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Inscape movable walls


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Overview of our movable wall products

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Inscape movable walls

  1. 1. Architectural Interiors
  2. 2. walls that move INSCAPE Architectural Interiors’ full height movable walls are versatile, elegant and cost-effective. They define space, signify achievement and assure privacy with refined detailing and environmental integrity. INSCAPE’s movable walls drastically reduce the delays, disruption, mess and environmental impact of permanent wall construction. They achieve it with higher acoustical properties, in less floorspace and with a wide array of surface, closure and architectural options. They respond to the growing demand for attractive office facilities that can adapt quickly to Versatile, elegant and cost-effective changing work patterns and show a tangible return on investment.
  3. 3. full height privacy INSCAPE floor to ceiling walls are engineered to exacting quality standards and deliver superior acoustical privacy with Sound Transference Coefficient (STC) ratings as high as 42. The full height, unitized panels are factory assembled and glazed. They install securely into floor and ceiling channels to create an effective light and sound seal. The channels are installed over existing floorcoverings and attached to ceiling grids with non- damaging fasteners. INSCAPE walls are resilient and Acoustical and visual privacy durable. They are designed for high performance in many applications from private offices to executive boardrooms.
  4. 4. aesthetic versatility INSCAPE Architectural Interiors are designed to accommodate an exceptional range of surface materials, glazing and door options. A wide variety of fabric, vinyl, powder- coated finishes and wood veneer surfaces are offered together with many glazed panel options including: segmented, clerestory and full glass. Optional muntin bars and custom tempered glass are also available. Standard and full height doors with Surface options are virtually unlimited sliding, hinged or pivot mechanisms provide even more aesthetic versatility. INSCAPE has earned recognition for its willingness and ability to apply custom fabrics and vinyls, glass and other materials to its products. Walls are no exception. The structural integrity, precision engineering and simplicity suit INSCAPE movable walls for many applications beyond the private office and boardroom. They have been used to create collaborative areas, computer Barn doors and frosted glass are optional centers, lunchrooms, conferencing facilities, private offices, learning centers, factory offices, laboratories and more. The overall versatility, economics and minimal environmental impact make INSCAPE Architectural Interiors a favorite with many “Fortune 500” companies. Used in an Atrium or lobby they can make a dramatic architectural statement that is surprisingly cost- effective. Dramatic architectural statements
  5. 5. environmentally friendly INSCAPE Architectural Interiors offer an innovative response to the growing demand for total integration and movability of open and closed office spaces, economically and with sensitivity to the environment. Installation and reconfiguration of INSCAPE movable walls can be accomplished quickly and easily without creating the inconvenience, mess, airborne contaminates excessive waste disposal and landfill requirements of conventional permanent walls. They are INSCAPE walls are 98% reusable installed on existing carpet and secured to the ceiling track and perimeter walls with non-damaging fasteners. Moves are accomplished without demolition or repair to ceilings and floors. INSCAPE movable wall panels are unitized and may be moved and reused without modification. Similarly, one- piece doorframes with integral transoms may be moved easily. They are constructed on the same center-to- center module as panels. Therefore they are interchangeable with panels of the same width. Permanent walls create delays, mess and landfill INSCAPE Architectural Interiors are 98% reusable and contain recycled or recyclable materials. INSCAPE walls install fast and without mess
  6. 6. a wise investment Chances are, even within the first few years of occupancy, offices will need to be reconfigured to accommodate changes in personnel, organization, workflow or office technology. Demolition and reinstallation of permanent walls can be costly. In addition productivity suffers as a result of increased, downtime, disruptions and absenteeism. Precautions are required to contain airborne contaminates and Movable walls help organizations save money prevent their spread into ductwork and electronic equipment. These costs as well as additional clean-up, disposal and floor and ceiling repair costs can be substantial and may even exceed the initial cost of installation. INSCAPE’s walls may be moved quickly and easily minimizing disruptions and cost. It’s almost as simple as moving furniture. Like office furniture, movable walls may be depreciated much faster than permanent walls. Metal-to-metal connections ensure longevity without INSCAPE Walls depreciate as fast as furniture compromising the integrity of the structure or the precise fit and finish. INSCAPE will provide customized cost of ownership studies that demonstrate clearly and simply the significant cost Metal-to-metal connection ensures longevity savings its movable walls can achieve for most organizations. Regardless of whether the facility is leased or owned there is a compelling story for those who demand a quantifiable return on their investment in office space.
  7. 7. Reform Reform is a premium quality movable wall system with many aesthetic options and the ability to integrate with office furniture components. Concealed, slotted steel uprights accept virtually any brand of systems furniture including INSCAPE’s Platform™, without modification or permanent damage. Reform has an exceptional load bearing capacity and meets all ANSI/BIFMA standards. Utilizing Reform to suspend furniture Wood veneers add elegance to any office elements reduces the reliance on freestanding furniture, netting significant cost savings. Full height wall panels are available in a wide variety of widths and heights. Metal-to-metal connection assures long- term use and visual integrity. The integration of power and data connections, at any height, supports productivity and conformance to ADA guidelines. Reform integrates fully with systems furniture Data and power are easily accessible Precise fit and finish exemplifies INSCAPE quality
  8. 8. Inform Inform full height, movable walls are a versatile, cost-effective and an environmentally friendly alternative to permanent floor-to-ceiling walls. They offer superior acoustic privacy and attractive space division in a wide variety of applications. Like Reform, Inform wall panels are modular and easy to reconfigure. For example, a 42” wide wall panel may be removed from a run and replaced with a 42” wide (ADA compliant), doorway Visual and acoustic privacy frame assembly, without disassembling adjoining panels. The change is accomplished in minutes with a minimum of disruption. Inform is offered in a variety of widths and heights. There are numerous elevation options including plain or textured powder coated steel, full or partial glazed and a variety of door and hardware options. The unobtrusive panel connection mechanism doubles as a drop for power and data cables. Many private office and conferencing applications Inform has been used extensively as: private offices, boardrooms, conference rooms, lunchrooms, schools and medical facilities, classrooms, laboratories, study areas, information booths, military and aerospace installations. Classrooms, medical facilities and much more…
  9. 9. built with integrity INSCAPE Architectural Interiors, formally known as Dowcraft/ VMI, is located in Falconer, New York. Its 160,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility was completed in 1998. It utilizes the latest technology and employs advanced cellular manufacturing processes that assure on-time premium quality shipments. The Facility is ISO 9001 registered and Technology and spirit ensures satisfaction complies with all EPA standards. It was constructed in 1998 on reclaimed land that was environmentally contaminated by a previous occupant. It was the first successful conversion of a “Brownfield” site into a modern manufacturing complex in the state of New York. The finishing system uses a powder-coating process that is free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The Corporation strives to use recycled or reusable ISO 9001 Quality system materials whenever possible Customer satisfaction is not a phrase used lightly in this operation. It is a way of life. There is a passion for excellence throughout the entire organization exemplified by the positive “Can Do” spirit that always greets a request or enquiry. A highly experienced and qualified sales and service team ensures a smooth, accurate and timely order cycle. No surprises! Environmentally friendly finishing system New, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility