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ECE and Tech Integration


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Guides ECE tech-discussion!

Published in: Education, Technology
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ECE and Tech Integration

  1. 1. Wired TeachersTeach Young Children ― DAP EARLY CHILDHOOD SUMMER INSTITUTE UNION UNIVERSITY MAY 30, 2012
  3. 3. Technology
  4. 4. Reflecting…anticipating?
  5. 5. Did you know? Developmental Process  Orientation  5 steps  E. Rogers/M. Goddard 1. teacher directed 2. student focused 3. hybrid
  6. 6. Use vs Integration
  7. 7. Barriers vs Enablers
  8. 8. Screen Media … Who’s that? 1:58 hours ... screen media 2:01 hours playing outside 39 minutes reading 48% have used a computer 30% play video games 43% under 2 watch TV everyday 26% have TV in bedroom 2 out of 3 of all children under 2 will use a screen media 2:05 lives-of-infants-toddlers-and-preschoolers-PDF.pdf
  9. 9. The Alliance for Childhood…is a private non-profit group that focuses on child development creativity  eye strain  repetitive stress injuries  children need a living education
  10. 10. The Good News ...WebMDComputers Boost Kids’ Intelligence Higher skill development test scores – twice as high IQ scores 12 points higher than children who didn’t use computers Better school readiness scores BUT…
  11. 11. Are we listening to them?~Babysitter ~ Less prepared for school … daily ~ Long periods of time ~ Socialization skills ~ Additional research…HS…social, psychological and physical development
  12. 12. Tips for Early Childhood Teachers1. Early childhood professionals must apply the principles of developmentally appropriate practice and appropriate curriculum and assessment when choosing technology for use in their classrooms or programs.2. 2. Used appropriately, technology can improve childrens thinking ability and help them develop good relationships with peers.3. Technology should be integrated into daily learning activities.4. Teachers should work for equity in access to technology for all children and their families.5. Technology has a powerful influence over childrens learning … it must not teach them to stereotype or use violence to solve their problems.6. Work together with parents to promote appropriate uses of technology. ~NAEYC
  13. 13.
  14. 14. PBS...Maximize Computer Time Ask questions Screen time ... physical activity No! Software and Website their creativity Play games alongside others Child make decision and try something new No dominating program choices! So, let’s get started!
  15. 15. Digital Citizenship … nine elements1.Digital Access2. Digital Commerce3. Digital Communication4. Digital Literacy5. Digital Etiquette6. Digital Law7. Digital Rights and Responsibility8. Digital Health and Wellness9. Digital Safety (Security)
  16. 16. Digital CitizenshipRespect Your Self/Respect Others 5. Digital Etiquette 1. Digital Access 6. Digital Law Educate Your Self/Connect with Others 3. Digital Communication 4. Digital Literacy 2. Digital Commerce Protect Your Self/Protect Others 7. Digital Rights and Responsibility 9. Digital Safety (Security) 8. Digital Health and Wellness
  17. 17. Google-Translate Language Issue Use Google Translate (Do you have a Google Account?) Got to  Create a Google Account  Click More, even More, then look for Translate  Follow the user-friendly directions  Need more assistance?!v=QTNiLLPfb6k OR search for How to use Google Translate at ;)
  18. 18. Teacher Made Materials MS:Word: Insert Table  Cardgames  Bingo Wordsearch
  19. 19. VoiceThread (*You will need a mic & turn up the speakers!) Create an account Remember your login info  Additional info:   (search: How to create in Voicethread)  (an ongoing project)
  20. 20. Additional Websites www.thekid
  21. 21. Weebly  Create and account…write login info down  Remember your URL: Think about the layout….Choose-Drag-Drop Remove the instructions and add your info! Additional info:   (search: How to create in Weebly)  (an ongoing project)
  22. 22. Don’t forget about…YouTube … teaching tool  How to… create an avatar using DoopleMeOR  Conjunction Junction  The Tale of Peter Rabbit
  23. 23. New findings? Top Ten Web 2.0 Tools for Young Children
  24. 24. By the End of Kindergarten Year - NationalStandards for Computer and Media Usage
  25. 25. NAEYC
  26. 26. Additional Websites Story telling  Mighty Book  StoryPlace Pre-school Library is full of great activities for you to explore. Choose a theme- the fun begins! National Library of Math Manipulatives  Handwriting  # Kindersite   Kindersite has 1,000s of links to the best games, songs and stories for young children.
  27. 27. What about mobile technology? … and the young child? Isaac …almost 2
  28. 28. Technology Slowly permeating toy business for number of years; trend is accelerating Six of the nine best-selling toys for 5- to 7- year-olds on - tech gadgets Toys & Games › 2 to 4 Years › Electronics for Kids › 2 to 4 Years Showing 785 Results
  29. 29. Mobile Devices & Young ChildrenHalf (50%) of all 4-6year-olds have playedvideo gamesOne in four (25%) playseveral times a weekor more.Kaiser
  30. 30. iPad
  31. 31. …what do they see?Android Market-Edu Apps 123s ABC Kids Shape Kids ABC Shapes
  32. 32. Mobile Technologies … Ouch! Increases screen play – Human interaction? Difficult monitoring access – Content? Potential of distraction – Lack of educational engagement? Growing acceptance of slag/abbreviation –Writing? Cyberbulling? Too much use –Health?
  33. 33. Apple Reports … Over 200, 000 Apps(iPad 3) for young children -5.29.12
  34. 34. Uncovering Apps for the Classroom …iPad & iPhoneGrandma’s App Ideas for Mother’s Day technology/grandmasapp-ideas-for-mothers-day/ for-kids sori-crosswords-giveaway.html#more
  35. 35. PinterestEarly Childhood ActivitiesFree Educational AppsSpecial Education AppsEarly Childhood Educational SkillsFine Motor SkillsEarly Childhood Websites
  36. 36. Above all…
  37. 37.
  38. 38. Protect our Children - Larry Burriss No! … name, address … etc! … $$$ area … credit card info ... meeting I-friends! … scary secrets!
  39. 39. Use Common Sense Monitors facing Family area History file Learn how to use the “I” Make “I” a family activity Respond…not react! Talk through! Banned – Block and Beware!
  40. 40. Technology has the potential to positively impactthree areas of our profession: 1) Classroom practices and curriculum 2) Communication and marketing 3) Networking and professional development literate-early-childhood.html
  41. 41. New Technology Used Effectively teachers are fully trained and supported programs and Internet sites used are developmentally appropriate, nonsexist, nonracist, non-biased against people with disabilities, and respect religious differences technology must be fully integrated with the program’s educational goals and objectives computers do not drain critical resources from other essential instruction - both material and staff training - and that they don’t become an agent or excuse for the early childhood field to retreat from our commitment to educate the whole child in developmentally appropriate ways use technology in ways where it is particularly powerful: individualizing, addressing learning disabilities and different learning styles, and bringing the world into the classroom
  42. 42. … meeting their needs.
  43. 43. … meeting their needs.
  44. 44. Your Thoughts