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Ant Stanley - Being Serverless


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Presented at Cloud & DevOps World London June 2016 by Ant Stanley, COO of A Cloud Guru

As the co‐founder of a company that has been serverless from day 1, organiser of the London Serverless Meetup Group, and organiser of the world's first conference on Serverless Architectures, Ant Stanley will be exploring what it means to be Serverless. The business case for serverless, based on the experience of companies running serverless applications in production, is compelling. The session will go through the journey that most companies have taken to running serverless in production, how they structure, the tools they adopted, the challenges they faced and the benefits they achieved.

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Ant Stanley - Being Serverless

  1. 1. Being Serverless Ant Stanley @IamStan
  2. 2. @IamStan
  3. 3. How to move to your glorious #serverless future… @IamStan
  4. 4. Evolution Simon Wardley - Pioneers, Settlers and Town Planners pioneers-settlers-and-town-planners.html @IamStan
  5. 5. 10,000 ft look at the Evolution of Compute @IamStan
  6. 6. Genesis Custom Built Product Product Commodity Utility Utility Form Factor Tabulating Machines Colossus / ENIAC Mainframes/ PDP/VAX RISC x86 Cloud Instance Cloud Function Time to Provision Years Years Months Weeks Days/Hours Minutes Milliseconds Lifespan 6 years 9 years 5 to 10 years 3 to 5 years 3 years Hour 100ms @IamStan
  7. 7. Macro trends Declining provisioning times Declining life of compute Reduction in cost @IamStan
  8. 8. Evolution of compute = Evolution of architecture Stateful >> Stateless Permanent >> Ephemeral Monolithic >> Microservices Batch Processing >> Event Driven Computing @IamStan
  9. 9. @IamStan
  10. 10. It’s not just technology that’s evolving …. @IamStan
  11. 11. Macro trends Outsourcing Specialisation Scarce Engineering Cycles @IamStan
  12. 12. Let specialist providers focus on doing the undifferentiated heavy lifting aka Get the best people in the world to look after the stuff that doesn’t differentiate your business @IamStan
  13. 13. Genesis / Custom Built Product Commodity Utility Form Factor Outsourcing Managed Services IaaS PaaS Interface Help Desk Help Desk Portal / API API Scope Entire Organisation Business Functions Applications Functions Time to Contract Years Months Minutes Minutes Contract Duration 3 to 10 years 1 to 5 years Usage based Usage based @IamStan
  14. 14. Innovation Length of Contract @IamStan
  15. 15. All hail SaaS providers of specific functionality Fully featured Authentication Service Hosted Search API Cloud based Image & Video management Static Website hosting @IamStan
  16. 16. Login Search www.jeff.comWebsite @IamStan
  17. 17. @IamStan
  18. 18. It’s not just the IT department that is changing … @IamStan
  19. 19. Macro trends IT provides central functions Departments procure / provide specific functions @IamStan
  20. 20. "Twelve years ago technology spending outside of IT was 20 percent of total technology spending; it will become almost 90 percent by the end of the decade, according to Gartner, Inc" Gartner Says Every Budget is Becoming an IT Budget, 22 October 2012 @IamStan
  21. 21. "Gartner says that 38% of total IT spending is outside of IT already" Gartner Predicts Top 2015 And Beyond Trends For Technology, IT Organizations, And Consumers, 9 October 2014 technology-it-organizations-and-consumers-for-2015-and-beyond/ #2f51601b7847 @IamStan
  22. 22. Shadow IT is here to stay … @IamStan
  23. 23. Fully featured SaaS providers… Who pays for the Salesforce license? Does IT even consider these platforms their responsibility? @IamStan
  24. 24. When your Marketing department decided to adopt a digital marketing platform which will hold Personally Identifiable Information (PII), was IT even consulted? Should IT even be consulted? @IamStan
  25. 25. "Gartner's forecast for worldwide dollar-valued IT spending growth in 2016 has been revised to negative 0.5%" IT Spending, Worldwide, 1Q16 Update, 6 April 2016 @IamStan
  26. 26. "Marketing Budgets Grew by Nearly 10% Over Last Year, to 11% of Company Revenue" "Marketers Spend One- Third of the Expense Budget on Technology; 28% of That Goes to Infrastructure" CMO Spend Survey 2015-2016: Digital Marketing Comes of Age, 20 October 2015 @IamStan
  27. 27. Trends, trends, trends… Compute is getting smaller, composable and more ephemeral Outsourcing is happening on a smaller scale to industrialised providers Technology decisions are being moved closer to the business @IamStan
  28. 28. Time To Value Years Months Weeks Days Hours @IamStan
  29. 29. ServiceFull #serverless Functions as a Service Functional SaaS Fully featured SaaS Marketing HR Finance Central Analytics, Security & Monitoring @IamStan
  30. 30. Obvious truths Most applications have already been written Most business already exist Everyone has legacy @IamStan
  31. 31. @IamStan
  32. 32. @IamStan Structure your organisation for continuous evolution…
  33. 33. @IamStan
  34. 34. Pioneers They create 'crazy' ideas. Their type of innovation is what we call core research. They make future success possible. They turn the prototype into a product, make it manufacturable, listen to customers and turn it profitable They find ways to make things faster, better, smaller, more efficient, more economic and good enough. Settlers Town Planners On Pioneers, Settlers, Town Planners and Theft. - Simon Wardley, 13 March 2015 @IamStan
  35. 35. Value Genesis Custom-Built Product Commodity Utility Pioneer Settler Town Planner Pioneer Settler Town Planner Pioneer Evolution doesn’t happen naturally @IamStan
  36. 36. @IamStan #serverless isn’t for your Town Planners
  37. 37. @IamStan Let your Pioneers, Pioneer…
  38. 38. @IamStan Put them in the business…
  39. 39. @IamStan Let them prioritise projects with the business …
  40. 40. @IamStan Natural breaks where change is demanded …
  41. 41. @IamStan Sometimes change needs to be pre-empted …
  42. 42. @IamStan Either way, let the business decide …
  43. 43. @IamStan Get out of their way…