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Connected Home Systems - Catalog

  1. 1. Innovations that bring your home to life ™ QLife!Empower QLife!SilentSentry TM Personal Protection The Most Comprehensive 10 QLife!ByYourSide S e r v i c e s Practical Assistance 17 A v a i l a b l e QLife!Connected 25 TM Connected Home TM Lifestyle Enrichment QLife!Concierge TM At Your Service! QLife!NextDoor 32 TM All in the Family QLife!Guardian 35 TM Emergency Response QLife!Remembered 37 TM Capture Your Legacy QLife!Transitions 38 TM Welcome Home QLife!Signs 39 TM Ads & Info Just for You **See our sample systems beginning on Page 42** 40
  2. 2. Catalog & User Guide Who Are We? Anthony Contento founded Connected Home Systems, LLC in May 2010. Connected Home Systems, LLC is a home and like-home systems technology services and solutions provider. Built on a foundation of innovation and forward-thinking, they are seasoned technology professionals with a deep passion and respect for their craft. They also have a profound compassion for people and this unique combination has given rise to QLife!Empower™, a division founded November 2010. Connected Home Systems, LLC has offices and a showroom in Woodbury, CT. “I have been ‘in technology’ since 1975 when somehow my parents found a way to purchase an Atari800 for me. In between games of Pong I would write code and make my own games. Let’s now skip ahead to 2009, Dad is now 86 and by himself since Mom left us in 2006 (we miss you Nanny). Oh, and now my family and I are just under 100 miles away from him. I became frustrated after looking around at the technology options that were available (or not available) to help us ‘look after’ Dad over such distances or even locally. Finding nothing I set out on a quest to develop such a solution of my own and I am extraordinarily delighted to bring to you QLife!Empower ™!! Our mission, “Change the way we provide Personal Protection, Practical Assistance, and Lifestyle Enrichment for our elders in the place they call home”, is best served by providing products and services that defer what’s certain and avoid what’s not. Our Service Collections have been painstakingly researched and developed over a period of nearly two years. Individually they provide families the means to a more independent lifestyle promoting self reliance, peace of mind, and significant cost avoidance. Combine them and you’ve got a revolutionary strategy of well placed technology and innovative assistance programs never seen before. We stand committed and pledge to our customers and partners that staying home as you age is not only possible, but can be fun, engaging, and safer than ever before. We feel we have quite a message to deliver and together with you we will in fact fundamentally change the way we provide personal protection, practical assistance, and lifestyle enrichment to our elders in the place they call home. We have to…it’s our mission!” 2
  3. 3. Catalog & User Guide Frequently Asked Questions  How do I select my QLife!Empower™ system? Systems are 100% hand-            picked to suit your very specific needs or wants. Use our shopping cart or Configuration Tool and Catalog as your guides. Can I select only the Components that I feel will benefit me? Only the base QLife!Empower kit is required, after that pick only the components that make sense for you and your current situation. What if I no longer want a Component or I want a different one? Since it is subscription based remove or add features and components as you see fit! You’ll pay for only the components you possess. What if I lose my power? QLife!Empower™ is dependent on electrical power and will cease to function without it. What if my Internet connection fails? Your system and any in-home functionality will continue to function (announcements, reminders, control, automation, etc.) but Concierge and NextDoor™ interactions as well as logging and alerts will cease during this time. What kind of Internet connection do I need? A broadband always on connection is required. Some common examples are cable, DSL, and 3G/4G cellular. We can help you with this requirement. Is it covered by any type of insurance plan? No. Can I get QLife!Empower™ through my Homecare Agency? We are actively partnering with professional homecare agencies both medical and nonmedical. Call us for our latest list. How much does QLife!Empower™ cost? Like other services you pay only for what you use so this question can only be answered by choosing your system with our Configuration Tool and examining the results. Typical systems can run from $60 - $120 per month. Is QLife!Empower™ also a Telemedicine or Telehealth system? We are not. QLife!Empower™ does not gather any vital sign type information today. What is a ‘risky activity’ and how does QLife!Empower™ help? A ‘risky activity’ is any activity a home dweller has identified as one that they have a level of fear or uncertainty performing. Showering, cooking, going for the mail are just a few. QLife!Empower™ helps by alerting your supporters or Concierge only if you have not signaled that you have successfully finished one of these. Can several of my children get involved? The more the merrier! Additional children ion your support team can also help the cost burden. Friends, neighbors, and professionals can help too; your choice! 3
