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Time to Good DX


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Presented at DevNexus 2019:

We often hear focus on the customer, but what do you do when you customers are your coworkers? Developers are the largest group of individual contributors in software teams. It’s about time Developer Experience (DX) got the focus it deserves! Devs are users, too! Wouldn’t it be great if your user needs were met?

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Time to Good DX

  1. 1. Time to Good DX Be your own advocate DX
  2. 2. Presenters Cheryl Spruce – Senior Product Manager, The Home Depot Cheryl helps to lead IT Enterprise Architecture at The Home Depot in adoption of product management. She supports agile information technology teams.  Change agent with a passion for helping teams to improve, growing through knowledge & experience Claire Moss – Senior Software Developer, The Home Depot Claire supports and accelerates agile software development through fast feedback. She helps teams to craft more executable user stories.  Meetup founder, conference organizer, speaker, workshop facilitator, author, podcaster, and blogger Find me online as aclairefication
  3. 3. Team Context Typical Day-To-Day:  Building software  Working on a team  Common goals  Have all the skill sets needed to deliver (may be separate roles with different titles)  Working with cross-team dependencies
  4. 4. What is UX?  the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products Why does good UX matter?  Fulfill the user needs  Well-designed things enable users to accomplish goals more easily!  Loyal users recommend & promote products Why does User Experience (UX) matter?
  5. 5. What is Developer Experience (DX)? What makes DX different from general UX?  Yes, DX = UX where user/customer of a product is a developer  And … Dev Products tend to be different! (e.g. client libraries, SDKs, frameworks, open source code, tools, API, infrastructure, governance, etc.)  DX keeps an eye on modern technology and standards
  6. 6. Product Focus on DX  Who are our customers?  Why build this product?  What do users need?  Will this solve for users’ problems?  Have we provide value?  Did we achieve our objectives?  How do we help our teams? UX Dev Product Desirable? Viable?Feasible?
  7. 7. Product Focus on DX  Why build this product?  What is the problem we’re solving?  Who are our customers and what are their needs?  How do we provide value?  Did we achieve our outcomes?  How does this help our teams? UX Dev ProductDesirable? Viable? Feasible?
  8. 8. Personas Borrowing this UX tool  Describe & personify diverse users – build empathy!  Not just one person  Which users are we targeting?  Shared understanding of users’ goals and capabilities
  9. 9. Sample Developer Persona Debbie Developer Demographics Individual contributor developer Feels excitement & frustration Likes learning innovative technology Dislikes bug fixing “Ship it!” Behaviors Write code Pull request review Collaboration across shared codebases System administration Needs/Goals Enabled with what they need to move quickly Increase our development velocity Easier integration
  10. 10. Persona Exercise _________ Developer Demographics Behaviors Needs/Goals  In your seats, write your own Developer persona 5 Minutes!
  11. 11. Developer Pain Points Some parts of the Developer Experience are the pits!  Lack of documentation  Communication with people  Getting access to systems  Adopting new technology  Getting siloed
  12. 12. Good Developer Experience Slice away the bad parts to achieve  Focused  Simple  Efficient  Effective  Flexible  Discoverable  Supported
  13. 13. DX Allies in Your Network If you needed to ask someone for help, who would you go to? How do you think this will improve your DX? 3 Minutes!
  14. 14. DX Allies in Your Network If you needed to ask someone for help, who would you go to? Have you considered the Product Manager? UX Dev ProductDesirable? Viable? Feasible?
  15. 15. Sample Product Persona Pat Product Demographics Feels curiosity & determination Likes solving problems Dislikes being blocked during implementation May be called business analyst? “Show me the data!” Behaviors Prioritize work Describe business value Explore the market Understand the user Advocate for change Speaks the language of the business Needs/Goals Ship the right product to customers Deliver value with better outcomes Solution needs to match problem
  16. 16. Make Your Business Case  Common language  Describe the value & benefits of the practice (Why)  Align the goals (Outcomes)
  17. 17. Scenario (Presenters) Claire and Cheryl demonstrate  Before vs  After
  18. 18. Scenario (Attendees)  Pick a pain point/problem to role-play with a partner in your seats
  19. 19. Q&A and takeaways  You are your own best advocate!  Write down one thing you will do differently when you get back to the office on Monday. DX
  20. 20. Learning more  Workshop materials available at  devs-are-people-too-6590d6577afe  experience-dx-from-the-ground-up-8254d50457f5 