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Mla citation


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Powerpoint on MLA citation for use with English 9 classes.

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Mla citation

  1. 1. MLA Citation 9.8 TSW credit the sources of quoted,paraphrased, and summarized ideas; citesources of information using MLA or APA.
  2. 2. How can you tell if someone is lying?● Know the information if false● Find out the information is false
  3. 3. Why should I cite?● In scholarly research, you make sure information is correct by verifying information.● One way of verifying is checking works cited.● Remember to avoid plagiarism, you should always cite your sources.
  4. 4. What sources should I cite?● Anything that is not your original idea and used in your research product.● This includes: – Books – Journals/magazines – Database articles – Websites – Encyclopedia articles – Pictures – music
  5. 5. Elements of Citation● Citations include the following: Author – Title – Publisher Name – Publisher Location – Date of publication
  6. 6. Also...● Depending on the type of inforation source, it may also include: volume – Article title – Date accessed
  7. 7. Book Citation BasicsAuthor Last Name, First Name. Title. PublisherLocation: Publisher Name, Date.Pfeffer, Susan. Life As We Knew It. Boston:Houghton Mifflin, 2006.*There are additional rules about books with morethan one author, corporate authors, or editors.
  8. 8. Journals/MagazinesAuthor Last Name, First Name. “Article Title.”Journal Name. Publication date: pages.Blount, Roy. “Mr. Lincoln Goes to Hollywood.”Smithsonian. November 2012: 46-53.
  9. 9. Database ArticleFor a journal article found in a database, you followthe same format, but you will also add the productname, name of providing library, date of access, andURL.Blount, Roy. “Mr. Lincoln Goes to Hollywood.”Smithsonian. November 2012: 46-53. Proquest.Appomattox HS Lib. 14 Nov 2012.<>.
  10. 10. WebsiteAuthor. “Title page of document.” Site Title. Dateof electronic publication, last update, or posting date. Name of publishing institution. Date of downloador access. <url>.New, Michelle. “Coping with Cliques.” TeensHealth. August 2010. Nemours. 14 Nov 2012.<>.
  11. 11. Now What?Lets play “human citation”Working in group of 5, given cards with eachelement of a citation (author, title, publisher place,publisher name, date) arrange yourselves in thecorrect order for MLA citation.Repeat for journal article, database, website.
  12. 12. Practice Two Truths and Lie● Create 3 statements for a partner. Two of those statement must be true and one a lie. Create a citation for each statement. Partner has to guess which is false and must be able to verify using your citations.