  4. 4. Catalog & User Guide Frequently Asked Questions (continued)  How is QLife!Empower™ different than my emergency pendant?        QLife!Empower™ includes a PERS option, the QLife!Guardian. Our overarching philosophy and company mission however heavily favors avoidance, prevention, or deferral of the kinds of events where a PERS in needed. We also offer several pendant-type buttons for non-emergency response from family or caregivers. Who does the installation? Installation method is dependent both upon on the items you select for your system as well as your personal preference and budget. In its simplest form QLife!Empower™ is ‘do it yourself’ while more complex installs will require one of our professionals. Items that require professional installation are identified. Is installation a big deal? No matter what kind of components you choose for your system, everything is wireless and there is no ‘construction’ necessary. Light switches, deadbolts, and thermostats are as complex as it gets and even those are all very easy to do. What if something stops working? Give us a call and we will try and get the component working remotely, if we cannot we will ship you a replacement and you will ship us back the faulty component prepaid shipping. What about batteries? Many of our components operate on batteries and batteries will need replacement occasionally. Battery replacement is to be performed by the customer and is at the customers expense. Who gets the information or alerts about me? First, not all systems require monitoring so this could be a moot point. Otherwise you choose what to monitor, how to receive the information, and who should be notified. Options include logging-only (for future use), alerting and reporting to family, professional care providers, or the QLife!Concierge. What if I don’t have any close family or I simply don’t want them involved? Our QLife!Concierge is perfectly suited to join your support team and perform many of the types of remote assistance and alerting on their behalf. Similar to a ‘central station’ monitor for your burglar alarm the Concierge can be available all day every day. What kinds of monitoring are there? QLife!Empower™ performs intervalbased status monitoring (poll the status of all equipment every 5-minutes), eventbased status monitoring (door opens), timed status monitoring (it’s 9:00am, is the bed occupied?) and rule-based alerting (the front door opened at 2:34am, notify Concierge). 4
  5. 5. Catalog & User Guide A Word About Monitoring (Big Brother) Discussions concerning “sensor status monitoring” or “environmental and behavioral monitoring” often provoke thoughts concerning privacy. We understand and take privacy very seriously and have gone to great lengths to help allay those concerns. The most important point to remember is that nobody will know anything that you are not fully comfortable with them knowing. Further, it should be clearly understood that our systems use information about you and your environment only to create alerts so that your supporters can act to help but only if need be, the system does not inform someone about every move you make; an example should help. Mrs. Wallace has had several bouts with dehydration which cause her to become unsteady when rising and walking. After some discussion we decided that together we could help to pre-empt such an event by giving her reminders to drink fluids while encouraging her to positively acknowledge when she had complied. If a reminder went un-acknowledged then and only then is someone informed to intervene. We use ‘monitoring’ all the time and while we don’t necessarily think about it the way it is expressed in column 1 in the table below we perform those tasks to avoid undesirable outcomes. Ask yourself what you would do if there were no ways to measure the objects in row 1, then ask why, if you could, you wouldn’t measure more things that could help you to avoid undesirable outcomes? This is the essence of QLife!Empower™! QLife! Battery level Driving Speed Smoke Presence Time of Day Observe Record Visual; observe the meter Visual; note current speed Audible; alert sounded Visual; clock Analyze Notify Alert Level is low needs charging Compare to posted limit Smoke detected in Kitchen 15 Minutes before Bridge Club Respond Intervene Adapt Charge battery A reduction in your driving speed Turn off the stovetop Leave for the game Dead battery, Violation accident loss of injury loss of communications control Fire, injury or death, cost Being late or missing the game House saved. Disaster aversion Your on-time! Defer Avoid Outcome Results Benefits Functional cell phone Lawful speed and safe arrival 5
