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An Introduction to Native Ads by Acquisio and Yahoo!

More and more publishers such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Yahoo, Pinterest, Instagram and the New York Times continue to innovate with their own proprietary ad formats and platforms.

Advertisers and agencies are faced with a dilemma - to focus on IAB ad formats and text ads and risk losing opportunities, or to roll up their sleeves and adopt the slew of new formats, also known as native ads - and risk working hard for little reward.

An Introduction to Native Ads by Acquisio and Yahoo!

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  2. 2. WEBINAR housekeeping • • The webinar is recorded and will be made available by email The slides will also be available by email • Q&A session at the end of the webinar • Use the Chat box to submit your questions at any time
  3. 3. SPEAKERS Marc Poirier – EVP & Co-Founder of Acquisio. – 17 Years Experience in Digital Marketing. – Master Fisherman. Joe Stephens – Sr Manager, Optimization & Strategy, Search & Native Ads at Yahoo!. – 15 Years Experience in Search Marketing. – Loves search marketing & helping businesses grow by making smart decisions.
  4. 4. NATIVE ADS: What is it? ―Native Ads are integrated with the content of a publisher or social media platform in such a way that the ads blend in with the rest of the content. The ads are part of the content.‖ Marc Poirier
  5. 5. EDITORIAL Native Ads For editorial publishers, this often takes the form of advertorials or sponsored content. Often these are highly customized experiences. These opportunities are usually editorial and long form in nature.
  6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA / BIDDABLE Native Ads For social media and biddable media publishers these ads are integrated into the feed or are meant to look like regular content, users can interact with the ads as they would with any other piece of social content.
  7. 7. Promoted Tweets
  8. 8. FourSquare Promoted Check-Ins (Beta)
  9. 9. LinkedIn Sponsored Updates
  10. 10. Reddit Sponsored Links
  11. 11. Spotify Brand Playlists
  12. 12. StumbleUpon Paid Discovery
  13. 13. Tumblr Sponsored Radar Sponsor Mobile Post
  14. 14. YouTube TrueView
  15. 15. Pros and Cons Major BENEFIT for advertisers: Major benefit for advertisers: - - Native ads are often used for popular Native ads are often used social media for popular social media publishers, which publishers, which often often means users means users can be can be recognized recognized devices across across devices PROBLEMS: - Agencies hate them – Problems: more work for same money - Agencies hate them – - Not scalable – everyone more work for same can’t be making up money formats - Not scalable – everyone can’t be making up formats
  16. 16. Retargeting Opportunities in Native Ads • Targeting is key to success for most of these products • Many of these players are integrating the ability to bring data for improved targeting or to retarget users.
  17. 17. Scaling Native Ads Management Acquisio can automate dashboards and reports for most native ad platforms through our data loader.
  18. 18. Upcoming Webinar on Native Ads Stay tuned for an upcoming webinar where we will review the most relevant native ad platforms in great detail.
  19. 19. Get more customers with Yahoo in-stream placement Today’s presentation contains information that is confidential and proprietary to Yahoo. All confidential information being shared today is subject to the terms and conditions of your non-disclosure agreement (or other agreement that contains confidentiality provisions) with Yahoo. The ranking, placement, and appearance of your ad may vary.
  20. 20. Yahoo Stream Ads Vast Reach • Connect with millions of prospective customers • Appear organically within user experiences • Seamlessly serve across devices Easy Setup • Manage campaigns with our self-serve tool • Target by location and more • Use our interactive reporting tools Priced for Performance • Set a budget • Pay only for clicks at a competitive price 20 Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary
  21. 21. Appear in-stream Show in content streams and beyond Be a part of the most complete • We create a unique experience for each user • Relevant content is curated from: content stream on the web. o Expert editorial writers and breaking news o Socially curated content when connected with Facebook o A user's specific interests 21 The ranking, placement, and appearance of your ad may vary. Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary Show above users’ inboxes on Yahoo Mail.
