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Ccna training as compared to ccie training


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CCNA Training has been growing in popularity and slowly yet steadily catching up with CCIE training. Here is a snapshot comparison between the two training forms. Evaluate and decide the appropriate training course for self.

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Ccna training as compared to ccie training

  1. 1. WELCOME To the Presentation of Ciscocertified courses and Cisco certified Jobs
  2. 2. CCNA Training as Compared to CCIE TrainingCCNA Training has been growing in popularity and slowly yet steadilycatching up with CCIE training. Here is a snapshot comparisonbetween the two training forms. Evaluate and decide theappropriate training course for self.Networking careers are increasingly getting popular. Networkingprofessionals need to constantly keep themselves abreast of thelatest networking technologies and trends. There are varioustraining courses offered by many training institute. ACIT is one of theleading institutes which provide networking training to students whowant to develop their networking career. CCNA, CCIE job placementis very high in market.
  3. 3. The starting step to networking knowledge is via CCNA training. It covers the basic networkingconcepts. The options available to specialize during the CCNA training track areR&S, Security, and Voice. As per the time availability, interest and level of grasping of thecandidate they can opt for the track of their choice. CCNA training in R&S covers theintroductory manual to the operating mechanism of a network comprising routers andswitches. In addition, professionals certified in R&S track after CCNA training are able toinstall, configure and troubleshoot any operational issues in the network. The Security track inCCNA training covers the basics of security concepts to protect a network. They are taught toidentify the security threats and design techniques to mitigate them. CCNA training in voiceimparts knowledge to the networking professional on how to manage a VOIP based networkand design solutions to ensure the smooth transmission of voice based protocols over thenetwork. CCNA, CCIE job available in MNC as well as local companies.
  4. 4. Similarly the higher end version of network training comes about with CCIE training. CCIE is theultimate choice for a networking professional to expand their career. Just like in CCNA trainingthere is similar choice of tracks available to the networking professional even during CCIEtraining. Only difference being CCIE training is more evolved and conducted at a higher level.Also the pay package which the networking professional can claim after the successfulcompletion of CCIE training is quite higher than a professional who has only completed CCNAtraining. Very few CCIE certified are on earth therefore CCIE job placement is very high. If thestudent wants they can directly go for CCIE training or choose a step-by-step method and startwith CCNA training and then move ahead to CCNP and finally to CCIE training. Going for thestep-by-step method gives the student a strong foundation and the time to evaluate theinterest levels and ability to grasp the networking concepts.
  5. 5. Though neither CCNA training nor CCIE training are easy to undergo, thetraining faculty at ACIT give out tips and instructions that allows for thetimely completion of either or both the courses. This is the reason ACIT isamongst those institutes who have the largest pool of pass-outs in thestream. The student has to be prepared for putting in hard work anddevoting long practice hours for both CCNA training and CCIE training. Asthere are not only online theory exams but also practical lab exams inCCNA training as well as CCIE training. There are just a few 1000 CCIECertified on the planet and CCIE job placement is extremely high Theduration of the course in CCIE training is longer than CCNA training. AsCCIE training is more in-depth and exhaustive than CCNA training. CCNAtraining can be more or less compared to a graduation level knowledgewhereas CCIE training is like a doctorate in networking.CCNA training is the starting roadmap which will ultimately lead to CCIEtraining. Not only is a networking career challenging it is also rewarding interms of monetary gains. Moreover there is still a shortage of networkingprofessionals who are CCIE certified. So give yourself a chance and opt forCCNA training or CCIE training with ACIT and further the chances ofimprovement of your career prospects.
  6. 6. Thank You