20100304 Twitter Workshop


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An introduction to Twitter as a workshop for beginners: key concepts, how to use it, strategy and use cases.

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20100304 Twitter Workshop

  1. 1. An introduction to Twitter Workshop March 4th 2010, Brussels Arnaud Coomans, Commentag
  2. 2. Register
  3. 3. Communicate
  4. 4. Overview Twitterer: author (ie @acoomans) Tweets: messages, status (140 chars max) Real-time Public/Private you twitterers non-registered user
  5. 5. Communicate: Follow Follow read other twitterers’ public messages (follower)
  6. 6. Communicate: Tweet Tweet (micro-blogging) 1-to-many broadcasting public or private accessible to other twitterers and non-registered users (if public) (friends)
  7. 7. Communicate: DM Direct Message 1-to-1 private between twitterers only
  8. 8. Communicate: Mention Mention read what is said about you public indirect
  9. 9. Share
  10. 10. Share: Favorites Favorites find old messages again indicate a liking
  11. 11. Share: Re-tweet Re-tweet Tweet again what a friend tweeted prefix with «RT» ou button push info further in the network
  12. 12. Share: URLs Issue: an URL on 140 chars? Solution: shrink the URL! http://europatweets.eu/profile.php? screen_name=SophieintVeld&language=fr&politicalgroup= http://bit.ly/7H1ZbM
  13. 13. Share/ Medias } Upload Medias Photos automagically (many tools do it Videos for you) Shrink URLs
  14. 14. Share/Manage
  15. 15. Browse: Search Search keywords twitterers location
  16. 16. Manage: Lists Lists twitter aggregation public or private
  17. 17. Uses
  18. 18. Twitter: Caracteristics Bilateral communication broadcasting aggregation Real-time + Mobile Archives et Search Geolocation Public
  19. 19. Uses: Broadcasting Broadcasting value in giving/pushing information diffuse information start a dialogue follow conversations
  20. 20. Uses: Collecting Collecting informations and opinions value in gathering information direct coverage attendees’ reaction trends analysis
  21. 21. Uses: Others remarks Visibility SEO viral marketing Targeting geolocation
  22. 22. Uses Adapt your strategy domain needs broadcasting, collecting target age, sex, location, ...
  23. 23. Use cases
  24. 24. Use cases News collecting ie: plane crashs, copenhagen Popularity trends analysis ie: presidential elections (Obama 2009) Commercial ie: special offers (Dell)
  25. 25. Use cases: Europatweets Europatweets.eu http://europatweets.eu gathers all european actors on Twitter see trends and reactions bring the public and institutions closer
  26. 26. Use cases: Libétwitt Libétwitt http://libetwitt.liberation.fr embed Twitter in french newspaper Libération selected sources Easy to use: no need to register, to follow
  27. 27. Thank you Arnaud Coomans (@acoomans) Commentag http://europatweets.eu http://libetwitt.liberation.fr