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Session 1 5 steven tsikaris dtf victoria


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RadComms 2016

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Session 1 5 steven tsikaris dtf victoria

  1. 1. Public Safety Mobile Broadband A Victorian Perspective Steven Tsikaris 9 March 2016 Radcomms 2016
  2. 2. The “debate” so far ….  PSMBSC ( AGD & DBCDE )  ANZEMC to COAG  States’ Led PSMBSC ( Vic & NSW )  PC …. Commonwealth Government ??  Next …. Precursor Decisions for Implementation
  3. 3. Real Implementation Challenges & Decisions • Coverage – 95% of Victoria’s landmass or greater than 99% population coverage –15% landmass coverage more than the nearest commercial network • Availability (i.e. operational certainty) – Mission critical, “4 9’s”, “5 9’s”, etc. vs Commercial grade operations • Network capacity, bandwidth, spectrum, congestion, saturation, public safety users’ preemption, operational features, etc. • Equity (urban, regional & rural), affordability Public Value • Market reality: commercial leverage (if any) for procurement
  4. 4. Emergency Management Operational Communications Program
  5. 5. Broadband implementation in context MDN Upgrade and Transformation Project Radio Network Service Continuity Project ACMA Compliance Project Victoria Police Radio Upgrade Public Safety Mobile Broadband Mobile Blackspots
  6. 6. The Objective • Single network, voice and data • Mixture of state owned / built & commercial service offerings (“targeted hybrid” solutions) • Leveraged investment with the State’s other related programs: mobile blackspots, economic development, etc. • Efficient and affordable • Safer communities
  7. 7. Further Information  Operational Communications Program
  8. 8. © State of Victoria 2016 You are free to re-use this work under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence, provided you credit the State of Victoria (Department of Treasury and Finance) as author, indicate if changes were made and comply with the other licence terms. The licence does not apply to any branding, including Government logos. Copyright queries may be directed to