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I got my resources on other sites/ppt and made some improvements to every slide.

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  1. 1. Jesica Prudenciano To English
  2. 2. Jesica Prudenciano
  3. 3. 1 2 3 4 5 (hyperlink songs with determiners)
  5. 5. My pen This ceremony a Coca-Cola can Any question That jar A lot of food A disappointed parent Examples of Noun Phrase
  6. 6. Examples of Determiners
  7. 7. The Grade 7 Exodus was awarded as the Most Disciplined Section of the month. That man in blue shirt is my brother.
  8. 8. There are 8 classes of Determiners  Articles (Definite and Indefinite)  Demonstratives  Quantifiers  Possessives  Numbers (Cardinal and Ordinal)  Distributives or Indefinite pronouns  Question Words or Relative pronuoun
  9. 9. Articles (a, an, the) • The indefinite articles a or an signal that the reference is non specific or general. • The definite article the signals that the reference is specific
  10. 10. The A An
  11. 11. Examples: The Visitors are coming. A box of chocolate was eaten by Lance.
  12. 12. SINGULAR this that PLURAL these those Showing who or what is being referred to.
  13. 13. Examples: This pair of shoes is mine. I think that girl is their leader.
  14. 14. QUANTIFIERS Few Little Much Many Most A lot of Some Other Any Enough More Such Used with a noun to show the amount of something.
  15. 15. Examples: Somestudents are not in their proper uniform. Most Student-teachers are staying at the library.
  16. 16. A form of a word that shows that something or someone belongs to someone.
  17. 17. Examples: My Brother, John, our will be celebrating I will show you his birthday tomorrow. new pet.
  18. 18. Cardinal Numbers Ordinal Numbers
  19. 19. One Ten Thirty Forty Two Nine Used in simple counting and shows quantity
  20. 20. Examples: Two dogsare barking outside. Thirty the seminar. Louisian leaders attended
  21. 21. First Last Fifty Twenty Used to show the position of someone or something in series
  22. 22. Luffy defeated the first commander in Blackbeard pirates. Example:
  23. 23. Both Half Either Neither Each Every All A word referring singly without exception to the member of a group
  24. 24. Examples: Everyhuman beingis unique. All Grade 7 Studentsare industrious.
  25. 25. Question words or Relative pronouns Whose Which What Whatever
  26. 26. Examples: Examples: Kit is the guy whose mother is the famous singer. He does not know what he is saying.