  22. 22. Appear across Yahoo Ads automatically adapt by device type, and appear on top-ranked sites, including: • • • • • • • 22 Homepage Mail News Sports Finance Celebrity Movies Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary • • • • • • TV Music Travel Homes Autos My Yahoo
  23. 23. Easily create your ads Directly manage your campaigns in Yahoo Ad Manager Sign in at If you have a Yahoo Account Manager, you will be notified when your new account is ready. Create a campaign • Go to the Campaigns tab • Use our Editor tool to create your ad • See a real-time preview of your ad as you write a title and description, add your URL, and upload an image • Preview your ad on all device types 23 Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary
  24. 24. Fuel your campaign with strong ads Best practices Titles • The end user seeks benefits: ask a question, solve a problem, empower the user, make a list Descriptions • Read naturally: avoid extraneous punctuation • Avoid logos since they may appear out of place in the content stream • Use sentence case • Images with one face perform better • Sponsored By reflects brand, not URL • Use compelling images: Car rounding a corner for auto ad, beautiful resort for travel ad • Keep geo-targeting in mind • Use title case • Directly relate to landing page • Directly relate to landing page • Make use of the 150 • Make use of the 50 characters characters 24 Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary Images • 82x82 pixels
  25. 25. Reach the right audience at the right price Select your targeting and preferred budget Target your audience • Select your location targeting preferences by state, top city, Nielsen® DMA®, and users from other countries • Show more ads based on gender Set a budget • Set a timeframe • Enter your budget and the most you’re willing to spend per click 25 Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary
  26. 26. See performance insights Key metrics at-a-glance Monitor performance • Go to the Reports tab • See performance at the ad, campaign and account levels • Schedule and export reports • Use the performance trends graph to easily compare two metrics • Also see your past 7-day performance directly from the Campaigns tab 26 Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary
  27. 27. Set the right bid for you Use our interactive Bid Landscape graph Adjust your bid • After seven days of running your campaign, click on Bid Landscape in the Reports tab • Shows how changing your bid may change the number of impressions and clicks your ads receive • Your competitiveness will vary depending on you and your competitors’ ad quality, bids, budget and any targeting • As we learn more about you over time, the Bid Landscape graph becomes smarter - so use this tool regularly 27 Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary
  28. 28. Add multiple users You can set roles for other team members In the Manage Users tab, add more users with specific roles: Admin Analyst Can do everything 28 Campaign Manager Full access to ads and campaigns View only and full access to reports Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary
  29. 29. Setup your billing Keep your campaigns up and running Add a credit card • Go to the Billing tab • Enter an amount to fund your account Automatic reload • Don’t miss out on appearing to prospective customers • Your account is reloaded when your balance is low Invoice • If you’re an invoice advertiser, please contact your Yahoo account representative for more information 29 Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary
  30. 30. Performance enhancers Best practices Test ads • Once you’ve finished an ad, ask yourself – would you click on this ad if you were the user? • After you have a successful ad, try testing various components and monitor how the different variations perform • Use the Clone feature to create more ads • Always have at least ten ads up and running. • Take advantage of seasonality Adjust bids • Use the Bid Landscape graph in the Reports tab to optimize your bid strategy Track conversions • Use existing analytics tools to track performance • Need a free analytics tool? Try Yahoo Web Analytics. To get started, email
  31. 31. Boost your results Checkout our top tips and more Help and guidelines • Top tips to get more clicks • FAQs to help manage your campaigns more easily • Ad policies to follow so your ads can appear on Yahoo 31 Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary
  32. 32. Sneak Peek Target your audience by interest More control on who sees your ads Choose your audience • Simply enter what your audience is interested in • Leverage our Yahoo customer insights, including: o Clicked articles o Search activity o Yahoo customer profile information 32 Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary
  33. 33. Sneak Peek Know where your ads show, and who sees them Leverage our audience insights Understand your audience In the new Audience tab, you’ll soon have campaign-level performance insights based on: • Age – Clicks • Gender – Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Spend, Average CPC • Location – Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Spend, Average CPC • Site – Clicks • Device – Clicks Similar to our performance trends graph, you’ll be able to easily compare two key metrics. 33 Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary
  34. 34. A recipe for success Retail advertiser success story ―When compared to our search ads since launching Yahoo Stream Ads a month ago, we’ve seen nearly 500 percent additional impressions and 80 percent additional clicks. The increased reach and performance have also been at a 30 percent lower cost-per-click charge.‖* - Daniel Rensing, Cofounder, The Smart Baker The Smart Baker Daniel and Stephanie Rensing run an online business that focuses on smart products that make your time in the kitchen easier. Their first product, The Cheat Sheet Apron with upside down measurement conversions, made it big in Food Network Magazine. A piece of cake ―The self-serve tool was simple to use - I created my ad’s title, description, and uploaded an image, and that was it,‖ explains Daniel. ―It took less than an hour from hearing about Stream Ads to having my campaign set up.‖ Delicious results The Smart Baker started seeing a spike in website traffic right away, with a doubled number of site visitors in the first 24 hours after the ads went live. 34 *Based on Google AdWords campaign data, October 2013. Please keep in mind that results may vary for each advertiser. Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary
  35. 35. Lasting impressions Retail advertiser success story ―When compared to our social media ads since launching Stream Ads a month ago, we’ve generated 175 percent more impressions and 125 percent more clicks – all at a 75 percent lower cost.‖* - Jenny Robinson, VP of eCommerce/ Marketing, TATCHA TATCHA TATCHA built its business by selling its prestige skincare products through upscale channels such as Barneys New York. Renowned makeup artists have embraced the collection and have recommended it to their celebrity clients. Beauty that shouldn’t be a secret ―Luxury brands like TATCHA have not traditionally followed an online direct-to-consumer model,‖ says Jenny Robinson, Vice President for eCommerce and Digital Marketing at TATCHA. ―We saw a great opportunity to grow our customer base.‖ Sitting pretty ―Customers who are new to our brand respond well to the type of in-stream ads that Stream Ads offers. In terms of customer acquisition, it’s exactly what we’re looking for. Stream Ads now definitely fund the bulk of our online business.‖ 35 *Based on Facebook advertising campaign data, October 2013. Please keep in mind that results may vary for each advertiser. Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary
  36. 36. A healthy sales boost Retail advertiser success story ―Within the past 30 days, our Stream Ads have appeared across Yahoo more than 4 million times, and increased our site traffic by 30 percent.‖* - Leonel Vega, Owner of RawBuzz RawBuzz RawBuzz wants to help people take their fitness and wellbeing seriously. To promote its own sales health, the online retailer of organic food and nutritional supplements is always looking for ways to attract more customers to its website. A search for holistic marketing ―What excited me about Yahoo Stream Ads was the idea that we could appear directly within the content our customers are interested in,‖ says Leonel Vega, Owner of RawBuzz. Super results ―Compared to our other online advertising, Yahoo Stream Ads added 200 percent more clicks at a 75 percent lower cost-per-click.‖* 36 *Based on Yahoo Stream Ads campaign data, October 2013. Please keep in mind that results may vary for each advertiser. Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary
  37. 37. Shift into high gear Auto advertiser success story ―Yahoo Stream Ads have been a great complement to our search ads over the past 30 days, resulting in a 150 percent increase in additional impressions and a 70 percent increase in additional clicks—all at a cost-per-click that’s 80 percent less.‖* - Agency rep for major auto manufacturer Online acceleration A major auto manufacturer is always racing to stay ahead and strengthen its loyal customer following. It is constantly considering new ad formats and channels to help reach potential buyers and raise brand awareness. Pulling into the stream ―They’ve really designed the tool with performancebased marketers in mind.‖ A natural drive ―The ads are more organic—they’re in content people are looking for, and they’re unobtrusive. Plus they’re on the Yahoo home page, which gets millions of visitors a day. That’s hard to beat!‖ 37 *Based on Yahoo Stream Ads and Yahoo Bing Network campaign data, October 2013. Please keep in mind that results may vary for each advertiser. Yahoo Confidential & Proprietary
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