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Slideshare SEO testing


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a deck to study SEO in slideshare
This is a test:
can you put a hyperlink here? Let's try:
My fab website:
the text is not active as a hyperlink, why?
because mine is not a pro, paid slideshare account.
Hopefully this feature will roll out to all users in the future.

September 2016

Published in: Self Improvement
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Slideshare SEO testing

  1. 1. Slideshare SEO testing @slidecoach
  2. 2. Purpose • This deck was created to show which parts of the PowerPoint presentation have SEO power. • The deck is simple but useful • Slide 3 has text written on it, to see if it is searchable inside Slideshare. • Slide 4 has text just in the PowerPoint notes pages, to see if it is searchable inside Slideshare
  3. 3. Slide 3 Nicholas Negroponte wrote a book titled “Being Digital” in 1995. Many things have changed in the digital world since then. Will the text on this slide be indexed on slideshare?
  4. 4. Slide 4 – text just in notes area