December 2011's e-Magazine


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This eMagazine is produced and edited by John Dalziel (eLearning Adviser)

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December 2011's e-Magazine

  1. 1. Index• About & Comment • Duelity• General Contact Details • EdComs Teachers• RSC-Northwest Contact Details • Flyabit• Disclaimer • Free Clipboard Manager• News & Events • HiperURL• Other Curated Items • Hydro to Home• Microsoft Webcasts Dec/Jan •• Microsoft Webcasts Jan continued • IXL• Resources & Archives • Just-the-Word• Find, Try, Evaluate & Share (FiTES) • Keeping HealthyFINDS... • Little Guide to...• artPad • Math Chimp• BE.Macmillan Work and Cancer Toolkit • Math Open Reference• Black-Text • Math Quiz• CamScanner • Museum of obsolete Objects• David Rumsey Map Collection Continued...
  2. 2. Index continued...FINDS... • TESiboard• ParentPort • The Scale of the Universe• Periodic Table of QR codes • The Travel Film Archive• Phonetic Alphabet • Twtebook• Phonetizer •• QRHacker • Virtual Training Suite• Quipol• Readcube• Reading Bear• Royal Society Publishing• SeeMath• Sesame Street• Siteopsys• Sketchpad• StatPlanet• Story Wheel• TagMyDoc Back...
  3. 3. About & Comment If you have any comments and/or • The Regional Support Centre contributions to make, please send eMagazine provides news of them... funding, current projects, initiatives and • ...using the Online examples of good practice in eLearning, and offers ideas and support for the HE, Comment/Feedback Form FE, ACL, WBL, 6th Form, OLASS and using the QR code or link below Specialist College Managers & Practitioners, that are supported by the RSC here in the Northwest. Note: - Although every care has been taken in the preparation of this eMagazine, no warranty is given by the author or the Regional Support Centre-Northwest as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained within it and neither the authors nor the RSC- Northwest shall be responsible or liable for any errors or omissions. Index
  4. 4. General Contact Details • Support Desk... Address & Telephone/Fax Duty Adviser Numbers... Tel: 01524 510067 • Joint Information Systems Email via QR Code or URL below... Committee (JISC) Advance Regional Support Centre - Northwest Lancaster University Bailrigg House Lancaster University Campus Lancaster LA1 4YE Tel: 01524 510067 Fax: 01524 593 798 Web Address (URL)... Continued on next page... Index
  5. 5. RSC-NW: Contact Details • Manager: Andrew Quarmby Tel: 01524 510071 Colin Gallacher (Work Based Learning) Tel: 01524 510058 • Events Co-ordinator & Hilary Thomas (Higher Education) Administration... Tel: 01524 510059 Sandra Harris Tel: 01524 510067 John Dalziel (Adult & Community Learning / Fax:0152 459 3798 Personal & Community Development Learning/OLASS & Sustainability/Green) Tel: 01524 510057 • Administration Christine Hulme Judy Bloxham (Further Education/6th Form Colleges) Tel: 01524 510066 Tel: 01524 510061 Fax:0152 459 3798 Keith Wilson (Technical) • eLearning Advisers... Tel: 01524 510065 Anita Holt (Further Education/6th Form Kevin Hickey (Specialist Colleges & Colleges) Accessibility) Tel: 01524 510062 Tel: 01524 510064 Mark Ayton Anthony Beal Tel: 01524 510060 Tel: 01524 510071 Index
  6. 6. Disclaimer • All the pictures and news shown on this eMagazine are the property of their respective owners. • We dont hold any • If any one has any copyright about these objection to displaying of pictures and news. any picture and news, it • These pictures have been may be brought to our collected from different notice by sending an public sources including email (see the QR Code or different websites, URL above ) & the same considering to be in will be removed public domain. immediately, after verification the claim. Index
  7. 7. News & Events • Access Event information on the RSC Website (use the QR Code or URL below )• Access Latest News on the RSC Website (use the QR Code or URL above ) Index
  8. 8. Other Curated Items• The content of this page is • Find out more by using the currently curated by... QR code or the URL below... – Anita Holt; – Colin Gallacher & – John Dalziel• Many curated items have already been posted in Facebook and as Twitter Tweets during the Month• Articles, images, video clips have been added daily to... – Raise awareness – Provide food for thought – Bring a smile to your face etc. Index
  9. 9. Keith Wilson Technical Adviser• Manage your IT Infrastructure from • The Microsoft Education Desktop - the Cloud with Windows Intune - Tuesday January 17th, 11am-12pm Tuesday December 13th, 11am- • Join this webcast to understand what 12pm makes a modern education desktop• Windows Intune is a comprehensive from Microsoft We will look at how cloud based PC management and technologies such as Windows 7, security solution that enables you to Office 2010 and the Microsoft manage your schools remotely with Learning Suite can really enhance the no on-premise servers. In addition to teaching and learning experience. remote control, policy management, We also explain how you can remove malware protection and software cost from the management of your IT updates the latest release now infrastructure and improve security includes application deployment. through technologies including Join this webcast to get an overview MDOP 2011 (Microsoft Desktop of the latest release and see a demo Optimisation Pack) and the CAL of the solution. Suites.• • crosoft1/Registration.aspx?pageNam crosoft1/Registration.aspx?pageNam e=sxn5n916nkhht961 e=6sj0ndq1n5cpns39 Continued... Index
  10. 10. Keith Wilson Technical Adviser from previous page...• Free Software for Schools - Introducing the Microsoft Learning Suite Tuesday January 24th, 11am- 12:30pm• Did you know that Microsoft have a wide range of software and resources that support teaching and learning? Join this webcast for some fast paced demos which should be both fun and informative. The solution, December 13th January 17th collectively known as the Microsoft Learning Suite is also able to be installed and deployed with ease. January 24th Join this webcast to find out more.• crosoft1/Registration.aspx?pageNam e=wscdtf7z9wv17mnc Index
  11. 11. artPad• artPad is a blank slate drawing utility. • Find out more by using the QR code or the URL below...• artPad... – allows users to select from a variety of drawing tools and painting tools. – has a neat playback feature that shows users the steps taken in creating their image(s). – allows users to share their drawings via email or in a public gallery. Index
  12. 12. BE.Macmillan• BE.Macmillan has brought out a • Find out more by using the new toolkit for employers to QR code or the URL below... help them better support people with cancer.• The Work and Cancer Toolkit... – features an employers guide produced in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. – is designed to give employers... • a better understanding of the physical, emotional and financial impact of a cancer diagnosis, • practical guidance on how to manage employees with cancer and - information on how people with cancer are protected by the Equality Act. – is free, – can be ordered from be.macmillans website. Index
  13. 13. BC Hydro - Energy in British Columbia• Hydro to Home, an interactive • Find out more by using the narrated story of hydro-electric QR code or the URL below... power from raindrops to homes, with interactive images that users can click on to learn even more information about hydro- electric power.• Produced by British Columbia (BC) Hydro Hydro to Home is a good way for users to learn about the process of getting electricity from reservoirs to homes.Note: Users will be asked for anaddress in British Columbia. If youdont have such an address type in anumber and select an address fromthe an auto-generated list that willappear. Index
  14. 14. Black-Text• There are many Fancy • Find out more by using the image editors and QR code or the URL below... converters on the Internet, but that does not stop people from making great use of these tools.• Black-Text is one such application.• The Black-Text tool takes an image and allows users to convert it into a readable text-laden photographs within seconds. Index
  15. 15. CamScanner• CamScanner is an application, • Find out more by using the available on Android, iPhone, QR code or the URL below... Windows Mobile and Blackberry, designed to make high quality document scanning easy for users using their smartphone.• CamScanner is quite sophisticated, it is easy to scan multiple pages into one document and/or to auto-crop an image to exactly what a user wants to keep/share/save.• Ive added the free version to my work iPhone to test the ad- supported, limited version; give it a go and see what you think!• I would think it is an ideal application for WBL Assessors. Index
  16. 16. David Rumsey Map CollectionLooking for historical maps • Find out more by using thedocumenting places throughout QR code or the URL below...the world?• Well here is an excellent start, the David Rumsey Map Collection is a collection of more than 28,000 maps that can be searched by... – - area, – - time period, and/or – - cartographer.• As a bonus, the David Rumsey Map Collection is also available as a Google Earth layer. Index
  17. 17. Duelity• Duelity is a split-screen • Find out more by using the animation that tells both QR code or the URL below... sides of the story of Earth’ s origins in a “dizzying and provocative journey” through the history and language that marks human thought.• Ideal resource for “Thoughts & Beliefs” Practitioners and Learners. Index
  18. 18. EdComs Teachers Website• A new resource site for • Find out more by using the practitioners. Launched initially QR code or the URL below... with 40 free, high-quality teaching resources, aimed at primary & secondary learners with the offer of more each month.• The aim? – to bring together all the free educational materials that EdComs has created for various clients all together in one place. – to include online activities, resources for interactive whiteboards plus worksheets and games. – to add new resources monthly,• Free to register and any practitioners registering before December 15 will get the chance to win a free place at the Learning Without Frontiers 12 conference in London in January. Index
