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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Estimating Olympia’spotential for roof mounted photovoltaics.,r:0,s:0
  2. 2. Motivation To provide clean energy to Olympia To test assumptions about P.V in the Northwest. Miles of empty roof’s
  3. 3. Do photovoltaics have potentialinOlympia? Fastest growing energy technology Clean Dropping costs High energy incentives Better solar resource then Germany, the world leader in installed solar capacity. Questions: what makes for good potential? Roofspace Insolation Economics
  4. 4. Hypotheses: H1.a: H1.b: H1.c H1. null
  5. 5. Contribution
  6. 6.  Include screen shot (how do you take a screen shot?) Estimate 10% of each land type (residential, apartment, farm, industrial etc..)Software augmented estimation
  7. 7.  Using the estimated power produced in 10% of an areas buildings, find power density (w/m^2). Apply power density to the rest of the area. Olympia’s solar potential is the sum of its areas.Power density
  8. 8.  Areaswith high potential power density will be the most economic. Wooded areas will be less economically feasible A significant fraction of Olympias power may be met by P.V power.Expected Outcomes