  6. 6. Catalog & User Guide Because this is such a new and amazing service we find folks are often unsure if it’s something they can truly benefit from. Nobody has any trouble understanding what it is and how it is sure to “Help someone that needs it”, but some folks are hesitant to say that ‘they’ are that person! Another important note, QLife!Empower is not only for the resident but also for the folks in their lives that love them and worry about them; mostly their adult children. We wanted to present feedback from our customers that have found it easy to put a system like QLife!Empower to work for them. The Resident  You must be honest with yourself and identify any fears or concerns you have about activities you need or want to perform in and around the house. For example using stairs, going for the mail, doing the laundry, bathing, cooking, setting the heat or air conditioning, leaving doors or windows ajar or even unlocked, or forgetting medications, appointments, etc.  You MUST have your own best interests in mind and the best interests of those that love, worry, and care for you. A system like this should be welcomed as a chance to do better for yourself, to help you fight the natural decline of cognitive and physical abilities. We simply don’t know when such declines might serve up a bitter reminder that they were lurking for some time, be prepared!  Nobody wants to know about your every move nor will anyone. Instead the system uses rules like other monitoring tools that will only alert your support team only when truly necessary. Remember the Fire Department doesn’t respond when your house is not on fire!  Don’t be reactive, some things in life are just too important not to plan for. This is not the time to be proud or stubborn, don’t wait another day! As one woman put it when asked if she had concerns over ‘being monitored’, “When my car is low on gas I have a gauge that tells me so, what would I do without it? I’d be in the gas station a lot more than I need to be. That’s how I felt my kids were operating...without a gauge. Now they know better so they can do better!” 6
  7. 7. Catalog & User Guide The Supporters  Think about when you’re not with Mom or Dad. Isn’t it odd that in a time where you can ask your Smartphone for directions or listen to just about any song ever written a moment after you think of it, that you have no idea what is going on in their lives or in their home without making an old fashioned telephone call! Yes, that’s ridiculous. You can do more and they deserve more.  If Mom loves the entertainment options at your house then why wouldn’t she enjoy them equally at hers? If it’s because she doesn’t know how to use them, then this system will overcome that obstacle for you both!  Don’t let them talk you out of it! This is the kind of system where only one alert in 10 years of using it could justify its existence for the whole time. 7
  8. 8. Catalog & User Guide Real Support • Real Time • Real Easy Independent Peace of Mind Optimistic CONNECTED Engaged Self Reliant FREE Active Hopeful Energized Deserted Pessimistic Isolated Afraid Conventional Thinking Ambivalent Status Quo Irrelevant Stagnant Burdensome 8
  9. 9. Catalog & User Guide Collection QLife!Empower™ Component QLife!Empower™ Description QLife!Empower is a mandatory component and is the foundation of your system. This is where it all starts. The Controller-200 is the core of QLife! providing all the intelligence and communications amongst and between all system components as well as the outside world. The Gateway-2wg is responsible for the private highly encrypted and secured access network from your home to the QLife!Cloud and beyond. The QLife!Cloud-10GB is your very own storage for lifestyle, environmental, and wellness information. Also stored here are household reminder announcements, memoire videos, FREE Audiobooks, and perhaps even music or other media shared by your family. The QLife!Logging:  All household information (the state of every sensor) is logged every 5 minutes.  Information is logged when an event occurs; A door has been opened/closed, etc.  Alerts are sent based on a rule; The stovetop has been on for 30 minutes. Price $49.00 / month (Required) 9
  10. 10. Catalog & User Guide The Collection - QLife!SilentSentry™ The Tagline - Personal Protection The Description Our passive personal “Safety and Protection” devices have been carefully chosen for their quality and reliability. They are unobtrusive and there is no need for any training whatsoever to use them. All are wireless, run on batteries, demand no permanent installation, and integrate seamlessly with other QLife! Benefits Categories. Sensors are not used to monitor and report your every move! To keep you safer and better protected information is used by our system to help determine if something isn’t right. Even then it is usually only the resident that is engaged automatically or by way of the Concierge. Remember, you select only the Components you want to experience real peace of mind. Other Components can be added or removed as desired. E B B C E A B B B B D C E E A D E 10 A
  11. 11. Catalog & User Guide Collection QLife!SilentSentry™ Component ActiveLife Description Monitor activity, and light levels. Wireless and battery operated. A Concerns     Struggling to turn lights on when entering room Positive, more optimistic living conditions Is Dad up and around this morning? Workers and caretakers in your home, in places where they shouldn’t be With QLife!  Logging/alerting when private or perilous areas are entered Light a room when motion is sensed Measure the light in the home and encourage a brighter ambience Uncover patterns indicating an agitated overnight wanderer In home audible announcements/reminders/ alerts and automated lighting Use lack of movement to clue you in that the resident has gone out or has become inactive      Price $4.55 / month 11
