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Big Visible Testing (Full Length)


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This is the story of how I let go of being the lone tester and became the testing teacher and coach for my team. I have always thought of myself as an agile tester. However, over the past couple of years, I have transformed from a pseudo-agile tester to a true agile tester. To improve collaboration with the rest of my product delivery team, I have been gradually increasing the visibility of testing activities through exploratory test charter management, defect backlog organization, and paired exploratory testing with both testers and non-testers. The feedback loops have shortened and the abbreviated time between activities necessitated adjusting how I provide information.

Now that the audience for my testing comprises a mix of disciplines and the work environment has shifted from a heavier process to transparent, quick information access, I have been experimenting with different ways to execute testing and to represent the outcomes of that testing activity so that the information consumers understand it in ways that best suit each of their perspectives.

We will examine distinct agile team member personas and their implications for presenting and maintaining testing information as well as the inherent tensions between their distinct and various needs. I will trace my learning curve of adjusting to their needs through the various experiments I have completed in this context, though these lessons extend beyond a purely cross-functional agile product development team.

Attendees will come away with a fresh perspective on viewing their product team members and focus on the value testing artifacts provide to a software development team as well as answers to these questions

- What value can testing bring to an agile software product team?
- How can we focus on outcomes over output, both as an agile software product team and as tester contributors?
- How do you keep the work sustainable?
- How do we maintain effective communication?
- What does it mean to test in agile environments?

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Big Visible Testing (Full Length)

  1. 1. Big Visible Testing Claire Moss @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013
  2. 2. @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013 Tester Developer Product Manager User Experience Designer Lead Developer
  3. 3. @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013 Tester Developer Product Manager User Experience Designer Lead Developer
  4. 4. @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013 Tester Developer Product Manager User Experience Designer Lead Developer Agile Manifesto!
  5. 5. @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013 User Experience Designer Lead Developer Tester Developer Product Manager
  6. 6. @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013 User Experience Designer Lead Developer Tester Developer Product Manager
  7. 7. @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013 Tester DeveloperProduct Owner Team User Experience Designer Lead Developer Product Manager
  8. 8. @aclairefication #BVT User Story Grooming, Planning TDD Coding Unit Testing Demo Executing Testing Writing Tests Pairing w/Dev Grooming, Planning Demo Pairing w/Tester #Agile2013
  9. 9. @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013 End-User Personas
  10. 10. @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013 Product Team Personas
  11. 11. Who are my customers? @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013 Product Manager Programmer/ Developer User Experience (UX) Designer
  12. 12. What do they want? @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013 Definition of Done
  13. 13. Bug Board @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013
  14. 14. Bug Board after Product Owner Team @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013
  15. 15. Retrospective @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013
  16. 16. Iteration @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013
  17. 17. Ben the Business Advocate @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013 How quickly can we provide value? ROI Of Testing Can We Ship? Subject Matter Expert Impact On The Bottom Line? Average Computer User Ease Of Learning Severity
  18. 18. Bug Board - Severity @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013
  19. 19. Bug Board - Severity @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013
  20. 20. @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013 Show Me Clusters Of Bugs I Want To Try It Call To Action Visual Moderate Computer User Ease of Learning Accuracy Ursula the User Advocate
  21. 21. Bug Board – Site Map @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013
  22. 22. Bug Board – Site Map @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013
  23. 23. @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013 Todd the Technology Advocate Does It Work? Principle Doer How Bad Is It? Translate To Action What’s Next? Expert Computer User Can We Sustain It? Accuracy
  24. 24. Sprint Board – Bug Lane @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013
  25. 25. Sprint Board – Bugs in Stories @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013
  26. 26. Sprint Board – Bugs & ET Charters @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013
  27. 27. Special thanks to: - my UX folks Will & Astrid & Emily who taught me all about personas - my employer Oracle for sending me to Agile 2013 - my friends whose photos I used for personas (“whatever those are” ) Find Claire Moss online: Twitter: @aclairefication @aclairefication #BVT #Agile2013