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General auction administration David Brumfield


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ACMA David Brumfield details general administration for the Digital Dividend auction

Published in: Technology, Business
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General auction administration David Brumfield

  1. 1. General auctionadministrationDavid BrumfieldExecutive Manager, Digital TransitionDivision, ACMA #TuneUp2011
  2. 2. General auctionadministration > Provide a guide to the application/registration process > Explain the stages of the process > Things to consider when preparing for the auction #TuneUp2011
  3. 3. Application/registration3 stage process 1 • Application 2 • Assessment 3 • Registration #TuneUp2011
  4. 4. Stage 1 - application Nominate applicant group Complete deeds of confidentiality Administrative requirements Complete forms, provide contact information Information on associates Provide all required information on associates Application fee Submit payment of the application fee with application #TuneUp2011
  5. 5. Stage 2 - assessment Assessment/examination of associates ACMA to provide all applicants information on all other applicants, and their associates Statutory declarations Applicants to submit statutory declarations declaring that they are not associated with any other applicant ACMA considerations of associations ACMA considers whether any associations exist. If so, requires affected applicant(s) to remedy the association. #TuneUp2011
  6. 6. Stage 3 - registration Lot selection Applicant completes lot selection form nominating their most desired package of lots Payment of deposit Single deposit payment based on nominated lot selection Last day for withdrawal End of stage 3 will be the last day for withdrawal of applications #TuneUp2011
  7. 7. Application/registration- timeline Auction commences Application Assessment Registration2-3 months from start of auction 2-4 weeks after applications close 3-6 weeks from start of auction #TuneUp2011
  8. 8. Application/registration- fees and deposits Additional Application Initial deposit(s) Fee Deposit (if required) Application Assessment Registration Auction 2-3 months from start 2-4 weeks after 3-6 weeks from of auction applications close start of auction #TuneUp2011
  9. 9. Preparing for theauction – things to consider 1 • Nomination of applicant group Application • Payment of application fee • Assessing associations of other 2 applicants Assessment • Signed statutory declarations 3 • Deposit arrangements Registration • Additional deposit(s) if Auction required #TuneUp2011