  12. 12. Catalog & User Guide Collection QLife!SilentSentry™ Component MicroSense Description Monitor the opened or closed state of doors, windows, the pillbox, cabinets, the refrigerator, or others. Wireless and battery operated. Requires a QLife!SensorBridge; automatically added when using Configuration Tool. B Concerns       With QLife!  Price Safety and protection Wandering out of the house Taking medications Eating and drinking General well-being Unauthorized entry Audible announcements or alarms and emails upon unauthorized entry  Medication or meal reminders  Receive an alert when the fridge hasn’t been opened for a given period of time $1.88 / month 12
  13. 13. Catalog & User Guide Collection QLife!SilentSentry™ Component Presence (several types) Description Specialized mats and wireless contact sensors determine presence on sofas, beds (3 different sizes), welcome mats, and more. Wireless and battery operated. * C Concerns With QLife!       Falling Restlessness and overall quality of sleep Sedentary behaviors Overnight wandering Quality of sleep Temperatures outside of a healthy range    Occupancy and vacancy is logged If needed, a vacancy alerts live-in or remote help Presence and vacancy is used to trigger events in other Collections; lights, alarms, etc. Occupation at a time when there should not be, or for too long. Still in bed past 7am! Sedentary lifestyle and managing chronic illness In home audible announcements/reminders Monitor temperature and provide alerts     *The Pressure Mats are available by purchase only. They vary in size and price. See Configuration Tool for details. Price $3.73 / month 13
  14. 14. Catalog & User Guide Collection QLife!SilentSentry™ Component TempAlert (room/stove) Description Wireless contact sensor and optional Thermistor senses and reports the temperature of any room or area including over the stovetop. Wireless and battery operated. * D Concerns With QLife!     Forgetting to turn the stove off Nutrition and general lifestyle Temperatures outside of a healthy range Dehydration  Notifications when cooking has gone on for longer than expected.  Record temperatures  In home audible announcements/reminders *The “Stove” version requires a thermistor, available by purchase only. See Configuration Tool for details. Price $3.73 / month 14
  15. 15. Catalog & User Guide Collection QLife!SilentSentry™ Component SmokeAlert & CO-Alert Description Detects CO or smoke. Wireless and battery operated. Requires a QLife!SensorBridge; automatically added when using Configuration Tool. E E Concerns With QLife! Price Price    Distributing smoke or CO throughout home Forgetfulness; Unattended cooking, car running Ability to hear or see the alarm       Shutdown HVAC fans; stop circulating smoke/gas Visual alert on the main television screen Audible alert from device In home audible announcements Notify neighbors and family via text, email, phone Flash lights sound an alarm $3.48 / month (smoke) $4.75 / month (CO) 15
  16. 16. Catalog & User Guide Collection QLife!SilentSentry™ Component SensorBridge Description Not necessary by itself. It is required for certain other items. If it is required for an item you are ordering then the Configuration Tool will add it to your total. Wireless, but runs on a/c power. Price $7.13 / month 16
  17. 17. Catalog & User Guide The Collection: QLife!ByYourSide™ The Tagline - Practical Assistance The Description Smarthome technology put to good use to help residents in their activities of daily living. Hearing or sight impaired? Use intelligent lighting or sounds and announcements to help. Need reminders? Get yourself a pair of speakers and we’ll provide in-home audio reminders. J G H J I G F H G I 17 G
  18. 18. Catalog & User Guide Collection QLife!ByYourSide™ Component KeylessEntry Description Automated SmartCode motorized deadbolt secures your home with functionality that provides security and convenience and is completely integrated with QLife!Empower. Comes in Satin Nickel, Venetian Bronze, and Polished Brass. Wireless and battery operated. F Concerns With QLife! Price     Fumbling for or losing keys Emergency personnel needing quick access Entering a dark room Allowing entry when you’re not home or unavailable  No more keys! Everyone in your life gets their own code to this deadbolt  EMS gets their own codes too  Your code successfully entered will automatically illuminate your preferred lighting scene  Concierge or family can unlock or lock remotely for deliveries, trades, etc. $9.45 / month 18
