Chapter 10 slides


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Chapter 10 slides

  1. 1. Testing 1, 2, 3… Testing 1, 2, 3…© 2012 Wadsworth, Cengage Learning
  2. 2. Before the Test: Before the Test: Prepare Carefully Prepare Carefully 1. Begin preparing for an exam on the first day of class. 2. Put all the exams for all your courses on your calendar. 3. Find out exactly what the test will cover. 4. Understand that you should prepare differently for different types of tests. 5. Make a study schedule.© 2012 Wadsworth, Cengage Learning
  3. 3. Before the Test: Before the Test: Prepare Carefully Prepare Carefully 6. Begin serious reviewing several days before the test. 7. Maximize your memory. 8. Get everything ready the night before. 9. Manage your energy, focus, and work quickly. 10. Don’t give in to a nonproductive, negative attitude.© 2012 Wadsworth, Cengage Learning
  4. 4. Before the Test: Before the Test: Prepare Carefully Prepare Carefully 11. Study with other students. 12. Remind yourself of your long-term goals. 13. Arrive at the classroom early, but not too early. 14. Don’t pop pills to stay awake. 15. Don’t let open-book or take-home tests lull you into a false sense of security. 16. Don’t mess with success.© 2012 Wadsworth, Cengage Learning
  5. 5. Do YOU Have Test Anxiety? Do YOU Have Test Anxiety? The four aspects of test anxiety: Cognitive Aspects Emotional Aspects Physiological Aspects Exercise 10.1: Behavioral Aspects Anxiety Survey© 2012 Wadsworth, Cengage Learning
  6. 6. Reduce Math Anxiety Reduce Math Anxiety Increase Test Scores Increase Test Scores 1. Get to know your calculator (like it’s your best friend). 2. Concentrate on comprehension, not memorization. 3. Maximize opportunities to practice. ∑ + 4. Make flashcards. - √ 5. Hit the “redo” button.© 2012 Wadsworth, Cengage Learning
  7. 7. During the Test: During the Test: Focus and Work Hard Focus and Work Hard 1. Jot down what you don’t want to forget right away. 2. Preview the exam. 3. Start with what you know. 4. Weigh your answers. 5. Read directions thoroughly. 6. Read questions carefully. 7. If the test has a mixed format, complete the multiple- choice questions first.© 2012 Wadsworth, Cengage Learning
  8. 8. During the Test: During the Test: Focus and Work Hard Focus and Work Hard 8. Explain your answer to a confusing question in the margin of your test. 9. Change your answers if you’re convinced you’re wrong. 10. Ask your instructor for clarification. 11. Pay attention to “aha” moments. 12. Don’t give in to peer pressure. 13. Save time for review. 14. Be strategic about taking online tests.© 2012 Wadsworth, Cengage Learning
  9. 9. Don’t Cheat Yourself Don’t Cheat Yourself 1. Remember that cheating snowballs. 2. Instead of saving time, cheating can take time. 3. If you cheat now, you’ll pay later. 4. If you do get caught, cheating may do you in. 5. Cheating is just plain wrong. For nothing can seem foul to those that win. William Shakespeare© 2012 Wadsworth, Cengage Learning
  10. 10. After the Test: After the Test: Continue to Learn Continue to Learn 1. Analyze your results. 2. Read your instructor’s comments and take them to heart. 3. Explain your grade to yourself. 4. Be honest. 5. Make a specific plan for the next test. 6. Approach your instructor politely if you believe your exam was mismarked. Non scholae sed vitae discrimus. 7. Reward yourself for good (We do not learn for school, but for l Lucius Annaeus Seneca, (study) behavior. Roman philosopher and statesman© 2012 Wadsworth, Cengage Learning