Aussie teens online - infographic


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The ACMA looks at Australian teens and what they do online. How do teens online activity compare to adults? Are adults online more often? The results will surprise you!

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Aussie teens online - infographic

  1. 1. 9 in 10 teenagers have internet access in the home. Top 5 online channels Percentage of teenagers who visit online channels: Time online Average time spent viewing online channels (hh:mm): The frequency of teenagers going online is increasing— 72% go online more than once a day. Dec-09 Dec-10 Dec-11 Dec-12 Dec-13 60%47% 59% 67% 72% Online channel surfing Entertainment is the most popular online activity for teenagers—but what else are they doing? It’s not all fun and games Online at any time Source: Nielsen Online Ratings, December 2013. Note: Data covers internet browser use across all types of devices. Data does not include accessing online services via apps. Teenagers—kids aged 14 to 17— are active players in Australia’s digital economy. 69% of teenagers with a mobile phone used a smartphone. 56% use their mobile phone to go online. 74% use a desktop or laptop computer to go online. 23% go online with a tablet. Aussie teens online 9 in 10—entertainment 8.5 in 10—communication 6 in 10—research and info 5.5 in 10—browsing and surfing 5 in 10—blogs and online communities 2.5 in 10—buying and selling (non-transactional§ ) 2 in 10—banking and finance (non-transactional† ) 1.5 in 10—buying and selling (transactional) 1 in 10—banking and finance (transactional) 77% visit Google 53% visit Facebook 50% visit YouTube 49% visit Mi9 39% visit Microsoft time spent on YouTube time spent on Facebook Anywhere, any way Aussie teens go online in many ways and at any time. But they’re not just surfing the web—the internet is a serious business at any age. § Refers to researching products, excluding transactional activities. † Includes checking balances, viewing statements, checking/applying for financial products, checking home loan rates, locating ATMs. Base: People aged 14 to 17 years. Source: Unless indicated otherwise, data is sourced from Roy Morgan Single Source, December 2013. Nearly 100% with a home internet connection have broadband. time spent on Skype time spent on Tumblr time spent on Microsoft % Entertainment % Communication % Research & info 72 51 35 87 83 61 77 62 42 50 48 58 % Blogs & online communities 12 26 12 % Buying & selling (non-transactional)§ 4 14 6 % Buying & selling (transactional) 13 14 12 % Banking &finance (non-transactional)† 4 11 7 % Banking & finance (transactional) 46 51 42 % Browsing & surfing Making the connection Teenagers are going online any way they can.