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Using media tools in blackboard


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Using media tools in blackboard

  1. 1. Using Media Tools in Blackboard
  2. 2. One of the things I have noticed over this semester is many of you have trouble inserting different media types within Blackboard. The key to doing this successfully is to use the menu, not the copy/paste feature we all love so much.Any media you upload to Bb will have to be saved somewhere on your computer or flash drive. If you are using a picture from Google images, you cannot just copy and paste it over. You must first save this and then insert it.
  3. 3. So what is the menu I am talking about?Regardless of the type of assignment in Blackboard, usually a stand screen will appear. The items I have circled are the MENU Options to which I am referring.
  4. 4. MENU OPTIONSAttach FileAttach ImageAdd MPEG/AVI ContentAdd QuickTime ContentAdd Audio ContentAdd Flash/ShockWave ContentAdd MashUp
  5. 5. Add Mash-Up has a pull-down menu. This is where you would embed a YouTube Video.
  6. 6. Assignment• Add the following to your blog page: – Picture: any picture but a photo of yourself is preferred! – YouTube video: Randy Pausch Last Lecture from Carnegie Mellon