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Session 2 1 dr anne byrne diis


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RadComms 2016

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Session 2 1 dr anne byrne diis

  1. 1. Australia’s civil space policy environment and the review of the Space Activities Act 1998 Dr Anne Byrne, General Manager, Manufacturing and Services Policy Wednesday 9 March 2016
  2. 2. Australian Government interests in civil space
  3. 3. Department of Industry, Innovation and Science • Coordination: Australian Government civil space matters • Policy: Industry development civil space sector • Regulation: Space Activities Act 1998
  4. 4. Understanding Australia’s civil space capability • The data challenge – space as an enabling function • Commissioned report on Australian Space Capabilities 2016 • Research conducted by Asia Pacific Aerospace Consultants • Key findings: − Exploitation phase of technological development − Commercial activities outpace government activities − Use of space systems, space-derived data and space enabled services dominant activities − Commercialisation driven by emerging consumer market − Australian firms strength in ground systems and related space enable services and applications − Space-related products and services are used in every sector of the Australian economy
  5. 5. Space Activities Act 1998 • Government response to proposals for commercial launch facilities (1990s) • Implements Australia’s international obligations into domestic law • Addresses launch, re-entry and registration of space objects • Designed to address large scale risks (rocket launches) • Overseas launch certificates
  6. 6. Review of the Space Activities Act • Advancement of space technologies – lower cost to access space • Changing global environment – shift to commercial activities • Emerging opportunities for Australian firms • National Innovation and Science Agenda • Finding the right balance between supporting innovation and managing risk • Space law expert, Professor Steven Freeland
  7. 7. Terms of reference for the review 1. Supports innovation and the advancement of space technologies. 2. Promotes entrepreneurship and private investment in Australia, as well as opportunities for Australian firms to compete globally into the future. 3. Appropriately protects the Commonwealth against potential liability claims in relation to current and future civil space activities conducted in Australia or by Australians. 4. Adequately addresses emerging issues such as management of the space environment and technology advancement or convergence. 5. Appropriately aligns with other related Australian legislation and/or Australia’s international obligations, and removes unnecessary regulatory burden
  8. 8. What has happened to date • Commonwealth consultation – October to December 2015 • International consultation – October 2015 to April 2016 • Public consultation – February to April 2016 − Stakeholder forum – Parliament House (held on 24 Feb ‘16) − Release of Issues Paper − Public submissions open • Space economy research: COAG Industry & Skills Council
  9. 9. • Submissions open from 24 February to 30 April 2016 • Submissions and Issues Paper available at • Contact How to make a submission
  10. 10. What will happen next • Current focus on extensive government, non-government and international consultation – concludes 30 April 2016. • Analysis of findings – Professor Steven Freeland • Summary report publicly released – timing to be determined • Develop options for Government deliberation • Could include no change to current arrangements, amendment to the current legislation, or the development of new legislation
  11. 11. Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Industry House 10 Binara Street Canberra City, ACT 2601, Australia Telephone +61 2 6213 6000