  19. 19. Flyabit• Want to give learners, who are • Find out more by using the waiting for a class to start, QR code or the URL below... something interesting to look at? Then this may be one for you.• Flyabit is a content curation platform that lets users have a whole screen filled with images and text related to any concept.• Just... – type in the word or words that describe what is required on the display; – locates the relevant media, and produces the display along with the freshest/newest stories-images-video clips etc.• The Flyabit website also provides a list of the most searched words.• Users can share any results that they get and that look particularly good with colleagues. Index
  20. 20. Free Clipboard Manager• Free Clipboard Manager... – is a simple clipboard managing utility • Find out more by using the for Windows. QR code or the URL below... – automatically saves to the hard disk every piece of text and image users copy to the clipboard. – displays all copied data on a floating window that remains visible on the lower right hand corner of the screen.• To paste an item that was copied earlier... – select it from this window and – copy it back to the clipboard using the right-click menu. – the item is now ready to paste.Note: Free Clipboard Manager... – is configured not to save text smaller than 20 characters in length, preventing usernames and passwords, that may be copied to the clipboard, from being saved to the hard disk as TXT files. – There is an option to override that security measure if users wish to. Index
  21. 21. HiperURL• Open up to 5 tabs as a • Find out more by using the single link. QR code or the URL below...• HiperURL... – is a useful tool for Social Media 4 Education; – allows users to share multiple links (5max) on social media, such as Twitter, where text is limited.• Practitioners can embed the links within courses on VLEs, grouping websites, videos etc that are required for particular elements and/or for comparisons etc. Index
  22. 22.• – If learning • Find out more by using the providers are looking for a QR code or the URL below... neat countdown tool that doesn’t lead them through annoying options just to set up a simple countdown then is the one Id go for.• is a simple and elegant web based countdown timer that lets users create multiple countdowns and also share it with stakeholders. Index
  23. 23. IXL• IXL is a comprehensive maths • Practitioners can subscribe with a practice site. single classroom license or they• IXL provides unlimited questions can subscribe as part of a site in more than 2,000 topics. An license, which includes multiple adaptive learning system, practitioner accounts. featuring games and awards, – Learners use their accounts to inspiring learners to achieve. practice maths. – Practitioners use their accounts to• Anyone who visits IXL can monitor their learners. complete up to 20 questions each day and view local academic objectives.• But if users want the ability to complete unlimited math problems every day, and if practitioners want IXL to save student work so they can view progress reports, they need to join. • Find out more by using the• Educator subscriptions are QR code or the URL below... designed for practitioners to use with their learners. Index
  24. 24. Just The Word• A collocation thesaurus concordancer that • As a Physics and Maths Practitioner, produces word clouds! this is all a bit beyond me but Im• On the surface of it Just-the-Word looks just assured it is an excellent tool. like any other online dictionary or thesaurus, • Find out more by using the but start using it and you will soon find that its QR code or the URL below... much more. – By the way Collocation is an arrangement or juxtaposition of words or other elements, especially those that commonly co-occur, i.e. rancid butter, bosom buddy, or dead serious and a concordancer is a computer program that automatically constructs a concordance. – Of course a concordance is an alphabetical list of the principal words used in a book or body of work, with their immediate contexts.• Ideal for Language, ESOL, EFL,ESL, etc. practitioners.• And there is more - click on a small button that says View in Wordle and Just-the-Word will link through automatically to Wordle and create a word cloud of the most frequent collocations. Index
  25. 25. Keeping Healthy• Find educational ideas, • Find out more by using the resources, videos and links, QR code or the URL below... linked to the topics of the body, health and staying healthy.• The Keeping Healthy theme has over 100 teaching ideas, activities, display resources, videos and photos… all of which can be used to support teaching about healthy eating, the human body and exercise.• Ideal For Family Learning Practitioners. Index
  26. 26. Little Guide to...• Little Guide to... • Find out more by using the • Podcasting QR code or the URL below... • Screencasting • Finding Digital Media Resources • Copyright • Cloud Computing• If you would like to suggest a Little Guide subject area, or have a query, contact Digital Media via their Helpdesk Service or call 0117 331 4447 Index
