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the leadership and algeria needs


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the leadership and algeria needs

  1. 1. The Leadership & the Algerian Youth Needs
  2. 2. What’s going on in Algeria?
  3. 3. We have some cool things…
  4. 4. But we face some challenges…
  5. 5. Economical problems
  6. 6. 22% is the Youth unemployment rate in Algeria
  7. 7. 95%
  8. 8. Lacking skills of Algerian students • Organizational skills • Language skills • Communication skills  SOFT SKILLS
  9. 9. “Nowadays, the labor market is really competitive and the companies’ expectations towards candidates get higher and higher… It implies that companies don’t look only for technical skills anymore, this meaning that soft skills have more and more importance to the employers.”
  10. 10. IT Industrial Engineering Civil Engineering Teachers
  11. 11. What should we do? What can we do?
  12. 12. Take 5 min to reflect
  13. 13. Sharing Time
  14. 14. What does AIESEC do?
  15. 15. • We open the mind of the people we send abroad through our programs. • We provide internships for the Algerian students through our programs. • We develop the entrepreneurial mindset of Algerian students through our programs. • We develop the soft skills of our members through our programs.
  16. 16. Youth Leadership Development