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This workbook was created by Alyson Cobb and Arielle Slam of JSI Research andTraining Institute, Inc. (JSI) for the 2011 R...
_______________________________________________________________________            Why does social media make sense for yo...
What are your social media goals?                                                                Think about what metrics ...
Your social media needs and goals may change during a disaster.                                                           ...
Social media campaigns, social media use during an emergency,                                    Use these tables to help ...
Social Media Planning for Medical Reserve Corps Units (Workbook)
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Social Media Planning for Medical Reserve Corps Units (Workbook)


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Workbook distributed in "Social Media Planning for Medical Reserve Corps Units" session at Medical Reserve Corps Region I/II Summit (November 16, 2011)

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Social Media Planning for Medical Reserve Corps Units (Workbook)

  1. 1. This workbook was created by Alyson Cobb and Arielle Slam of JSI Research andTraining Institute, Inc. (JSI) for the 2011 Region I-II Medical Reserve Corps TrainingSummit. JSI is a public health research and consulting firm dedicated to improving thehealth of individuals and communities throughout the world. Alyson & Arielle havepresented numerous new media and social marketing trainings and presentations.Topics have included:  Hands-on social media exercises using fictional disaster scenarios  Principles of Social Marketing  Principles of Web 2.0 Communications  Social Media Overview  Social Media PlanningAlyson Cobb can be reached at 603-573-3319 or Slam can be reached at 603-573-3341 or
  2. 2. _______________________________________________________________________ Why does social media make sense for your unit?_______________________________________________________________________ 1 Think about the statistics and facts behind social media, the needs of your unit,_______________________________________________________________________ and where your current communications plan may need improvement._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ When defining your social media goal(s), it is important to be both clear and 2 specific. Having a well-developed goal will help ensure that all other parts of the_______________________________________________________________________ plan support that goal.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Who are you_______________________________________________________________________ trying to reach?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What are you_______________________________________________________________________ trying to_______________________________________________________________________ accomplish?___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What will change_______________________________________________________________________ if this effort_______________________________________________________________________ is a success?_______________________________________________________________________In part, informed by: National Aids Minority Council and JSI, “HIV Prevention Goes Social” Idealware, “The Nonprofit Social Media Decision Guide”, October 2011 Arielle Slam, JSI, “Social Marketing for MRC Ambassadors”, June 2011
  3. 3. What are your social media goals? Think about what metrics you will measure during a campaign, 2 Combine the first 3 components of Activity 2 to develop your social media goal(s). 8 an emergency, a maintenance period, or all of the time. Set numeric targets for each metric. Category Facebook LinkedIn Blogs Twitter Measurement Facebook Insights Group Statistics Google Analytics Third party App Tool Views  Impressions  New Members  Visits  people that  Reach  Growth Rate  Google Analytics have seen  Viral Reach   Referral  your message   sources   Followers  Blog subscribers  Followers  Page Likes  Group members people signed  RSS subscribers  Lists  Demographics  Demographics up for your     messages     Engagement  Comments  Comments  Comments  Mentions interactions  Likes  Discussions  Reposts  Re-tweets with your  Shares   Time spent by  Replies account/  Feedback  visitors  messages  Engaged Users   Don’t forget to make your goals SMART!   Conversion  New volunteers  New volunteers  New volunteers  New volunteers For each goal, think about whether or not it is: Real-world  Donations  Donations  Donations  Donations Specific results of your  Registrants for  Registrants for  Registrants for  Registrants for Measurable online an event an event an event an event initiative  Event attendees  Event attendees  Event attendees  Event Achievable  Link clicks  Link click  Link click attendees Relevant throughs throughs throughs  Link clicks Time bound  Referrals to  Referrals to  Referrals to  Referrals to website website website website        How do your social media goals align with your broader communicationplan, if applicable? Remember to set target numbers for metrics you are tracking! Consider whether you would have different metrics and target numbers during a campaign, an emergency, or a maintenance period.
  4. 4. Your social media needs and goals may change during a disaster. Consider your social media goals when brainstorming the pros 7 It is important to determine ahead of time how, and to what 3 and cons of each of these social media tools. extent, you will use social media in an emergency situation.What is the purpose of your Facebook LinkedInsocial media presence in thetime leading up to adisaster?What will be the purpose ofyour social media presenceduring the response phase?What will be purpose of your _ _social media presence duringthe recovery phase?What is your contingency + +plan if those withresponsibility for posting lose Blogs Twitterpower, can’t get to work, aredisplaced, etc.? Tool: _ _Who willmanage?Postfrequency? + + Weigh the pros and cons of each tool, as well as the 4 organizational considerations listed below, and check yes, no, or maybe for each tool.Types of info Have experience or Target Unit currently Unit will use this tool.posted Tool necessary skills audience uses uses Yes No Maybe&Sample Facebook      Messages LinkedIn       Blog       Twitter      
  5. 5. Social media campaigns, social media use during an emergency, Use these tables to help you outline a social media campaign, and even the time in between (referred to as “maintenance”), 6 including what tools you will use and how you will use them. can and should be planned for ahead of time. Campaign Name: 5 Dates:Revisit maintenance plan ______ months from today’s date, _________________________. Why is this the right time for this campaign? Tool: What is/are yourWho will specific goal(s) for thismanage? campaign?Postfrequency? Which of your overarching social media goals does this campaign support? Who is your target audience?Types of infoposted Tool:&Sample Who willmessages manage? Post frequency?It is also helpful to make a schedule for when you will post specific typesof information. Making a calendar with topic themes for each day of the Types of infoweek is one way to organize your online activity. posted & Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Weekend Sample Messages