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February 2012 eMagazine


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February's eMagazine from JISC RSC-Northwest; produced and edited by John Dalziel (eLearning Adviser)

Published in: Education
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February 2012 eMagazine

  1. 1. Index• About & Comment • Chegg• General Contact Details • Common Craft Complete Video Library• RSC-Northwest Contact Details • Conceptboard• Disclaimer • Crocodoc• News & Events • Daum Equation Editor• Other Curated Items • Econ Ed• Microsoft Webcasts Dec/Jan • Explania• Microsoft Webcasts Jan continued• Resources & Archives • Get the Math• Find, Try, Evaluate & Share (FiTES) • Google’sAdviceFINDS... • Oolone• 4 free online events for Learning • Resources / Library staff • Photo Pin• Accidental Outlaw? •• Attrakt • Safer Internet Day 2012• BibLy • Send to Kindle• Carbon Trust Empower™ Continued...
  2. 2. Index continued... FINDS... • Scribd collections • SHAREVILLE • Sobotong • Surfon • Typeracing • WatchMe • World of Kays Back...
  3. 3. About & Comment If you have any comments and/or • The Regional Support Centre contributions to make, please send eMagazine provides news of them... funding, current projects, initiatives and • ...using the Online examples of good practice in eLearning, and offers ideas and support for the HE, Comment/Feedback Form FE, ACL, WBL, 6th Form, OLASS and using the QR code or link below Specialist College Managers & Practitioners, that are supported by the RSC here in the Northwest. Note: - Although every care has been taken in the preparation of this eMagazine, no warranty is given by the author or the Regional Support Centre-Northwest as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained within it and neither the authors nor the RSC- Northwest shall be responsible or liable for any errors or omissions. Index
  4. 4. General Contact Details • Support Desk... Address & Telephone/Fax Duty Adviser Numbers... Tel: 01524 510067 • Joint Information Systems Email via QR Code or URL below... Committee (JISC) Advance Regional Support Centre - Northwest Lancaster University Bailrigg House Lancaster University Campus Lancaster LA1 4YE Tel: 01524 510067 Fax: 01524 593 798 Web Address (URL)... Continued on next Index
  5. 5. RSC-NW: Contact Details • Interim Manager: Rachel Fligelstone Colin Gallacher (Work Based Learning) Tel: 01524 510058 • Information Officer... Hilary Thomas (Higher Education) Michelle Hyland Tel: 01524 510059 Tel: 01524 510068 Fax:0152 459 3798 John Dalziel (Adult & Community Learning / Personal & Community Development Learning/OLASS & Sustainability/Green) • Administration Tel: 01524 510057 Christine Hulme Judy Bloxham (Further Education/6th Tel: 01524 510066 Form Colleges) Fax:0152 459 3798 Tel: 01524 510061 • eLearning Advisers... Keith Wilson (Technical) Tel: 01524 510065 Anita Holt (Further Education/6th Form Colleges) Kevin Hickey (Specialist Colleges & Tel: 01524 510062 Accessibility) Tel: 01524 510064 Anthony Beal Mark Ayton Tel: 01524 510071 Tel: 01524 510060 Index
  6. 6. Disclaimer • All the pictures and news shown on this eMagazine are the property of their respective owners. • We dont hold any • If any one has any copyright about these objection to displaying of pictures and news. any picture and news, it • These pictures have been may be brought to our collected from different notice by sending an public sources including email (see the QR Code or different websites, URL above ) & the same considering to be in will be removed public domain. immediately, after verification the claim. Index
  7. 7. News & Events • Access Event information on the RSC Website (use the QR Code or URL below )• Access Latest News on the RSC Website (use the QR Code or URL above ) Index
  8. 8. Other Curated Items• The content of this page is • Find out more by using the currently curated by... QR code or the URL below... – Anita Holt; – Colin Gallacher & – John Dalziel• Many curated items have already been posted in Facebook and as Twitter Tweets during the Month• Articles, images, video clips have been added daily to... – Raise awareness – Provide food for thought – Bring a smile to your face etc. Index
  9. 9. 4 free online events for Learning Resources / Library staff• RSC North West are working closely • Dates and Times with the Midlands and the North and • 5th March 10-11 Promoting your have planned is a series of four free service effectively online events for Learning Resources • 29th March TBC (likely to be 10-11) / Library staff. Successful curriculum integration and• These events are an opportunity to support learn from your colleagues, not just • 9th May 10 – 11 Induction in our area but, in three other areas of England. • 30th May 10-11 Bench marking• We are looking for volunteers to • Individuals will be able to book onto contribute (a short 5 - 10 minute these free events week beginning 6th presentation) to one of the February 2012 sessions. If you feel you have • If you cannot attend on the day there something worth sharing, and we will be a recording made available. know you have, please contact us • Please email ASAP. or phone 01524 510061• We will be happy to help with Anthony Beal to discuss volunteering. showing you how to present Online and trying out Blackboard Collaborate (the online conferencing tool we are using)• NB you only need to volunteer for one session Index
