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My History


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Published in: Spiritual, Education
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My History

  2. 2. My Home Town - Portland, Oregon - • I was born in Portland, Oregon on June 7th, 1989 at 3:45 pm, which means my birth-date is 3456789, 3:45 6-7-89. • Both my parents were born and raised in Oregon, as well as my older sister’s and brother. I’ve spent most of my life in California.
  3. 3. My family Heritage - Father’s side. • My father’s parents immigrated to Canada from Denmark, eventually leaving Canada and becoming US citizens.
  4. 4. My family Heritage - Mother’s side. • My mother’s grandparents separately immigrated from Ireland to Oregon as children, meeting coincidently as adults. • My mom and I.
  5. 5. My travels Paris, France Bermuda • My parents live in Bermuda, I travel there frequently. • This previous summer I visited Europe for the first time and loved it! My parents and I went to Malta and Paris. Valletta, Malta
  6. 6. Education • Currently enrolled at Saddleback community college, I am a full-time student attempting to get my associates degree in Anthropology. I am currently unemployed. • I went to high school in both California and Bermuda, where my parents live. I went to Mount Saint Agnes catholic school in Bermuda and Capistrano Valley high school independent study program in California.
  7. 7. Favorite things • I love shoes, even when I can’t afford them. • Gummy-Bear's are my favorite kind of candy. • Halloween is my favorite holiday. • Dog’s are a girl’s best friend, this is my dog, Mickey. • I’m a huge fan of Disneyland, the happiest place on earth!