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Tech Tools for Social Studies


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Published in: Technology
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Tech Tools for Social Studies

  1. 1. Tech Tools for SS Amanda Cochran March 26 & 27
  2. 2. Tech Tools • 1. Google Research Tool • 2. Three Ring • 3. eduClipper • 4. Ponder- cool tool, but requires student email
  3. 3. Google Research Tool • 1. Google Research Tool- There is a Research Tool in Google Docs that allows students to search Google and cite sources. This would be beneficial for the times when the databases don’t have exactly what you need. Google Research Tool Video. *Add-ons-EasyBib & Thesaurus
  4. 4. Google Research in Google Docs Tools- Research
  5. 5. Three Ring • 2. Three Ring- Three Ring is a tablet and mobile app that allows teachers and students to snap a photo of written work, capture video of presentations, or record audio of student discussions -- all for the sake of supporting classroom organization. I imagine using this for my SLO documentation as well as student portfolios. Three Ring Overview Video. * Can’t upload large videos
  6. 6. Student Example of Three Ring You can add notes about the entry. You can respond directly to the student.
  7. 7. eduClipper • 3. eduClipper- A nicely designed web-based tool that teachers and students can use to collect materials--from digital text, video or other files on their computer, Google Drive, or even embedded code from other presentations or websites--and then share them in nifty Pinterest-like collections. This would be perfect for student portfolios. eduClipper Overview Video. *Works best in Chrome *Great for Student Portfolios *Can upload large files *Organize content specific for school
  8. 8. eduClipper
  9. 9. Ponder • 4. Ponder- A “micro-reading response” tool that allows students and teachers to engage with each other when reading articles. Teachers can create a reading list for their class, selecting the sources (NY Times,, etc.) from which students can access articles. Teachers then make a list of topics that students can use to tag articles relevant to their current coursework. This would be great for close-reading with online text. Ponder Video. *Must be approved for an account-this may take a couple of days *Requires students to create an account for each class using an email address
  10. 10. Ponder Article with Annotation
  11. 11. Adding students to Ponder Student Username
  12. 12. Which tool(s) do you think will be beneficial in your classroom? 1. Google Research Tool 2. Three Ring 3. eduClipper 4. Ponder- cool tool, but requires student email