is too highMargins are too small
  • Scale and Specificity: Automating Local SEM

    1. 1. Click to edit Master text styles HOSTED BY: &
    2. 2. Click to edit Master text stylesWEBINAR housekeeping • The webinar is recorded and will be made available by email • The slides will also be available by email • Q&A session at the end of the webinar • Use the Chat box to submit your questions at any time
    3. 3. Click to edit Master text stylesSPEAKERS Marc Poirier – EVP & Co-Founder of Acquisio – 17 Years Experience in Digital Marketing – Master Fisherman Regan Davis – Vice President of Product at Zenya – Background in Data and Design – Eats Fish on Occasion
    4. 4. Click to edit Master text styles How many SMB accounts do you manage? a) Less than 100 SMB accounts b) 100 – 5000 SMB accounts c) 5000+ SMB accounts d) My company caters to SMB but don't offer PPC yet. e) We don't serve SMB accounts Live POLL QUESTION #1
    5. 5. Click to edit Master text styles Local Marketing Landscape • Resellers / Channel Partners • Yps – IYPs • Media Companies • Verticals • Franchises • SaaS • Domain Registrars – Hosting • Office Supplies
    6. 6. Click to edit Master text styles Evolution of Services Offered Listings Clicks Leads Calls
    7. 7. Click to edit Master text styles Automating SEM for SMBs – Where are we?
    8. 8. Click to edit Master text styles Biggest Hurdle
    9. 9. Click to edit Master text styles Zenya Understands Search 1.2 Billion Keywords, all real human search terms 450,000 categories on every popular topic 2.5 million+ locations to develop hyper-local PPC campaigns • Scale. • Scope. • Specificity. A Taxonomy of the Commercial Internet.
    10. 10. Click to edit Master text styles Automated Local Campaign Creation SMB INPUT ACQUISIO BBM Landing Page Seed Keywords Directory Topic OR OR Zenya creates tightly themed Ad groups. Effective mix of head and long-tail terms are loaded into Ad groups. Keywords are geo-modified for hyper-local targeting.
    11. 11. Click to edit Master text styles Zenya Categorizes SMB Inputs, and Expands Plumbers Plumbers Plumbing Services 24 Hour Plumbing Services Leak Detection Services Residential Drain Cleaning Services Commercial Plumbers SMB INPUT MATCHING ADGROUPS Septic Tank Services Septic Tank Installation Septic Tank Maintenance Septic Tank Removal Flood Control Services Plumbing Inspection Services Journeyman Plumbers Master Plumbers Plumbing Contractors Leak Detection Services Pipe Relining Plumbing & Fixture Tips & Advice Sanitary Piping Installation Services Sump Pump Installation Toilet Installation Services Sink Installation Sink Repair Services Find Local Plumbers …and 15 additional subcategories SUBTOPICS
    12. 12. Click to edit Master text styles Content Safe for SEM • Safety first. Zenya monitors and filters searches for sensitive topics including: • Prescription Drugs • Tobacco • Weapons • Sensitive Issues • Adult • Alcohol • Fireworks • Gambling • Adherence to search engine compliance policies • Ensuring brand safety
    13. 13. Click to edit Master text styles 2.5 Million Locations for Hyper-Local Builds • Geotargeting + Geomodified. • By Region. • By Radius. • By Relevance.
    14. 14. Click to edit Master text styles Case Study: Global SMB Publisher The Challenge. Create a full campaign structure for a new client in the trash removal market, targeted to 15 miles around 2 nearby cities. The Solution. With Zenya’s granular taxonomy of searches, plus the additional location taxonomy, campaign creation and audit was turnkey. Zenya delivered 4 campaigns using different targeting methods, 11 customized adgroups, and 6,864 highly- targeted keywords. • Zenya’s campaign click through rate was 7% 100% CTR Boost • Average cost per click also dropped over 20% • Ad position stayed competitive at 2.5, while at lower costZENYA COMPETITOR AVG CLICK THROUGH RATE (30d) 7% The Results.
    15. 15. Click to edit Master text styles Case study: Rooter Cleaners With BBM Before BBM With BBMBefore BBM
    16. 16. Click to edit Master text styles Case study: Law Firm With BBM Before BBM With BBMBefore BBM
    17. 17. Click to edit Master text styles Would you like more information about our solution for local SEM resellers? a) Yes, please have someone contact me. b) No, thanks. Live POLL QUESTION #2
    18. 18. Click to edit Master text styles Live Q&A
    19. 19. Click to edit Master text styles From Z to A: SEM Solutions Start to Finish Granular campaign creation combined with superior bid and budget management. • Automated. Zenya provides complete campaign creation from A to Z. • Order, not Chaos. The world’s only keyword taxonomy, with relevant terms for any business, service, and topic. • Location, Location, Location. An additional 2.5 million+ global locations to develop highly targeted PPC campaigns. • Speaking All Languages. Translation to 33 major languages, including Double-byte • Significant scale. 1+ billion real human keywords in 450,000 categories. • Married Back End. Through Acquisio’s Partner Program, Zenya communicates directly into Acquisio’s system. • BBM. Bid and budget management through Acquisio’s sophisticated optimization. • One for All. Full scale reporting in an all-in- one tool for account managers. • PPC Partnerships. An Adwords and Bing Ads partner, Acquisio knows the best approaches to drive leads. • Call Tracking. Acquisio partners with more than 10 reputable call tracking partners.
    20. 20. Click to edit Master text styles Have more questions? Thank you for attending this webinar! Request more information on Automated Local SEM at Or Contact us Directly: