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  1. 1. Ashley ColquhounGraduate Portfolio Spring 2011
  2. 2. Bike Station Train Station Haiti Project Portfolio Case Art MuseumPages 3-8 Pages 9-12 Pages 13-16 Pages 17-20 Pages 21-24Fall 2010 Spring 2010 Fall 2010 Fall 2009 Spring 2011 1
  3. 3. Architecture in its very essence is a service-oriented art. It considers the unique needs of users of a space and gives them the opportunity to connect to each other and the world around them. By responding to these needs through careful attention to the character of the site, utilization of sustainable materials and practices, and habits and patterns of the inhabitants of the space, I work to create active, reactive, and interactive spaces that encourage the user to truly engage with their surround- ings. With this approach to architecture, my projects consider the beauty of a space, respect and celebrate the surrounding environment, and allow the users to truly live in the space. These elements are considered carefully to create meaningful and thought-provoking experiences that engage and challenge the user. Every space provides a moment through which a person can open themselves to the world.St. Andrew’s Chapel, Clemson, SC 2
  4. 4. Bike Station (Clemson, SC) The intent of this project is to create a space that empowers and motivates the Clemson community to both interact with each other and become more aware of the potential for sustainability within the community. Based off an analysis of the song “Dissolve” by the Chemical Brothers (shown to the right), the projects takes the rhythm of music and forms an active structure, encouraging residents to interact with each other and their community in a sustainable way. Bike hubs are placed strategically throughout the town and campus to give residents the incentive to choose to act and use eco-friendly routes of transportation. Solar panels are used to power the Bike Station on the first floor of the building, creating a noticeable icon for passerbys to remind them of the importance of sustainability in our culture. Finally, the apartments above are designed to have one common route of entry/ depar- ture, encouraging the residents of this community to engage with each other on a daily basis. East Facing Section3
  5. 5. North Facing Section 4
  6. 6. Site Map, Rooftop View5
  7. 7. East Facing Perspective 6
  8. 8. W H DN UP UP W H W H W W H H W H W H DN N N Second Floor Plan Third Floor Plan First Floor Plan7
  9. 9. W H DN UP W W H H W H N Fourth Floor PlanModel, Facing North 8
  10. 10. Train Station (Anderson, SC) This project was designed to create a space in which passengers could rest and take in their surroundings as they wait for their train in downtown Anderson. This building is highly reactive to the site, opening out in a wedge-shaped form, giving every person who enters the building a sense of the grandeur and the beauty of the hills of Anderson. Atrium spaces are placed strategically to encourage the users to pause and react to the elegant simplicity of the nature surrounding them. This design gives the users an opportunity to be tranquil in what would otherwise be a hectic scene of transition. Interior Perspective, Facing South9
  11. 11. First Floor Perspective, Facing North Model, Aerial PerspectiveSection, Facing West 10
  12. 12. Roof Plan First Floor Plan Second Floor Plan Model, Facing Northeast11
  13. 13. Interior Perspective, Facing North 12
  14. 14. Haiti Project (Port-Au-Prince, Haiti) This project, created in collaboration with Joy Newberry creates a safe haven 2. in the form of a dormitory school for young girls. Designed to create a sense of ownership, the school is centrally designed to focus on a garden atrium designed specifically for the use of the students. A greenhouse allows the girls to interact with their surroundings and develop a sense of empower- ment and responsibility for their environment by enabling them to grow their First Floor Plan own herbs and vegetables. Privacy screening provides privacy for the girls’ N rooms as well as absorbing sound from the atrium to create a peaceful yet vibrant space where the girls are enabled to live, learn, and grow.13 Model, Aerial Perspective
  15. 15. Second Floor Plan Third Floor Plan Fourth Floor Plan East Facing Section 14
  16. 16. Model, Aerial Atrium Perspective Exploded Module Diagram Model, Interior Perspective Apartment Rendering15
  17. 17. Interior Atrium Perspective 16
  18. 18. Portfolio Case (Sophomore Fall 2010) The intent of this project is to create a display of the work accomplished over the course of the first semester sophomore studio. This box is created to be in interactive exploration of four projects. The box is made of 16 rectangular modular pieces that each have part of a composition demonstrating the work accomplished with the various projects. It is designed to be assembled by connecting the magnetic ends of each module to display completed pictures on all four elevations of the box. These modules can then be rotated to display a different image on each side, providing a variety of options for the final composition of the box based on the user’s preference. Sample of Box Elevation Designs, Side A17 Threshold
  19. 19. Push and PullTopography 18
  20. 20. Perspective Sketch Module Design, Side A, Part 119
  21. 21. Final Model, Aerial Perspective 20
  22. 22. Art Museum (Greenville, SC) This project creates a folk art museum in the heart of downtown Greenville. It was designed through multiple physical iterations of models based on analyses of the site (palimpsest drawings) and careful examinations of the site conditions. This design is an exploration of the idea of taking planes and folding them along key site lines to form spaces that engage the user and connect them to the art on display, the surrounding context, and the other people using the space. Way Camperdown21 Elevation Facing West
  23. 23. 22
  24. 24. Site Map Site Palimpsest Folding Diagram Final Model, Aerial Perspective Transverse Section, Facing Northwest23
  25. 25. Final Model, Streetview Perspective 24
  26. 26. Phone: (864) 386-2540A SHLEY C OLQUHOUN E-mail: Address: 5 Grove Park Ct. Taylors SC, 29687Objective Statement Education I have a passion for bringing positive change to my community through all of my work, Bachelor of Arts in Architecture whether it is in my studies as a student of architecture, in a work environment, or through Minor in Modern Languages-Spanish actively engaging in community service activities. I am hard-working, detail-oriented, Clemson University- Clemson, SC, Expected Graduation Date: May 2012 and enthusiastic about collaborating to create a better environment to live in. GPA: 3.88 Skills -Adobe Suite CS4 -Hand ModellingHonors And Activities -Autodesk Revit -Laser Cutter -Autodesk AutoCAD -Proficient In Spanish -Rudolph E Lee Award, Spring 2011 -President’s List: Fall 2008, Spring -Google Sketchup -Sketching -Freedom By Design Co-Fundraiser, 2009, Spring 2010, Fall 2011 -Rhinoceros -Watercolor appointed Spring 2011 -Dean’s List: Summer I 2009, -Microsoft Office -AIAS Member (2010-present) Summer II 2009, Fall 2009 -Women In Architecture Member (2011- -Retreat Leader: CSA Women’s Experience present) Retreat 2010, CSA Fall Retreat 2010 -Architecture for Humanity Member -Retreat Co-Director: Women’s Fike Recreation Center Clemson Housing Summer Programs (2010-present) Retreat 2011 2009- Front Desk Attendant 2009- Desk Attendant -USGBC Member (2010-present) -Led monthly visits to Heritage 2010- Supervisor 2010- Hall Manager -LEED Green Associate Healthcare Center 2011- Assistant to Facilities Graduate Assistant