  27. 27. Math Chimp• A portal to maths games ideal for • Find out more by using the Family Learning Practitioners. QR code or the URL below...• Encourage parents, carers, guardians etc. to play any of the games which are featured on Math Chimp, and have their children start understanding numbers and all the basic operations.• Math Chimp... – features many colourful titles to encourage children to return a second, a third, a fourth time, and hone their maths skills without them even knowing. – brings together more than 100 different games.• Want to know more about how games and children connect? Yes, then give the provided blog a look. It has posts that will be interesting to parents, teachers, family learning practitioners etc., who want to learn the best ways in which to bring technology into the learning environment. Index
  28. 28. Math Open Reference• Math Open Reference is a great • Find out more by using the supplement to mathematics textbooks QR code or the URL below... and in particular for learners who need visual references.• Math Open Reference... – is a free online reference for geometry practitioners and learners. – features animated and interactive drawings to demonstrate geometry terms and concepts.• By clicking on any subject in the first three categories users will find definitions, examples, and interactive drawings.• In the function explorer category users can select linear functions, quadratic functions, or cubic functions to explore how changes in variables affect the graphed output. Index
  29. 29. Math Quiz• Maths practitioners should take • Find out more by using the a look at Math Quiz, an online QR code or the URL below... bank of maths tests for learners.• There are 4 levels of test... • GCSE mathematics, • A-Level mathematics, • Foundation for University mathematics and • University level mathematics.• The questions are multiple choice, usually 10 questions per test. Once the test is complete the system gives instant feedback to the user.• Users need to register with the site to get the full functionality.• If users want to just check the site out they can access some cut- down quizzes without registering.• Best in Firefox browsers rather than Internet Explorer. Index
  30. 30. Museum of obsolete Objects• Sadly, as our daily lives • Find out more by using the become more and more digital QR code or the URL below... some things fall by the way side as they are replaced by newer, you would like to think, "better" devices.• The Museum of obsolete Objects makes sure we dont forget those fallen appliances, tools and gadgets and enables those of us old enough to remember, to relive those bygone times.• Step inside to step back in time!• You don’t have to be that old either  Index
  31. 31. ParentPort (UK)• ParentPort (UK) is an • Find out more by using the information portal for QR code or the URL below... complaints, helping parents/guardians/carers to report unsuitable material they have seen... – on TV; – in magazines; – online and elsewhere.• Directing them to the appropriate media regulators and providing one-click links to post complaints... – on websites; – by email.• There is also basic safeguarding advice available. Index
  32. 32. Periodic Table of QR codes• I like this as an excellent example • Find out more by using the of using QR Codes; QR code or the URL below...• Based in the School of Chemistry at the University of Nottingham, Periodic Videos make films about chemistry and their successful website,, has been visited many millions of times.• Periodic Videos have covered every element on the periodic table - thats 118 films; shot and edited by Brady Haran.PS Periodic Videos are updatingexisting clips and making otherchemistry films - Index
  33. 33. Phonetic Alphabet• Phonetic Alphabet is a free to • Find out more by using the use online tool that helps QR code or the URL below... convert sentences into phonetic alphabets.• No registration is required.• Users just visit the website and type in a sentence.• Each word in the sentence is broken down into phonetic alphabets with each line dedicated for a single word.• The Phonetic Alphabet website also provides instructions on how to incorporate this tool into a blog, VLE, website etc.• An ideal resource for those engaged with "Emergency Service Training", Communications courses, armed service(s) training etc. Index
  34. 34. Phonetizer• Phonetizer is a really easy to • Find out more by using the use tool users... QR code or the URL below... – just cut and paste or type in the text they want to use in the left hand side, – click on Transcribe and... ...the text appears on the right with the phonetic writing underneath each line.• Users can then cut and paste to a document if they want to save it.• Phonetizer is a great tool to add pronunciation support to any reading text and help learners to develop their pronunciation as they read. Index
  35. 35. QRHacker• QRHacker allows users to... • Find out more by using the – change the colours that are used, QR code or the URL below... – add backgrounds, – include logos and – pretty much any kind of image users fancy.• Something as simple as including a logo as part of a code gives everything a more professional look.• As with many QR Code generators, there are 4 main input options... – Text – URL – Phone Number and – VCard/Contact details• Well worth a closer look Index