  19. 19. Catalog & User Guide Collection QLife!ByYourSide™ Component IntelliLight Description Turn standard outlets into a smart way to control 2 plug-in lamps or appliances, no special wiring required. The right light, where you need it when you need it. Also good for small appliances and fish tanks. Wall switches are available at an additional cost. G G Concerns      With QLife!       Price Declining or poor vision Instability, balance, difficulty navigating past obstacles An awkward reach for a switch or lamp Getting into or out of bed in the dark Poor ambient lighting Illumination occurs automatically Lighting reacts to a programmed event, motion, code entry, remote control, and more On-Off and Levels can be programmed to come on 30 minutes after sunset, year round Create a softer light for sensitive eyes Set maximum brightness and prolong bulb life LED on/off indicators are color flexible, allowing customization for the sight impaired $3.23 / month (outlet) 19
  20. 20. Catalog & User Guide Collection QLife!ByYourSide™ Component Keypad (2,3, or 6) Description 2,3, or 6 button keypads that are 100% integrated into the rest of your QLife! system. Control anything in the house or use it to signal the start and successful completion of a risky activity. Includes tabletop kit. H H H H Concerns With QLife! Price Price Price      Wondering how moms feeling Going for the mail Bathing Walking the dog Reactions to new medications, foods, or other major changes  Tracking when home helpers arrive/leave  Press a button whenever you want to send an unsolicited check-in telling how you’re feeling  Tell QLife! you’re going for the mail, about to bathe, or taking the dog out. If you don’t tell QLife! you’ve finished successfully loved ones are alerted  Lock/Unlock the front door  Use it to enter unique codes for home helpers $3.98 / month (2-button) $4.48 / month (3-button) $5.23 / month (6-button) 20
  21. 21. Catalog & User Guide Collection QLife!ByYourSide™ Component BasicAudio Description Multimedia stereo speakers with sub-woofer enabling announcement services such as reminders and family messages, announcements, Internet radio, Pandora, and others. I Concerns  With QLife!  Price Forgetful  No easy access to music  Feelings of irrelevance  Access to nostalgia Bring Burns & Allen, Groucho, Cosby, Newhart, and the whole gang back into the living room!  Scheduled announcements and reminders  Check-in reminders  Announcements to turn off the stove, lock the front door, or turn down the thermostat. $1.25 / month 21
  22. 22. Catalog & User Guide Collection QLife!ByYourSide™ Component ClimateControl Description Easily add advanced temperature control, adjust HVAC automatically to respond to the outside temperature, season or time of day. Enjoy a heating and cooling schedule personalized to your lifestyle that can be activated by a single touch. Must be installed by your HVAC company. J Concerns With QLife! Price     Erroneous system or temperature settings Wasted energy - heat on with windows open Confusion when changing settings Dehydration and sickness    Remote monitoring and control Logs and alerts over time Shut down when windows open $6.23 / month 22
  23. 23. Catalog & User Guide Collection QLife!ByYourSide™ Component WhozzCalling? Description Determine what to do when a call is made or comes in. A call from your son flashes the lights while a call from an unknown number goes to voicemail with no ringing. Outgoing calls are also logged for potential abuse by trades and helpers. Concerns  With QLife!  Scam calls  Missed calls  Home helpers or trades using the phone  Quality napping/resting     Price Log all incoming and outgoing calls Alert for specific call types or times Shows Caller-ID on TV screen Flash lights or play customized sound alerts when a call comes in; “Dr. Scully is calling” Use a distinctive ring for different callers $8.48 / month 23
  24. 24. Catalog & User Guide Collection QLife!ByYourSide™ Component ContactMe Description A wireless water resistant companion button to use in and around your house. Similar to an emergency pendant, but this button alerts your support team or your QLife!Concierge not a “Central Station”. Requires a QLife!SensorBridge; automatically added when using Configuration Tool. Concerns  With QLife!  Price Monthly monitoring fees  Non-emergency help  Risky activities  Bathing, cooking, going for mail, or answering the door No “Central Station” frees you from monthly fees  Request a callback from family, friends or your Concierge  A smarter home means a system that knows you successfully finished something risky  Use it to control things; garage door, deadbolt, lights, and more $2.00 / month 24
  25. 25. Catalog & User Guide The Collection: QLife!Connected™ The Tagline - Lifestyle Enrichment The Description Not comfortable or fluent with technology? Here is your chance to take advantage of all that today’s technology and in-home entertainment options have to offer, including your own family of performers! See or hear their latest sports conquests or performances almost instantly. Use Roku to invite Groucho Marx, Bob Newhart, and Bill Cosby into your Living Room. Think you can’t do it? We’ll make it easy to begin and we’ll continue to help you remotely after you’re up and running! 25
