Beyond The Resume


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How does one get noticed in a poor job market? Here’s what I did to land a dream career doing what I love through social media.

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Beyond The Resume

  2. 2. My Story… Andrew C. (Andy) Marris, MBA  Adjunct Business and Marketing Instructor for the College of Business and Management here at Cardinal Stritch University for the past 3½ years  Leadership Training Specialist & Interim Director of Marketing and Communications at MRA–the management association for the past 2+ months  But before that, I was the Manager of Business and Market Development at a local information technology (IT) company for 7 years…
  3. 3. Then came Monday, July 25, 2011…
  4. 4. Job Bank Black Hole
  5. 5. Dance of the Resumes
  6. 6. And then… An Epiphany!A trusted friend of mine joked…“If you give your resume to ten different recruiters, you will end up getting eleven different opinions.” This is when I decided to take control of my job search through… innovative social media techniques!
  7. 7. Agenda Online resources I found invaluable…  LinkedIn  Facebook  Twitter  YouTube  About.Me     QR (Quick Response) Codes Other offline resources you need to use to your advantage
  8. 8. Start with Two Cutting-Edge Books
  9. 9. Unlock the Hidden Job Market A veritable project management plan for your job search Goes way beyond old fashioned networking Author Martha Finney actually responds!
  10. 10. Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0 A cornucopia of ideas virtually no one else is using Full of actual stories from successful job hunters and their brilliant ideas for getting noticed An easy read, albeit not a paragon of organization
  11. 11. LinkedIn An absolute must have for the job seeker  Have a dynamic photo of yourself  Start with a compelling summary, including contact info  Use all 50 skills for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  Get at least 3 recommendations – Recommend others and you will receive, as well… and list contact info, again  Then list experience and education histories (not before)  Join 50 groups (it may even let you join 51)  List contact info a 3rd time!  Find out who your contacts know, and who your contacts’ contacts know  Use Advanced Search to find hiring managers at “dream companies”
  12. 12. LinkedIn Wayne Breitbarth  Local author of’s #1 LinkedIn book
  13. 13. Facebook Present the BEST you  Have a dynamic picture  Hide or delete those moments on your timeline you wouldn’t want a hiring manager to see  I know. It takes the fun out of Facebook, but…  You need a job, right? Reference checkers are checking you out!  Don’t be fooled. It’s very easy to get around “Facebook Security Settings.”  “Like” things that relate to your “dream job”  Find out who your friends know, and who your friends’ friends know
  14. 14. Twitter Follow the Leaders  Industry Leaders  Recruiters, HR & Hiring Managers Tweet your unique ideas and experiences  Be seen as an industry leader, yourself!
  15. 15. YouTube If you have video on-the-job…  Upload it!
  16. 16. About.Me The Game Changer A centralized repository for ALL of your social presence  A tractor-beam for recruiters and hiring managers to notice YOU and YOUR unique talents  A creative outlet to your personal brand
  17. 17. Business cards included with an account…  50 cards for FREE! (you just pay shipping of $5.50)  Fantastic quality  picture included  Quick Response (QR) Code included VistaPrint is another, more traditional option  250 cards for $10 including shipping
  18. 18. A “box” to put your portfolio in.  Resume  References  Examples of past work  Anything else you’d like to show a recruiter or hiring manager digitally  Can be easily integrated to LinkedIn
  19. 19. Metasearch for job sites  Searches Monster, CareerBuilder, MilwaukeeJobs, etc. for you  Keeps you from wasting countless hours scanning the job boards instead of proactively working the hidden job market  Still lets you “dip your toe” in the job search world
  20. 20. Microsoft Tag and other QR Code Apps Quick Response (QR) Codes  “Like hyperlinks for paper…”  Allows recruiters, hiring managers and HR professionals to quickly access information about you to their smartphones  Can be placed on your:  Cover Letters  Resumes  References  Business Cards  Any other paper document you send out
  21. 21. QR Your Resume
  22. 22. Fantastic Offline Resources CSU Career Services Department  Mary Beth Wisniewski and the rest of the CSD team were awesome!  Career path info  Self-assessments to find your “dream job” match  Resume help (that really works!) 40+ (I was 35 when I attended.)  Sue Gresham and Rich Longabaugh are amazing coaches that tell it straight! Crossroads Career Network Itapped into the vast knowledge of Craig Mosurinjohn. What a phenomenal resource!
  23. 23. The Results… I figured out my passion with Mary Beth, and pursued it, head on… I worked the hidden job market with the social media techniques I’ve just shown you… I soon landed an exciting career that:  Engages my passion for teaching & training  Was never posted  Incorporates several areas of my expertise  Has a job description that was created by me  Was a sizable increase in salary! (i.e. “Dream Job”)
  24. 24. Recap Read UHJM & GMJH3.0  LinkedIn – If you’re not yet, you need to be, NOW!  Facebook – Present the best you, and use friends’ help  Twitter – Learn from the experts (140 char. at a time)  YouTube – If available, use on-the-job video  About.Me – Pure gold for the job seeker!  – Free, high-quality business cards  – Your virtual portfolio  – If you have to use a job site, this is it!  QR Codes – “Hyperlinks for paper” Use CSU Career Services Dept & Other Resources
  25. 25. Q&A
  26. 26. ReferencesBreitbarth, W. (2011). The power formula for LinkedIn success: Kick-start your business, brand, and job search. Austin, TX, Greenleaf Book Group Press.Levinson, J. C. & Perry, D. E. (2011). Guerrilla marketing for job hunters 3.0: How to stand out from the crowd and tap into the hidden job market using social media and 999 other tactics today. Hoboken, NJ, Wiley.Mathison, D. & Finney, M. I. (2010). Unlock the hidden job market: 6 steps to a successful job search when times are tough. Upper Saddle River, NJ, Pearson Education.