Economic Development for Your Town


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I gave this talk as one of the facilitators for Your Town Alabama 2013 on May 9, 2013. A general overview of what to consider when beginning to develop a economic strategy for your community. Includes an example from Oakland, MD.

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Economic Development for Your Town

  1. 1. EconomicEconomicDevelopmentDevelopmentFor Your TownFor Your TownAndrAndréé Natta, CMSMNatta, CMSMYour Town Alabama 2013Your Town Alabama 2013Camp McDowell, ALCamp McDowell, ALMay 9, 2013May 9, 2013
  2. 2. ?
  3. 3. “(T)he process by which a communitycreates, retains, and reinvests wealth andimproves the quality of life.”- David DobsonMDC, Inc.Working definitionWorking definition
  4. 4. Economic Growthvs.Economic Development
  5. 5. Early Economic GrowthEarly Economic Growth
  6. 6. Economic GrowthEconomic Growth
  7. 7. Economic DevelopmentEconomic Development
  8. 8. Its a global marketIts a global market
  9. 9. Look outside!Look outside!(stay aware)(stay aware)
  10. 10. “But I love New Orleans as a city for onereason: when you’re standing on a corner inNew Orleans and look around, there isnowhere else in the world you couldpossibly be. And that’s true of fewer andfewer cities around the globe.”- Donovan RypkemaPlaceEconomics2009
  11. 11. Unique assetsUnique assets
  12. 12. StrengthsWeaknessesOpportunitiesThreatsSWOT AnalysisSWOT Analysis
  13. 13. Community Involvement is keyCommunity Involvement is key
  14. 14. Give them ownershipLead by exampleForm strategic partnershipsLet them identify community needsCommunity involvementCommunity involvement
  15. 15. Vision = values & directionMission = purpose & objectivesVision & mission statementsVision & mission statements
  16. 16. Were merely taking care of it for them...Were merely taking care of it for them...
  17. 17. ...get them INVOLVED in the process, too!...get them INVOLVED in the process, too!
  18. 18. Framework = not set in stoneLong term● 5-10 yearsShort term● 1 yearPlan = Framework
  19. 19. Case study | Oakland, MDCase study | Oakland, MDPopulation (2000)Population (2000) 1,9301,930City budget (2005)City budget (2005) $2.25 million$2.25 millionPer-capita income (2000)Per-capita income (2000) $16,900$16,900Median household income (2000)Median household income (2000) $26,700$26,700Poverty rate (2000)Poverty rate (2000) 19%19%Minority population (2000)Minority population (2000) 1%1%Proximity to urban centerProximity to urban center 96 miles to Pittsburgh, PA96 miles to Pittsburgh, PATime frameTime frame 1998-20021998-2002Source: UNC School of GovernmentSource: UNC School of Government
  20. 20. Agriculture-based economyHighest unemployment rate – 16.5% (1995)Bausch and Lomb plantState mandated restriction on new development1970 – mid 1990sLifted in when water treatment facility builtDesignated Main Street Community in 1998Case study | Oakland, MDCase study | Oakland, MD
  21. 21. ●Historic downtown train station renovated●Summer concert series started●Broad-based community support of program●Big box retailer announced in 2000●Confirmed as Walmart in 2001Case study | Oakland, MDCase study | Oakland, MD
  22. 22. ●MS Director helped businesses prepare●MS Director reached out to Walmart manager●Ability to create unique marketing campaignCase study | Oakland, MDCase study | Oakland, MD
  23. 23. Walmart is among the highest grossing in theWalmart is among the highest grossing in theUnited StatesUnited StatesDowntown Oakland has near-zero vacancyDowntown Oakland has near-zero vacancyCase study | Oakland, MDCase study | Oakland, MD
  24. 24. ●Big box doesnt necessarily destroy Main Street●Community support building helpful in long-term●Look for opportunity in adversityTakeaways | Oakland, MDTakeaways | Oakland, MD
  25. 25. Cafe-shaped conversationsCafe-shaped conversations
  26. 26. Why NOT to be using it:Why NOT to be using it:●Its free and easy●Everybody else is doing it●Its the best way to reach the “young” people
  27. 27. Why SHOULD you be using it:Why SHOULD you be using it:●Complimenting your plans objectives● If its not considered part of it, it should be●Tools (& people) are in place to manage a strategyeffectively●You are willing to be where they are online
  28. 28. Be aware of the conversationsBe aware of the conversations
  29. 29. Small town resources
  30. 30. SMALL TOWNS, BIG IDEAS●UNC School of Government searchabledatabase of 45 communitiesVIBRANT RURAL COMMUNITIESCASE STUDIES SERIES●NADO Study of 9 communities (2012)Online resourcesOnline resources
  31. 31. ?
  32. 32. Be strategicBe strategic
  33. 33. Keep in touch:Keep in touch:André 276.6585@acnatta (Im “noisy” on Wednesdays)