  26. 26. Catalog & User Guide Collection QLife!Connected™ Component UniversalRemote150 Description Total control in the palm of your hand! This one remote control takes the place of all others. Concerns With QLife!      Avoiding use of entertainment options Confusion over multiple remote controls Frustration and inadequacy Limited mobility Pointing remote at TV is difficult and awkward  Remote consolidation - clean up that coffee table! Expand your entertainment horizon now that they will be easier to use Concierge or family intervention; control their home from your home Turn lights on/off Set your alarm, lock your doors, access your thermostat Wireless not IR; No more pointing at TV      Price $3.23 / month 26
  27. 27. Catalog & User Guide Collection QLife!Connected™ Component MediaPlayR (by Roku®) Description Cut the CableTV bill! Now it’s a snap to enjoy the best movies, TV, old time radio, live sports, music, games and more - all instantly on your TV. Makes your TV a “Smart TV” allowing you to see family videos and photos in near real time all from a box that is a bit larger than a deck of cards! Concerns      With QLife! Boredom Losing touch, irrelevance No access to nostalgia and good memories Complacency Frustration tuning in favorite AM/FM stations  You are your own TV/Radio Entertainment broadcaster; fully customized  Instant access to family pictures and videos  Program your favorite artists from your era; Groucho, Newhart, Cosby, Crosby, Sinatra, Etta, Billie, and millions more!  The status quo is no longer GOOD ENOUGH. Price $3.33 / month (HD-720) Price $4.44 / month (XD-1080) Price $5.56 / month (XS-Ethernet) 27
  28. 28. Catalog & User Guide Collection QLife!Connected™ Component Computer-less eMail Description Actually a multi-function printer/scanner/copier that delivers emails via the printer, no computer needed. Helps to stay connected. Concerns With QLife! Price     Isolation Using technology; PC’s and tablets Forgetfulness Access to entertainment  This modern-day Teletype will thrill you when there is a new message sitting in the ‘inbox’  Completely hands-off for the resident  Send daily or twice-daily itineraries or reminders  Send news, jokes, pictures, games, puzzles, and more $109.99 Purchase only (inc. setup) 28
  29. 29. Catalog & User Guide Collection QLife!Connected™ Component PTCam-WIP Description WiFi/Ethernet connected camera allows for what we call “First Person Visual Assistance” or FVA. FVA allows family or your QLife!Concierge to ‘see what you see or what you can’t see!’. Concerns  With QLife!  Operating technology in the home  Confusing instructions  Missing out on legacy or history  Completely losing touch with resident     Using FVA Family or QLife!Concierge can really help you out of a jam Get real help with instructions or recipes placed in front of the camera 2-Way hands-free voice As part of our QLife!Captured Memoires kit; preserves your legacy! As a last resort, family can access the camera to see if your alright Price $3.42 / month (Ethernet) Price $4.33 / month (+WiFi) 29
  30. 30. Catalog & User Guide Collection QLife!Connected™ Component The Telikin - Touch Description A simple and easy to use computer with video chat, photo sharing, email and more in a touch screen device. 18.6’ LCD Touch Screen; Dual Core Processor 1.8 GHz, 2GB SDRAM; 320GB Disk, 1.3MP Webcam and microphone; 4 USB, 6 in 1 Card Reader; Wireless 802.11-b/g/n, Built-in Speakers; Wired Keyboard/Mouse.  Disconnection and Isolation  Using technology; PC’s and tablets  Forgetfulness  Access to entertainment Concerns With QLife! Price The Telikin is not integrated with the QLife! Empower system, although it is very manageable through a Telikin feature called TechBuddy®. Family and/or the QLife!Concierge can easily access your Telikin and provide any help needed. $699.00 Purchase only (inc. setup) 30
  31. 31. Catalog & User Guide Collection QLife!Connected™ Component The Telikin - Elite Description A simple and easy to use computer with video chat, photo sharing, email and more in a touch screen device. 20” LCD Touch Screen; Dual Core Processor 1.6 GHz, 2GB SDRAM; 500GB Disk, 1.3MP Webcam and microphone; 4 USB, 6 in 1 Card Reader, HDMI out; Wireless 802.11-bgn, Built-in Speakers; Wired Keyboard/Mouse.  Disconnection and Isolation  Using technology; PC’s and tablets  Forgetfulness  Access to entertainment Concerns With QLife! Price The Telikin is not integrated with the QLife! Empower system, although it is very manageable through a Telikin feature called TechBuddy®. Family and/or the QLife!Concierge can easily access your Telikin and provide any help needed. $999.00 Purchase only (inc. setup) 31
  32. 32. Catalog & User Guide The Collection - QLife!Concierge™ The Tagline - At Your Service! The Description The next level of in-home service and support, the QLife!Concierge™ is a top-tier white glove around the clock monitoring, control, and support service. Enabled exclusively by the QLife!Empower system it brings together an ecosystem of help from family, homecare professionals, State Agencies, hospitals, and more. The QLife!Concierge assists residents and families with several major categories, they are:  “Alert by rule”; Like a home security system, an alert gets triggered automatically by a rule programmed into the QLife!Empower system in the home. An alert is then sent to your family or our Monitors for swift action.  “Alert by User Input”; Like an intercom, an alert triggered by a “callback” request from the resident tells your family or our monitoring staff to call the resident directly.  “Request by eMail”; Sent by the resident or a member of their support team requesting an Add/Move/Change to their system such as announcements, reminders, codes, equipment, etc. QLife!Concierge™ Ecosystem 32
