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Presentation from Toronto's Tech Edge for #eProNAR

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  • Recommendations of a good bioDifferent for eeach siteShorter is betterFirst paragrah about real estateSecond paragraph chat about your intrests
  • Update your informationThat is why a blog is so useful!Customize your pages – Do updates!!!
  • Update a weekJust put a link under a photoA directly of playgroundsWineriesSchoolsFootball schedules
  • If you work with corporate clients – you may spend more timeCONCENTRATE on locals – affiliatesMake connections . . .Update your status monthly . . .Groups – alumniMajor town or cityInterest you have . . .
  • Personal informationSample of Robert SternCreate lists of local and check in what they are chatting aboutHave a list of your SOI – top 100 and chat with 2 a week . . .Like and comment . . . All of their friends see it also . . . Quick likes of photos of their familyFocis on LOCALShould you like your own comments ???
  • Want to hear business informationFocus on Community as wellThey want to see that you are an expert as wellUpdate dailyWrote a blurb on your site and link ti back to your siteSometimes links alone are fine.Flee marekt – write on your blog and do the linkJuggling buyers and contracts hope I can fit it all inBe your business page – flip from being yoursel to being your business page.Do it back and forthFind local companies in your area and like and talk to them on your wall.
  • Timely – for your communityReact to news as it is happeningSet up google alerts for this contentType in name of town and “breaking news”
  • Social media footprint

    1. 1. Social Media PlanVirtual Outsourcing Toronto, ON June 5, 2012
    2. 2. The Social Media RevolutionFrom Web 2.0 to Social Media
    3. 3. Social media can bedefined as primarily Internetand mobile-based tools forsharing and discussinginformation among humans
    4. 4. Worlds Connect
    5. 5. We are Inspired
    6. 6. ListenNetwork Learn Create Curate
    7. 7. “I just don’t havetime to spend onSocial Media and my Internet Presence”
    8. 8. You can’t be everywhere … (C) by Kim |
    9. 9. Establishing your presenceWHERE DO YOU NEED TO BE?
    10. 10. Where are your Potential Clients?
    11. 11. Website = Central Focus Facebook Personal Facebook Business Twitter Page Website and/or Linked In Blog Email Mail and Enewsletters Other
    12. 12. Online PresenceMust Optional• Website / Blog • Twitter• Google Profile • YouTube• Social Biz Card • Google+• LinkedIn • Flickr• Facebook – Personal • Yelp• Facebook – Business • FourSquare
    13. 13. Balance it all by Focusing on Your Locals
    14. 14. Update your Profiles QuarterlyPROFILES
    15. 15. Profile Check ListCurrent PictureCurrent BIOLinks to your WebsiteUpdate your Connections
    16. 16. Update 3 x WeeklyWEBSITE / BLOG
    17. 17. Website Check List – 3 times/week• Post content• Update information
    18. 18. Twice a MonthLINKEDIN
    19. 19. LinkedIn Check List- MonthlyMake connectionsUpdate your statusParticipate in Group Conversation
    20. 20. DailyFACEBOOK - PERSONAL
    21. 21. Facebook Check List- DailyUpdate your StatusComment / Like statuses of LocalsMake new connections
    23. 23. Facebook Check List- DailyUpdate your Status When you link – use your website/blog“Be your Business Page” and comment/like on local postings and companiesPost Photos and Information on the community you serve
    24. 24. Be your Business Pages
    25. 25. Optional: Twitter : Update and Engage daily Google+: Update and Engage daily Flickr: Upload photos, comment, participate in groups weekly YouTube: Post local video content weekly Yelp: as you can FourSquare: as you can
    26. 26. Finding Content
    27. 27. Find Content to CurateGoogle Alerts –
    28. 28. On iPad
    29. 29. Hire a Social Media Virtual Assistant
    30. 30. Hire a Ghost Writer
    31. 31. Time Savers•••••
    32. 32. Schedule Daily Monthly Weekly•Update your Status Yelp, FourSquare Update your LinkedIn(Facebook P & B) Status•Comment/Like on FB 10-15 minutes Make new Connections•Make New on LinkedInConnections 3 x Week Upload and Engage on•Become your Business Post Content on FlickrPage and Engage Website/Blog 20-30 minutes•Post Photos Quarterly•Twitter, Google+ Update your Profiles 30-60 minutes 30-60 minutes 30-45 minutes