  10. 10. Accidental outlaw?• Did you know that you cant • Find out more by using the use content from another QR code or the URL below... website without linking http://accidentaloutlaw.kno back to it?• Its one of the facts covered in the "Are You an Accidental Outlaw Test" which I feel is a must for learners and practitioners!• Go on take the test to see what laws you might unwittingly be breaking. You and your learners might be surprised! Index
  11. 11. Attrakt• Attrakt is a relatively new • Find out more by using the search engine that offers QR code or the URL below... various useful web search features. The basic usage is like any other search engine.• To get better results, users can sign into Attrakt and keep track of the sites they visit the most.• Users can create boxes and themes that interest them and add useful links they find in the boxes. Index
  12. 12. BibLy• If you are having a religious • Find out more by using the discussion with learners QR code or the URL below... online, it is always wise to support perspectives with the exact references.• If practitioners are referencing the Bible, they should be able to show learners which verse they are talking about to support their argument.• Here to help everyone reference Bible verses online is a free to use web service called BibLy. Index
  13. 13. Carbon Trust Empower™• Through... • Find out more by using the – tutorials, QR code or the URL below... – virtual tours, – a quiz, and – other interactive elements, Carbon Trust Empower™ will help users commit to making carbon and cost-savings in their office. Index
  14. 14. Chegg• Chegg have announced a new • Find out more by using the way for learners to buy and rent QR code or the URL below... textbooks to read online.• Books in Chegg’s online reader look more like regular books however they have built a number of tools it says are unique and designed to be useful to learners without hampering them. Among them: the ability to... – ask questions to a community of users for a real-time response. – instantly highlights the most important passages of the work using software that analyzes its meaning.• Chegg has about 40,000 digital textbooks now and has signed contracts with all the top publishers. Index
  15. 15. Conceptboard• Conceptboard provides an online • Learners could use Conceptboard for whiteboard space where users can online peer tutoring or peer editing share drawings, documents, and for group work, brainstorming spreadsheets, and more. sessions and much more.• Users can create drawings and • Find out more by using the diagrams from scratch or upload QR code or the URL below... existing files.• Users can invite as many people as they want to collaborate on the whiteboard.• Notes can be pinned to specific items on the whiteboard so that there is not any confusion about what each note is related to.Note: Conceptboard is designed to work without installing any separate applications.• Conceptboard could be a good tool for online tutorials, eAssessment and explanations of concepts. Index
  16. 16. Common Craft Complete Video Library• Common Craft videos • Find out more by using the have helped practitioners QR code or the URL and trainers delight below... millions by making complex ideas easy to understand.• All their videos in their Library are included with membership• Membership facilitates the embedding of clips on websites and/or downloading for offline or internal use. Index
  17. 17. Crocodoc• Crocodoc allows users to • Find out more by using the upload documents, including QR code or the URL below... PDFs, and then, collaboratively edit them.• Ideal for... – peer editing; – practitioners to provide feedback on learner work. e.g. take an example of learner coursework and load it into Crocodoc. Draw and/or add comments to the coursework. Links to the learners, the learners’ employers etc.• Another way to use Crocodoc is when practitioner team need to work together on projects. e.g. a team needs to tweak course content or test questions for an assessment. Index
  18. 18. Daum Equation Editor• Thinking of using Google • Find out more by using the Chrome? Well this could QR code or the URL below... convince many of you.• The Daum Equation Editor is a free, online tool for quickly writing equations that can then be saved as text or images to use in documents.• Practitioners and/or learners can use the equation editor by typing on their keyboard and or selecting symbols from the Daum Equation Editors menu.• Essential for STEM subjects where there is a greater need to write-out equations on a computer. Index
  19. 19. Econ Ed• Econ Ed Link hosts • Find out more by using the hundreds of lesson plans QR code or the URL below... and interactive games for teaching students about a wide range of topics in economics.• The interactive section of Econ Ed Link offers four pages of videos and games which can be used as stand- alone activities or as part of lesson plans.• Many of the lessons are designed for use not only in the learning environment but independently as well. Index
