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Papalote leija


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Papalote leija

  1. 1. Papalote LeijaMedia Art Installation - Performance Juan Duarte
  2. 2. what is about1. Media experiment with a kite.2. Interaction works as a sound generator.3. Non destructive game, self contemplative.4. Intervention of public space: Situationist practice.5. Narrative level: human voice
  3. 3. Is it a media installation?Not in itself: But it can be an installation too:So far it haspresented as a As a loop display ofperformance. data recorded fromRegarding Media Art performance. ThenInstallation exhibition played fromit will take place computer.either before orduring the opening ofexhibition.
  4. 4. Video
  5. 5. Who will fly the kite? It can be me but I encourage someone else to try it. The purpose is to have a collective recording where each can provide his own description on voice about experience with system provided. This collective recording will be combined with data picked from the performance flight. And sound processed accordingly for installation.
  6. 6. Design
  7. 7. Two kind of kites1. Sensor carrier2. Wind mechanical sound generator
  8. 8. sensor kite
  9. 9. Sensor equipment1. Arduino Fio2. Xbee receiver / transmitter3. Analog accelerometer4. GPS and or Barometer5. Beagle board or Raspberry pie(MCP3008) - to make it portable aspossible.6. Processing (data collection) andPD (real time signal processing)
  10. 10. generative sound kite
  11. 11. Aeolian harp: "the sound of the line"
  12. 12. Piezo pickup for musical instruments 1. The pickup was fixed with cellulose tape on the "line telephones" membrane. 2. Or the pickup was just held between forefinger and thumb, another part of the hand contacting the vibrating line. The line tones need sometimes considerable dampening.... they can be VERY loud... 3. To hear the whole sound of the "ensemble", an acoustic microphone was used.
  13. 13. One more video