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+Ve for acit


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+Ve for acit

  1. 1. Computer Engineers Words About Cisco CoursesHello friends I was an engineering student and completed my in computer engineering but notwith flying colors I was an average student and always managed to just pass and then after my final yearI was in the middle of nowhere I had to study more so as to compete in the race in this world which hasa superb saying SURVIVOR OF THE RICHEST. Being a guy I had to do this since my future and everythingwas depended on this. I tried everything but I was keen on networking as it was always my strongsubject (though we had only a little) but still I was a little better @ it than the other subjects.So I decided to do networking after sitting @ home and fuming with anger and after all that my parentstold me even after being a B.TECH and a jobless person. So I thought of persuing my career into CISCOand do something in this field. I tried researching a lot but then I did not find anything good on theinternet for any institute. So randomly I picked ACIT which was closest to my place where I reside.I guess god was in a better mood that day since this was the only decision I think I made after all theseyears. I was told about the institute how it works and what goes into making an NOVICE to an EXPERT.What it takes to become a CCIE and how helpful and in what was the classes will help me in my journeytowards my dream success. I finally decided to rope In since I did not have any other option in Mumbaibecause I did not want to go anywhere else. And I was more than impressed seeing the certificates ofthe man whose classes it is. Mr. Rohit Pardasani seemed to be more of a maestro @ CISCO because it’sdifficult to clear even one expert level exam of cisco its finally a Ph.d in networking I don’t think it shouldbe so easy. So finally I decided to begin the career in which I could least earn good.For starters I took on just the basic CCNA Security course. I thought why not have an hands onexperience in training and how the batches and all work out and how the environment is for me to studyand then go on. During my counseling the counselor Ms. Yasmiine Khan told me a lot which was hard tobelieve that the classes runs 24*7 365 and I thought don’t these people get tired. But then after joiningthe training the experience was much better every promise every word of her that she said wasdelivered.Day one classes starts I turn up late and the lecture was put on hold because of me since every studentwas given personal guidance and attention I was thoroughly impressed. First on bang on after the basicintroduction since the time lectures started I was shocked @ my trainers knowledge that this man hasgot excellent caliber to teach and has got immense knowledge to teach which was put forward by theconfidence the way he spoke and the way he cleared the doubts. Infact he was the one pointing out tous that yes this person has a doubt and you are free to share. And he was very bang on with the answer.what excellence and what knowledge this man had got that it cannot be explained in words. ACIT hadroped in the best of the best from the training industry for teaching the students.The experience was awesome. OSI module the TCP/IP model IP addressing subnetting class A,B,C VLSM,the basics of Routers its modes its functionality configuring ip basics of routing part such as dynamicrouting, routing protocols like BGP DVRP LSRP ADVRP the difference between IGP & EGP RIP EIGRPstatic & dynamic routing its functionalities and its differences ACL’s extended ACL’s Wild Card Masks
  2. 2. OSPF NATTING STATIC & DYNAMIC NATTING concepts in SWITCHING like VLAN and its types porttrunking VTP & its modes inter VLAN routing STP WAN ETC everything was covered in detail.Infact some topics were actually were of higher CCNP level but we were taught those as well becauseACIT has a SPREADING KNOWLEDGE and CONNECTING MINDS motto. They level of excellence and thetraining experience that one gets @ ACIT is far better than anywhere else. This for sure is the besttraining academy for cisco and since I have practically experienced it I feel the only place to go in forCISCO training is ACIT. It is the best place to go to. The practice and the attention that they give to everystudent and after the training we were made to sit extra time as a compulsion to practice and we weretaught from the workbooks given by ACIT that have the best content in it to pass CCNA @ anytime. I amthinking to join even for CCNP SECURITY & CCIE SECURITY.Friends without a doubt in mind if you want to do CISCO there is no better place to study than ACIT. Youare surely in secure hands after you join ACIT. Every word from rack access to training was fulfilled andthey kept the word.Thanks for the immense knowledge you spread out.ACIT ROCKS…!!!!!! computer engineer said about Cisco courses, Cisco courses provider institute is very good sign forCisco. plus Cisco certification is ultimate.Cisco certification, Cisco courses, Institute