  36. 36. Quipol• Quipol is social polling. • Find out more by using the• Quipol... QR code or the URL below... – is a simple and elegant way to unlock the opinions and perspectives of an online audience. – makes it easy to create social polls (called Quipols), share them with your audience, and monitor the results.• Take a look at my first Quipol at Index
  37. 37. Readcube• Readcube is a free, simple, • Find out more by using the academic software and reference QR code or the URL below... manager for researchers.• Read Cube... – helps researchers organize, annotate and stay on top of new research literature. – is a application, for both Mac and Windows, designed to help learners organize their research. – provides a place for learners to save and annotate documents. – facilitates Google Scholar and Pub Med searches and learners can also import PDFs that they find elsewhere.• Dont be put off by the the fact that Read Cube is targeted at a higher education audience; it has potential to be used for research at many levels. Index
  38. 38. Reading Bear• Reading Bear, a project of • Find out more by using the, is a free QR code or the URL below... program online to teach beginning readers vocabulary and concepts while systematically introducing all the main phonetic patterns of written English, all using innovative rich media.How does it work?• In each presentation—playable either as a video or as an interactive slide show— one or a few related phonics rules are introduced.• Reading Bear and WatchKnowLearn are free, ad- free, non-profit projects of the Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi. Index
  39. 39. Royal Society Publishing• Royal Society Publishing have • Find out more by using the made their journal archives QR code or the URL below... available online for the world to search and read.• Published papers, more than 70 years old, can be viewed for free and in their entirety. This makes 60,000 historical scientific papers available, including papers written by Benjamin Franklin, Isaac Newton etc.• A valuable resource for practitioners and learners alike especially those researching the history of scientific topics. Index
  40. 40. SeeMath• Clear explanations in professional- • Find out more by using the quality animations perfect for the QR code or the URL below... interactive whiteboard or data projector. Number topics include... – decimals, – fractions, – base ten blocks, – ratios.• Algebra topics include: – equations, – simplification.• Functional/Key Skills Practitioners might like to take a look at, a free website with simple Flash animations of various maths concepts, designed by maths teacher Tal Greengard.• SeeMath has a range of different animations, with new animations being added regularly. These animations are useful as an alternative way of demonstrating some maths concepts. Index
  41. 41. Sesame Street• Play games and watch videos to engage children with fun • Find out more by using the educational activities... QR code or the URL below... – play together, – grow together. home• Iconic videos, educational tips, fun activities and behind-the- scenes moments just for family learning practitioners and the parents, guardians, carers and youngsters they engage with;...bring Sesame Street into your stakeholders everyday life. Index
  42. 42. Siteopsys• If youre looking for a speedy Search • Find out more by using the Engine Optimization tools to QR code or the URL below... optimize a websites performance, take a look at the diverse evaluative tools on the Siteopsys website.• Siteopsys... – currently offers more than 20 research and analytical tools classified into 7 different categories, based on their usage areas. – plans to develop more analysis driven Search Engine Optimization tools (SEO Tools) in the future.• Most of these tools are FREE and are available for usage at absolutely no charge, "for now".• Siteopsys SEO tools are really fast as they use advanced Grid Computing and Cloud Computing technologies. Index
  43. 43. Sketchpad: Free online drawing tool• Sketchpad doesnt require • Find out more by using the users to create an account QR code or the URL below... in order to create and save their drawings.• All of the drawing tools that you would expect to find like brushes, pencils, and a large range of colours are offered by Sketchpad.• Additionally, Sketchpad offers some unique tools for creating patterns, swatches, and blends of colours. Index
  44. 44. StatPlanet• StatPlanet can be can be used • Find out more by using the online or downloaded as a QR code or the URL below... desktop application and used as free educational software.• StatPlanet comes with up-to- date world statistics in... • Demography & Population • Drugs and Crime • Economy & Development • Education • Education Quality • Environment & Energy • Gender • Health • Language• If users wish to add their own data, they can do so using StatPlanet Map Maker the link available on the same webpage. Index
