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Open Drug Discovery Teams @ Hacking Health Montreal


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Alex Clark of Molecular Materials Informatics ( presents the Open Drug Discovery Teams project to the Hacking Health Montreal audience, April 2013.

Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Open Drug Discovery Teams @ Hacking Health Montreal

  1. 1. !1Open Drug Discovery TeamsDr. Alex M. ClarkDr. Sean Ekins© 2012-2013 Molecular Materials Informatics, Inc.and Collaborations in ChemistryApril 2013Hacking Health Montréal
  2. 2. Background
  3. 3. Motivation• Early 2012: Sean Ekins met Jill Wood at a rare diseaseconference• Mother of a child suffering from Sanfillipo Syndrome- Incident rate: 1 in 100,000• Had to become a scientist, doctor, entrepreneur and venturecapitalist to accelerate a cure• Finding information shouldnt be so hard...Jonahs Just BegunPhoenix Nest
  4. 4. The Problem• Rare diseases? Neglected markets?• Resources are extremely tight• Cannot afford not to share research#$ • Drug discovery research is very asymmetric• Diseases with many wealthy sufferers getmost of the attention: great return oninvestment>7000 rare diseases
  5. 5. The Solution• government• pharma• charityfunding • academics• startups• foundations• literature• open science• blogspublicationTwitter• contentaggregation• researchcommunitiesOpen Drug Discovery Teams#hashtagsRSS Feeds
  6. 6. The App: Open Drug Discovery Teams#sanfilipposyndrome #tuberculosis #leishmaniasis#huntingtons#hivaids#chagas#malaria#greenchemistry#H5N1• iPhone, iPod, iPad• Free!
  7. 7. Topic Browsing• Users curate the relevant content by endorsing• Interaction is done by tweeting from the app• The result is a crowd-curated knowledge resource• Magazine-like• Thumbnails• Links• Molecules• Voting
  8. 8. Molecules• ODDT is chemistry aware...• ... harvesting chemical data allows many possibilities
  9. 9. Where to next• ODDT is an experimental project• Sponsorship:• App is free, data is totally open• Potentially valuable intellectual property• Know of a rare or neglected disease with an onlinecommunity?➡ We can add a new topic• Know anyone who is interested in sponsoring projectsto increase awareness of rare or neglected diseases?➡ Contact us!
  10. 10. !10More InformationDr. Alex M. Clark@aclarkxyzDr. Sean Ekins@collabchem© 2012-2013 Molecular Materials Informatics, Inc.and Collaborations in Chemistryhttp://oddt.net