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Music brainz and library music collections


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by Robert Kaye, MetaBrainz Foundation Inc.
BIB&PLAY - música a la biblioteca pública
Diputació de Barcelona, Xarxa de Biblioteques Municipals
Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament de Cultura
AMPLI Associació de musictecaris
19 de novembre de 2015, Barcelona

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Music brainz and library music collections

  1. 1. MusicBrainz and library music collections Robert Kaye MetaBrainz Foundation Inc. @MayhemBCN
  2. 2. What is MetaBrainz? The non-profit that runs the various *Brainz projects. Founded in 2004 in California:
  3. 3. What is MusicBrainz? MusicBrainz is like Wikipedia for music. Open source. Open data. User curated. Founded in 2000, we have 1M artists, 1.5M releases, 19M tracks, 100k labels, 1.4M users, hundreds of orgs use our data
  4. 4. MusicBrainz in the wild Some of the companies that support us for using our data:
  5. 5. We may be able to help! Ways in which MetaBrainz may be able to help libraries: 1. Provide metadata and context for music in libraries (MusicBrainz) 2. Provide tools to build recommendations engines custom tailored to expose library’s collections. (ListenBrainz and AcousticBrainz) 3. Streaming listening rooms in conjunction with the Internet Archive.
  6. 6. MusicBrainz can provide context for music:
  7. 7. MusicBrainz can provide insight into music:
  8. 8. What is ListenBrainz? except it is open: open source. open data. ListenBrainz collects user listening data like
  9. 9. Collecting listen histories Robert Kaye, Pink Floyd, Great Gig in the Sky, 2015-04-20 16:20
  10. 10. Why ListenBrainz? Music recommendation systems are broken: closed & controlled by the big guys biased towards established artists limited: we have almost no control non-profits, like libraries, are left out There are no usable open source recommendation systems!
  11. 11. Why ListenBrainz? To build a useful recommendation system you need: Music metadata Acoustic data Listening history
  12. 12. Why ListenBrainz? To build a useful recommendation system you need: Acoustic data Listening history
  13. 13. Why ListenBrainz? To build a useful recommendation system you need: Listening history
  14. 14. Why ListenBrainz? To build a useful recommendation system you need:
  15. 15. ListenBrainz and Libraries How can libraries use our tools
  16. 16. Internet Archive Partner organization in CAA. Has large music collection. TBC
  17. 17. Internet Archive Virtual network of listening rooms. Massive music collection.
  18. 18. Internet Archive Perhaps obviate need for physical collections? Create a large streaming music system for all libraries?
  19. 19. Questions? Ask now, or tweet to: @ListenBrainz