  33. 33. Catalog & User Guide Reasons to engage my QLife!Concierge™              Help getting your entertainment center from DVD back to cable. You want to listen to some vintage comedy by Burns & Allen or Bob Hope but you have forgotten how to do it. You want to add a new channel to your MediaPlayer. You’re in the mood for some classic ‘old time radio’ shows. You need a new in-home audio reminder for a new appointment. You’ve gone for the mail and it’s icy so you informed the system, now you haven’t checked-in and it’s been 10-minutes; your Concierge will know! Adding a Netflix movie to your instant queue; and starting it for you! You’ve not opened your refrigerator in over 24-hours. First-Person-Visual-Assistance, where we see what you see! Help reading confusing instructions or small type on a recipe. You need a behavioral and environmental report for your doctor or family to figure out if you’ve been acting or sleeping differently since the new prescription. Help finding where the latest videos of your grandkids are. Help recording your memoires. You need to know the last time someone dialed a specific phone number from Mom’s house. And many…many…more! 33
  34. 34. Catalog & User Guide Collection QLife!Concierge™ Component Description Concierge 8a/10p Summon your Concierge between the hours of 8:00AM and 10:00PM. Price $24.00 / month Component Description Concierge Overnight Add 10p/8a to the times you can summon your Concierge. Price $14.00 / month Component Description Concierge On-Demand Per-incident from 8am-10pm allows you to get help without the fulltime subscription rate. Price $4.00 / incident Component Description Concierge Respite Going on vacation? Need a chance to go offline for a while? We’ll take over for you! Price $14.95 / day (5-day minimum) 34
  35. 35. Catalog & User Guide The Collection - QLife!NextDoor™ The Tagline - All in the Family! The Description Our QLife!Empower cloud and private network brings families closer together than ever before. With extraordinarily simplified access to the Mom or Dads in-home network “Nextdoor” gives adult children the ability to act like the QLife!Concierge™ and then some! QLife!NextDoor enables the adult children or other members of the support team of the resident to perform many of the same assistive and enhancing measures as the QLife!Concierge, and some the Concierge cannot do!:           Help Mom get her entertainment center from DVD back to cable. Dad wants to listen to some vintage comedy by Burns & Allen or Bob Hope but he's forgotten how to do it you can help him. You’ll add new channels to his MediaPlayer. Dad’s in the mood for some classic ‘old time radio’ shows, now you can put them on for him. You want to share your media library with Mom...from a computer in your house! Mom’s gone for the mail and it’s icy so she informed the system, now she hasn’t checked-in and it’s been 10-minutes; you’ll be alerted! Adding a Netflix movie to Moms instant queue; and starting it for her. First-Person-Visual-Assistance, where you’ll see what Mom sees! Help her to read confusing instructions or small type on a recipe. Upload and help Dad to find where the latest videos of the grandkids are. You’ll be able to directly print to a printer on their network; daily itineraries, calendars, jokes, recipes, kids’ schoolwork, etc. And many…many…more! 35
  36. 36. Catalog & User Guide Collection Component Description QLife!NextDoor™ Gateway-2wg This device gives you direct logical access to Mom or Dads home network. Once connected you can do anything on their network that you could do on your own; share media, storage, printers, and more. Price $5.39 / month Component Description “Really” Remote An application that will let you control their entire home from your PC, Android device, or Apple IOS device from your home to theirs! Price $12.89 / month (includes above) Component Description VIA! Extend the “Really Remote” to areas outside of your home to anywhere in the world! Price $15.61 / month (includes above) 36
  37. 37. Catalog & User Guide Collection Component Description Activation QLife!Guardian™ LifeSentry® - Medical Alarm The worlds smallest 2-way voice speakerphone pendant communicator. Standard pendants limit the user because they have to be within ‘range’ to hear the operator talking to them. If they are too far away, they cannot hear or explain what the emergency is. Water resistant, rechargeable batteries, and voice prompting. $49.00 (one time) Price $29.95 / month (monthly) Price $26.95 / month (quarterly) Price $22.95 / month (yearly) 37
