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Playing Pokemon X and Y Online


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Playing Pokemon X and Y Online

  1. 1. Playing Pokemon X and Y Online"Pokemon Rumble Blast" was the first Pokemon game released on Nintendos handheldgaming system, "X" and "Y" will be the series first games to come out in fully polygonal3D.Well the new pokemon. So many I cannot even name. Er... rpg forums if you want.Through the battle trains, you can do WiFi battles, triple battles, rotation battles, singlebattles, double battles, and also catch a train to Anville Town.Some interesting choreography is also used.There are several Pokémon that areunprecedented as well in type and appearance. Er... pokemon rpg proboards .They brought 3DS style 3D graphics to a 3DS, 3DS lite, and DSi system, the 3D worlds makeme feel like im actually in the game which, having low vision, really says something, I am 19years old and Pokemon has captured my heart again. The most interesting is Village Bridge,a post-game area, which contains a fully voiced song (in Japanese, no less) which you canplay by talking to someone on the bottom of the bridge.There are actual plot points along the way. The addition of your friends the blond guy and theother new pokemon X and Y character is a happy one, as you get to see how they grow andbecome better people along the way. You also become much better friends with all of thegym leaders, and you really feel like they are all there for you.I liked the version exclusive pokemon on this version too, but I know alot of others who likethe ones on Y better. The story does not have very memorable characters and theircharacter is shallow at best.Pokemon X has been tons of fun so far. Like other Pokemongames, the player is starting a Pokemon journey at the request of their towns PokemonProfessor (in this case, Professor Juniper). As with the original, Im kind of a completetionistwhen it comes to getting all 153 of the new Pokemon. Or pokemon x and y RPG as well.I think my biggest gripe with the game is the fact you are forced to use the new Pokemonthroughout the main storyline.- Pokemon X has the X City, which allows you to find items more easily. Instead, TeamChromosome are the new bad guys, and theyre a bit more realistic than the previous villains.Cutscenes and animation add even more fluidity to the RPG experience. i can not beilivepeople dont like this awesome game!!! it rocks. You start off as a ten year old boy or girl in asmall town in the X and Y region, receive a starter Pokemon, set off on a journey to collectPokemon, stop an evil team of criminals, battle Gym Leaders to earn all eight Badgesneeded to collect Pokemon, and with said badges in hand challenge the Elite Four and thePokemon Champion to become the new Champion of the X and Y region.As for X and Yitself, the region felt like a step down from previous regions. The cities were certainly better tolook at, but with the exception of one or two areas, the outside world of X and Y felt boringand linear compared to Hoenn and Sinnoh. There was also no attachment to the "newgeneration" Pokemon and I made a point to beat the game with a team of originals - easierdone than said. Good luck in the X and Y region! Now back to training my Pokémon...