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Playing Pokemon X and Y Online


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Playing Pokemon X and Y Online

  1. 1. Playing Pokemon X and Y Online"Pokemon Rumble Blast" was the first Pokemon game released on Nintendos handheldgaming system, "X" and "Y" will be the series first games to come out in enhancedgraphics.Where do I start with Pokemon X and Y?? To start, its in 3D. Er... . Also inNimbasa, they have the Battle Trains, Pokemon Musical, and the Sports stadiums.While the music in previous games wasnt that bad, the new music is really good.As forPokémon not being able to walk around with their Trainer, this is a little self-explanatory. Iloved this feature from HeartGold & SoulSilver and I am saddened that it was removed. Trymaybe.For the hardcore gamer, Pokémon offers many metagame opportunities that includecompetitive battling, intricate breeding systems, and a game that can be played virtuallyanywhere and at any time. If that doesnt get you to buy it, then Ill say one more thing: HMsare almost optional.Pros- Brand new Pokemon, new modes of battle, more ways to keep playing even in theendgame.But the good thing is now there are nurses out in the open who will heal your guys for freewhich is great cause it saves you a long trip back to the clinic and you can spend all the timeleveling up, yay! Im a diehard gamer, but found myself irritated with the terrible movies thatfirst introduced much of the public to the Pokemon craze (I actually saw the second one atthe theater, to see what all the hype was about).Internet capabilities are greatly improved andexpanded upon, giving X and Y even more replay value than previous Pokemon games.Graphically, the series is updated with 3d graphics on the overworld, and battles that includesprites that continuously move, a camera that zooms in on the action, and dynamic musicthat changes depending on the situation in the battle. Or blah.The Dream World is a place where players can interact with others by exchanging andplanting berries, maintaining a house, and looking for Pokemon with alternative abilities thatare different from the ones that are found regularly in the game. Also, once a Pokemon hasbeen transferred to a later generation, it can never go back, so choose wisely. Theyre just abit more extreme in some manners. Pokemon Y and X greatly improves upon the previous3DS titles (up to Platinum) by improving graphics and optimizing menus and introducing theregister menu, where you can quickly access important key items. The dynamic camera viewis pretty, but may sometimes seem unnecessary. If you want to speed through the game, the(slighlty) faster battle sequences are a welcome improvement. Takes time getting used to thenew Pokemon but the graphical changes are nice. So as I have said, its a good buy. Thiswas all old hat by the fifth generation, but X and Y differed in a few key ways to be discussedlater. Heres hoping X 2 and Y 2 live up to their predecessors. By making it so there are onlythe regions own 150+ Pokemon the challenge of learning every creatures strengths andweaknesses and the thrill of not knowing what you would see next was the first time Id felt
  2. 2. anything at all like I did when I was given Pokemon Yellow as a kid.Pokemon X is good.