  20. 20. Explania• Explania is one of my • Find out more by using the QR code or the URL below... favourite resources for animated explanations of topics in Health, Technology, Work, Software etc. Some of their offerings are videos and some of their offerings are interactive animations.• Learners can access interactive animations on the Explania website or practitioners can embed animations into VLEs, blogs, websites etc. Index
  21. 21. Family Learning – Worksheets & Printables• Looking for hands-on Family • Find out more by using the Learning Worksheets & QR code or the URL below... Printables - Covering a wide range of subjects? This resource may well provide just such resources to help keep the learners engaged and can be a big help to parents/guardians/careers etc. who are looking for ways to help their children avoid “holiday slide”.• A great supplementary resource for any Family Learning arsenal! Index
  22. 22. Get the MathLooking for some contextual • Find out more by using the challenges for your learners? QR code or the URL below...• Well Get the Math is a multimedia project about algebra in the real world.• See how professionals working in... – fashion, – videogame design, and – music production... ...use algebraic thinking.• Get the Math also provides interactive challenges related to those careers – e.g. after watching the Math in Fashion video learners have to design a shirt to match a specific price point. Index
  23. 23. Googles advice• The citizens Advice Bureau & • Find out more by using the Google have teamed up for the QR code or the URL below... "Good to Know" campaign - offering tips on staying safe know/online-safety/ online.• For many learners and practitioners, the Internet can be a little bit scary. Just like in the offline world, it’s important to keep safe and secure.• Whether they’re a new Internet user or an old hand, it’s good to stay updated on the best practices when it comes to sharing data online and browsing safely.• This website provides advice for staying more secure on the web and an overview of some of the security tools that Google offers. Index
  24. 24. Oolone• Oolone is a search engine that • Find out more by using the displays results, four at a QR code or the URL below... time, in a square grid of webpage previews.• Rather than getting a list of results, that have just a link and a few line summary, Oolone provides an image of the webpages, to preview before they select.• Oolone can be used for standard website search, for image search, or news search.• If youre the type that likes to use browser plug-ins, Oolone also offers a Chrome plug-in. Index
  25. 25.• Parentchannel is a free video • Find out more by using the website for parents of 5-19 QR code or the URL below... year olds that offers expert advice on parenting through helpful short videos.• Addressing day-to-day questions and concerns spanning wellbeing, behaviour and learning.• A collaborative project, pooling together expertise from three partners...• • Parenting UK;• • Tomorrows Child;• • Capablue.• Ideal resources for childcare, ITT, etc. Index
  26. 26. Photo Pin• Photo Pin is a free tool that helps • Find out more by using the bloggers and designers find QR code or the URL below... beautiful photos for blogs and websites using Creative Commons licensing. Download the photos and get attribution links already formatted for you.• Simply search for any topic using the search box , preview the photo, and click “get photo” to download the photo as well as the code with proper attribution link.• If users prefer to pay for photographs rather than linking to them, the results at the top will take users to a stock photo site where they can buy photographs instead (currently fotolia). Index
  27. 27.• Create notes (with photos) and • Find out more by using the turn them into QR codes QR code or the URL below...• is a QR code web application which practitioners could end up using the most.• helps users transmit a page (with images if need be) via the compact medium of QR codes.• Users can create a piece of text under 500 words, give it a headline, and attach an image in JPG, BMP, or PNG format.• The QR code generated points to this online document.• This code can be printed, or downloaded as GIF so that anyone can scan it and reach the byte of information. Index
  28. 28. Safer Internet Day• Safer Internet Day – • Find out more by using the 7th February, 2012 QR code or the URL below...• Safer Internet Day will this year focus on connecting publications/safeguarding.aspx generations and JISC RSC Northwest has designed an engaging programme which examines online safety issues for all ages.• To highlight this year’s Safer Internet Day and to ensure you are safe online, you are invited to access (and/or use with your learners) the resources as they are released day-by-day leading up to the 7th February; Index