  45. 45. Story Wheel• Story Wheel is a cooperative • Find out more by using the story creation application for QR code or the URL below... the iPhone and iPad, that will help users create stories, improve learners cognitive abilities and most importantly, have fun!• Ideal for Family Learning, Functional Skills, Modern Language, ESOL/ESL/EfL and Im sure many other practitioners.• Get your learners... – inventing stories together. – thinking, creating and speaking.• Story Wheel, for the iPhone and iPad, is now available in the app store Index
  46. 46. TagMyDoc• TagMyDoc is a web service that • Find out more by using the enables practitioners to share QR code or the URL below... documents with learners quickly and more conveniently.• TagMyDoc... – lets users upload and tag their digital documents; – generates download URLs for these documents; – encodes the URL into a QR code that users can share with smartphone owners.• People who own a smartphone can easily scan the code and download the document that can be password protected.• Downloads of files are tracked and displayed on the dashboard.• TagMyDoc offers free as well as premium packages. Index
  47. 47. TESiboard• The TESiboard collection is a • Find out more by using the purpose built library of visual, QR code or the URL below... dynamic, interactive resources.• TESiboard resources are primarily open-ended tools that enable practitioners to enagage their students in a learning dialogue around the resources.• The resources are designed for use on interactive whiteboards.• The TESiboard materials are all available for free.• Current development is focused on KS2 Literacy and Numeracy materials. Index
  48. 48. The Scale of the Universe• Zoom from the edge of the • Find out more by using the universe to the quantum QR code or the URL below... foam of spacetime and learn the scale of things along the way!• The Scale of the Universe is an application, that works really well on an interactive whiteboard, to use with learners when trying to visualise a sense of scale.• How much smaller are atoms compared to things that we can see like a grain of rice?• How much bigger is our galaxy compared to our solar system? etc. Index
  49. 49. The Travel Film Archive• The Travel Film Archive is a • Find out more by using the collection of hundreds of QR code or the URL below... travel films recorded between 1900 and 1970.• These films were originally recorded to promote various places around the world as tourist destinations.• In the archives users will find... – films about USA National Parks, – cities across the globe, and – cultural events from around the world.• The clips are a mix of colour and black & white footage; the earliest clips are silent while later footage is narrated. Index
  50. 50. Twtebook• On Twtebook users can have • Find out more by using the PDFs shared with all their friends QR code or the URL below... on Twitter. Dont worry the URL can be shared with "non- Twitter" users.• This service is free, just log in using twitter, select the files to share with others and add a message (Tweet).• Anything shared via Twtebook can be opened and viewed right in the browser, for additional speed and ease-of-use. (Users may have to click the download - in some browsers)• I can see Twtebook being used in education to share digital text and other study materials online. Index
  51. 51.• Ive mentioned in the • Find out more by using the past. QR code or the URL below...• providers users with a text editor with buttons that provides special characters.• Users can type text using their... – normal keyboard or – IWB on-screen keyboard, ...and then click the buttons to add the required accented characters.• Once completed, users can copy and paste the text into whiteboard software, PowerPoint, Word etc.• covers major European languages, plus Maori  Index
  52. 52. Virtual Training Suite• The Virtual Training Suite - a set • Find out more by using the of free Internet tutorials to help QR code or the URL below... users develop Internet research skills; the website does say "for your university course" but, that has more to do with where the funding comes from than anything else.• Research Skills are important and relevant to all learners at all levels.• All of the tutorials are written and reviewed by a national team of lecturers and librarians from universities across the UK.• These interactive, teach-yourself tutorials take, on average, around an hour to complete. Users are encouraged to work through the material in their own time and at their own pace. Index
  53. 53. Resources and Archives• aclJohns Website & • Scoop.It – Technologies Blog Portal • ShoutOmatic• Dipity Timeline • Spreaker Radio Station• Only2clicks• Pearltrees • The ACLjohn Daily• RSC-NW TV Channel • YouTube Channel Index
  54. 54. Find Try Evaluate and Share (FiTES)• You are the experts in your field of work, management, administration, practitioners etc., and you know what works for you!• By sharing not only will you raise the awareness of your colleagues but you should also benefit from their Share your resources by submissions. completing the form available• By doing this, you will all be at or supporting & stimulating • Use your iPhone, Android, innovation in learning, iPad, etc. with the QR code teaching and administration. above... Index