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Session 6 2 sqnldr richard drum raaf


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RadComms 2016

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Session 6 2 sqnldr richard drum raaf

  1. 1. EA-18G Growler and the Electromagnetic Spectrum Presentation to RadComms 16 FLTLT Matthew Murphy Growler Transition Office – Air Force Headquarters UNCLASSIFIED
  2. 2. Scope • Why Growler? • What is AEA? • Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations • How & when UNCLASSIFIED
  3. 3. Why? • 2016 Defence White Paper: • EW - The ability of our forces to control the electromagnetic environment can provide a decisive tactical advantage • Defence must be able to protect and defend electronic systems … that the ADF relies on to conduct operations, while denying or degrading the electronic systems of an adversary • The Government will enhance command and control, and other spectrum management systems, to support a joint approach to electronic defence and attack • EM spectrum can no longer be viewed as an enabler, but rather as a primary warfighting domain, on par with land, sea, air and space operations UNCLASSIFIED
  4. 4. AIR5349 Phase 3 Introducing EA-18G Airborne Electronic Attack (AEA) • Government approved in 2012 • Conversion of 12 F/A-18F+ to EA-18G • ALQ-99 Tactical Jamming System • Anti-Radiation Missile training capability • Initial aircrew and technician training (2014-2016) • Government approved in 2014 • Facilities (Amberley & DELAWR, NT) • Mobile Threat Training Emitter System • Ongoing aircrew training (2016+) • Personnel & jets are already operating in the US • Future considerations • Upgrades to maintain USN EA-18G commonality • Next Generation Jammer May 13 = 12 New Jets UNCLASSIFIED
  5. 5. What – Airborne Electronic Attack The Mission • Deny, Delay, Deceive, Degrade, Targeting the human layer via their equipment • Jam the adversaries’ radars, disrupt communications, induce indecision • Service provider for ‘Protected Entities’ – risk reduction The Aircraft • Most advanced dedicated tactical AEA aircraft in the world, Growler covers more of the militarily-relevant portion of the EM spectrum than any other tactical asset UNCLASSIFIED
  6. 6. AEA Mission Areas UNCLASSIFIED Protect blue Affect red
  7. 7. Growler Dominates the Relevant Spectrum • Warfighters love this concept…but what could it mean for others? EA-18G Covers the Relevant RF SpectrumEA-18G Covers the Relevant RF Spectrum Terminal threat suppression Terminal threat suppression Long range surveillanceLong range surveillance Mid range surveillanceMid range surveillance AcquisitionAcquisition CommComm CommComm GCIGCI Long range fire control Long range fire control Short range fire control Short range fire control IFFIFF GPSGPS Range of AESA radar UNCLASSIFIED
  8. 8. Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations UNCLASSIFIED • EMS operations - overarching function enabling the commander to integrate, synchronize and direct joint operations • Military operations and systems rely heavily on EMS • A vital resource, increasingly overpopulated • We must understand the EM Operational Environment, coordinate actions • C2 is critical – pre-planning, prioritising and coordinating with other users to optimise bandwidth usage, avoid EMS fratricide • Constrained by national and international legislation (protection) • Military concept for what telecommunications do every day • ADF are expanding planning, tasking and execution organisations to improve coordination • HQ Joint Operations Centre • Creation of ADF Joint EW Centre • Risk assessments • Effects modelling • Resource allocation
  9. 9. How and when? • Assured spectrum access is a key pillar of AEA capability – comes with management and employment responsibilities • Relevant during both operations and training • ADF are introducing specific spectrum management training courses and personnel • AEA training will be carried out IAW proven Defence instructions and procedures • Careful coordination between Defence Spectrum Office and AEA operators • Consideration of the needs of others and interoperability • Dedicated EW training ranges are expanding for ADF assets • Mobile Threat Training Emitter System (MTTES) UNCLASSIFIED
  10. 10. Darwin Delamere Air Weapons Range BrisbaneOakey Growler Timeline Jan 15 Jan 16 Jan 17 Jan 18 Jan 19 Initial Operating Capability Jan 20 First aircraft delivery Jan 21 Jan 22 Jan 23 Twelfth aircraft delivery Ferry #1 Ferry #2 Ferry #3 EA training limited to isolated locations or accessible spectrum Tailor EA profiles to limit affects – range, altitude, orientation, RF parameters, time EW Ranges UNCLASSIFIE
  11. 11. AEA Training • EA & ES training require a ‘real world’ threat • Aircraft systems capable of detailed signal analysis • Simple ‘training’ emitters lack complexity required • Operator interaction in controlling EA output and coordinating with the Protected Entity - impacts profiles / emissions • Radar, Comms and combined scenarios required • Combination of ES and EA serials • Unlike a traditional EW Range, the emitters are the Targets • Detect, ID, locate, pass data, jam, assess • Emitter feedback essential • Can conduct simulated EA but this limits the training benefit UNCLASSIFIED
  12. 12. Key Takeaways • Growler is an AEA service provider • ES & EA capabilities • High demand asset critical to Governments Defence strategy • Has utility across the full spectrum of conflict • Requires realistic training • Large focus on Joint Force support • Must adapt via Spiral Upgrades to maintain pace ahead of evolving electromagnetic spectrum environment • Assured spectrum access is a key pillar of AEA capability – comes with management and employment responsibilities (training & operations) UNCLASSIFIED