  29. 29. Send to Kindle• Send to Kindle is a free Windows • Find out more by using the program from Amazon. QR code or the URL below...The purpose?• To enable users to send documents from a computer to their Kindle or another device, such as an iPad, that has a Kindle app installed.• With Send to Kindle installed on learning provider PCs learners can right-click on a document file and transfer it wirelessly to a Kindle device.• Very handy for anyone to read reports or other documents while away from a computer and or without Internet access. Practitioners/Learners may find this a good way to proofread documents while on the move. Index
  30. 30. Scribd collections• In Scribd users (Practitioners) • Find out more by using the can create public collections to QR code or the URL below... which any Scribd user (Learners/colleagues/etc) can add documents.• Creators of collections can moderate submissions before they appear in the collection.• Creating a public collection in Scribd could be a good way to showcase examples of learners best work.• Scribd widgets enable entire collections to be embedded into a vle, blog or website or just direct others to the collection on Scribd itself. Index
  31. 31. SHAREVILLE• Shareable, Holistic Assets & • Find out more by using the Resources. Existing in a QR code or the URL below... Virtual Interactive Lifelong Learning Environment• SHAREVILLE is a virtual town where users can engage with a variety of real scenarios situated in real world contexts.• SHAREVILLEs recent upgrade has a more realistic and intuitive interface allowing learners a greater learning experience. Index
  32. 32. Sobotong• An increasing number of learners • Find out more by using the speak two languages and browse QR code or the URL below... websites in both.• Such learners may need a search engine that is able to provide them with results in both languages they speak.• Sobotong offers such a search feature.• Users can click on the translated query and make search results appear in the second language that they select.• The left pane of the search panel also allows users to select the type of item they are searching for i.e. news, movies, RSS feeds, software, etc.• Could also be very useful for those learning English and/or other languages. Index
  33. 33. Surfon• Many Learners and/or Practitioners • Tab lists are saved in a users account may already be using tab-syncing which can be reused any number of solutions that are available for times on any number of machines Chrome and Firefox, but only if they and browsers. plan to move browser tabs from • Find out more by using the Chrome to Chrome or Firefox to QR code or the URL below... Firefox. What if you want to move the tabs from Chrome to Firefox or vice-versa?• That’s where Surfon comes in. It’s a new tool that lets users save tabs in a browser and open them on another browser or on another machine. Surfon is the first of its kind to offers cross-browser compatibility.• Currently, Surfon is available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari for swift and seamless transfer of saved tabs, but it’s also possible to use Surfon – for one-way transfers – from the three aforementioned browsers to any other browser like Opera or Internet Explorer. Index
  34. 34. Typeracing• Typeracing is an online typing • Find out more by using the game that aims to help learners QR code or the URL below... improve their rate of typing.• As learners race in more and more games, they’ll build up points.• When they reach a certain number of points, they’ll increase their level, unlocking different car models for them to drive.• A fun way to customize your learners typing experience.• Typeracing also has a section for testing words-per-minute rate, as well as a single player mode for practice. For a multiplayer experience, learners can set up a game and race against peers or join a public game and race against strangers. Index
  35. 35. WatchMe• WatchMe can be used to • Find out more by using the set and keep track of QR code or the URL below... multiple alarms at the same time. This saves users the download-watchme/ hassle of setting new alarms every time.• Multiple tasks can be set ahead of time in order to ensure that users accomplish most of them before the alarm reminds them to do so.• WatchMe also allows users to organize alarms in different tabs for different purposes. Index
  36. 36. World of Kays• A fascinating look at fashion • Find out more by using the QR code or the URL below... through the ages.• World of Kays provides images from 80 years of their catalogue; 1920s to 1990s.• This project, from the University of Worcester, focuses on the changing attitudes to fashion.• The search tool allows users to compare pyjamas, for example, from different decades. Index
  37. 37. Resources and Archives• aclJohns Website & • Scoop.It – Technologies Blog Portal • ShoutOmatic• Dipity Timeline • Spreaker Radio Station• Only2clicks• Pearltrees • The ACLjohn Daily• RSC-NW TV Channel • YouTube Channel Index
  38. 38. Find Try Evaluate and Share (FiTES)• You are the experts in your field of work, management, administration, practitioners etc., and you know what works for you!• By sharing not only will you raise the awareness of your colleagues but you should also benefit from their Share your resources by submissions. completing the form available• By doing this, you will all be at or supporting & stimulating • Use your iPhone, Android, innovation in learning, iPad, etc. with the QR code teaching and administration. above... Index