  38. 38. Catalog & User Guide Collection QLife!Remembered™ Component Capture Your Legacy. Description Another QLife!Empower original. This selfcontained memoire recording kit even includes overnight backup to your private storage in the QLife!Cloud. The QLife!Concierge will assist you every step of the way. It’s easy, press the start button, we’ll contact you using 2-way hands free voice through the pan-tilt camera. We’ll make sure your good to go and start the recording. When you’re through press the stop button, it’s that simple! Setup fee includes up to 2 DVD’s (16GB) full of RAW footage; there is no post-production work done. Shipping charges will apply. System ships with cards that are full of suggestive topics to get the memories started and they’re yours to keep! Setup $69.00 Price $60.00 / 2-week rental Price $100.00 / 1-month rental 38
  39. 39. Catalog & User Guide The Collection - QLife!Transitions™ The Tagline - Welcome Home! The Description QLife!Transitions kits are not necessarily for individuals and families to consider. They are intended for deployment and use by a commercial health and wellness provider. A revolutionary way to help hospitals and other acute care facilities to transition patients to other care settings. Care site transitions that fail are costing Medicare upwards of $17 billion a year. Our new QLife!Transitions™ kit is portable and temporary and it is designed to provide a host of benefits both to the discharging entity, the case manager, and of course the resident. A list of applications and benefits follows:  Audio announcements; scheduled, on-demand, as needed, real time  Reminders - exercise, medication, wound care, appointments, check-ins, time of day  Instructions - Changing dressing, physical therapy, meal preparations  Encouragement - daily quotes, humor, success stories, familiar voices  Video announcements; scheduled, on-demand, as needed, real time  Demonstrations and training - Rehabilitation, changing dressing, taking blood pressure, weighing in, too many to mention  Seminars - Lifestyle changes, disease management  Programming - Worship, exercise, coaching  Check-ins; hard or soft buttons which the resident can utilize to signal the following:  Solicited or unsolicited feedback about their current state of mind, body, and soul. For example, “I’m feeling great today!” or “Not having a good day!”  Notify Case Managers about activities of daily living or risky activities so it’s known they’ve been successful  Callback Requests - Makes it very easy for residents to summon assistance or a question. A mere button press means a callback in minutes 39
  40. 40. Catalog & User Guide The Collection - QLife!Transitions™ The Tagline - Welcome Home! The Description (continued)  Remote Printing - Allows the care team to send hard copies of schedules, instructions, illustrations, forms, itineraries, puzzles, games, and more. Resident can even scan and send docs back to team!  Remote Control – The Transitions system is completely controlled remotely by a case manager or “Concierge” for the purposes of remote visits. The resident and case manager can ‘sit together’ and watch a video or listen to instructions with the case manager starting, playing and pausing as needed; they can even adjust the volume!  Camera with 2-Way Voice – This is an amazing tool to allow a visual examination of the resident as well as oversight while they are trying something for the first time or need a refresher. The 2-way voice allows handsfree and hassle-free communications. All done with a browser over a highly secured highly encrypted internet connection.  Internet via 3G/4G – The Transitions system accounts for those times when the resident will not have their own always on high-speed broadband internet and optionally includes an activated 4g modem and router allowing connectivity to the resident and their Transitions System.  CCCI Information Station – While the Transitions System is not in use it will continuously show pictures or even videos of relevant content. This could be sponsored by a hospital, pharmacy, care agency, or even merchants! Price Pricing is available upon request 40
  41. 41. Catalog & User Guide The Collection - QLife!Signs™ The Tagline - Ads & Info Just for You The Description QLife!Signs™ is in-home digital advertising and information very specifically targeted to the resident. It is just like a ‘digital sign’ one might see at a convention center or hotel or while on line at the bank. We utilize a ‘secondscreen’ placed near the primary screen (for viewing TV and movies). This second screen is used for on-screen navigation for QLife! but when it’s not in use it turns into QLife!Signs providing relevant information to the resident. The best part is that we are busy at work trying to engage and sign on enough sponsors so that we can significantly reduce the monthly subscription price of QLife!Empower for those who wish to take advantage of this extraordinary new service. 41
  42. 42. Catalog & User Guide Advanced Personal Protection System Resident:  Wanted to know if certain doors and windows were closed 42
  43. 43. Catalog & User Guide My QLife!Empower System Notes 43
  44. 44. Catalog & User Guide My QLife!Empower System Notes 44
  45. 45. Catalog & User Guide My QLife!Empower System Notes 45
  46. 46. Catalog & User Guide My QLife!Empower System Notes 46
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