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Farmers Market Merchandising; the Good, The Great (and not so great)


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Slideshow for FMNS Merchandising presentation

Published in: Business
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Farmers Market Merchandising; the Good, The Great (and not so great)

  1. 1. The Good, The Great (and the not-so-great) of Farmers Market Merchandising By Rowena Hopkins, Keltie Butler, and Michelle Wolf Farmers' Markets of Nova Scotia
  2. 2. Merchandising and Displays   In direct marketing, sales are a function of 3 things: Sales = product + presentation + producer   How you merchandise and display your products is one of the three elements that generates sales   Here, we will contrast “not so great” with “good and great” photos, to help you look at your own display through a new set of eyes
  3. 3. The Big Picture
  4. 4. Work with all three dimensions
  5. 5. Less Can Be More
  6. 6. Think about your lighting
  7. 7. Bins and Baskets Matter
  8. 8. Do I Need a Bin or Basket
  9. 9. Tablecloths Matter
  10. 10. Can they read it?
  11. 11. Putting a label on it
  12. 12. Booth Signage
  13. 13. Busted!
  14. 14. Similar products but different price points associated with different merchandising and displays
  15. 15. Signage: Your brand and product matters more than your name
  16. 16. Great Samples