Week 3


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Week 3

  1. 1. Mrs. Ackerman’s Homework CalendarName:____________________ Week of Sept. 6th – 9th, 2011 http://wildabout2ndgrade.berkeleyprep.net/ TOTAL MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY  Total up weekend and Read 20 minutes or more! Read 20 minutes or more! Read 20 minutes or more! weekday reading: --------------------------- --------------------------- --------------------------- Reading TOTAL MINUTES ______ _______ Minutes Read:________ Minutes Read:________ Minutes Read:________ INITIALS Math Sheet Math Sheet Serving Sandwiches Simmering Soup HomeLink 1-11 (Numbers-Expanded (Comparing 3-digit Relations: <,>,= Form) Numbers) Math Math Fact Practice – Math Minute – Adding Doubles Plus 1 Xtra Math – Computer Time (5-10 minutes each night) Letter and Log-In Information coming home on Tuesday in the folder Review the “Saludos/Greetings 1” on the Spanish Learning Link for second grade: Spanish http://school.berkeleyprep.org/lower/llinks/spanlinks/Spanish2nd.htm http://www.wordlywise3000.com/ Book 2-Lesson 2 Wordly Website Wise Review the words- Create Flashcards. Keep at Crossword Puzzle Lesson 2 home for practice. Social Amber Brown wants to be president of her own company when she grows up. What do you want to be? Decorate the child to look like you in the future. Be creative! Studies Due on Friday  Upcoming Events: Extra Friday, Sept. 9th – Berkeley Service Day
  2. 2. Word Study (Spelling) optionsWords of about family what name havethe Week Dot Out the Word: Write your words in rice, shaving cream, bathtub foam, or any other item approved by a First, dot out a letter of the word. Next, family member. trace the letter. Keep doing it until you are finished with the whole word. Repeat with all spelling words on your list. Word Jumble: Write your words using one color for vowels and another color for consonants. Then write Scramble your words and write the correct your words in ABC order. spelling next to each scrambled word. If applicable, write word families for your Write each word in special letters (bubbly, words. squiggly, block, etc) (For example, could-would-should)