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Social Media: Photo, Video, Microblogging


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I presented this on Eye for Travel: Social Media and Mobile Travel in Asia 2013.

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Social Media: Photo, Video, Microblogging

  1. 1. MAD ALKATIRI Senior Community & Social Product Manager –
  2. 2. @madalkatiri / #smasia!
  3. 3. #MOVEMBER annual, month-long event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer and other male cancers. More details:
  4. 4. the  power  of   PHOTOGRAPHY! Photo: Wakatobi, Indonesia! One of the best destination for diving in Indonesia. From Jakarta, fly to Makassar and then Bau-Bau. Photo taken by: me.
  5. 5. 39%! More interactions on Facebook with Page Post Photo PHOTOS INCREASE YOUR! ENGAGEMENT
  7. 7. How was it? Image was small, poor engagement, less viral reach than photo post and status post. Save time, pay less, travel with Wego! – When it contains link, every status update will turn into Page Post Link. The poor performance makes Social Media Managers prefer to use Photo Post and include link (with shorten URL) on the post. OLD PAGE POST LINK How the old page post link shows the image.
  8. 8. How is it? New link post looks awesome, larger click-able area, engagement improves significantly, number of link click also increased by 50%. Facebook also allows you to choose the photo from the website or upload it from your hard drive. NEW PAGE POST LINK
  9. 9. TOP 5 FACEBOOK BRANDS BY POST ENGAGEMENT RATE socialbakers Facebook Pages in Indonesia Regional Social Report October 2013
  10. 10. STUDY NEW LINK PAGE POST Did you know? A new study from EdgeRank Checker shows that the new link images format that the social network company rolled out in September, have generated more than 69% more clicks than the previous format, where the image was just a thumbnail.
  12. 12. MOBILE   DESKTOP  
  13. 13. the  power  of   VIDEOGRAPHY! Photo: Rinjani, Indonesia! Located in Lombok Island, Rinjani has stunning view when you climb it. You can choose 1 to 3 days track. Photo taken by: @wiranurmansyah
  14. 14. TRAVELERS ARE INSPIRED BY ONLINE VIDEOS Video has an important part to play in shaping views about the destination, with 1 in 2 Leisure and 2 in 3 Business travellers having seen any videos about their destination. Use of video as a specific information source is fairly minimal – indicating an opportunity for growth to connect with travellers. –Google  Indonesia   65%! 56%! Business travelers have seen videos about their destinations Leisure travelers have seen videos about their destination Source:  Google  –   OTA  Indonesia   Research,  July  2013  
  15. 15. TYPES OF 78! VIDEOS WATCHED 73! Source:  Google  –  OTA  Indonesia  Research,  July  2013   58! 55! 49! 46! 44! 30! Information about the destination Accommodation reviews User experiences Videos from online Information about travel companies the accommodation TV shows/ads Inspiration/ideas Other videos
  16. 16. 88%! agree that online videos strongly motivate them to travel to a destination 77%! agree that online videos strongly influence their decision on what accommodation to choose 81%! agree that online videos strongly influence them when deciding where to go on holidays VIDEO ARE ACTIVELY SOUGHT AND VERY INFLUENTIAL Source:  Google  –  OTA  Indonesia   Research,  July  2013  
  17. 17. the  power  of   MICROBLOGGING! Photo: Rinjani, Indonesia! One of the best destination for diving in Indonesia. From Jakarta, fly to Makassar and then Bau-Bau. Photo taken by: @wiranurmansyah
  19. 19. next  session:   CASE STUDY! Photo: Ambon, Indonesia! My hometown. It’s all-in-one destination: great food, stunning beaches, and has more than 30 dive spots. Photo taken by: me.
  20. 20. MALUKU IS A BEAUTIFUL ISLAND IN EAST OF INDONESIA 3,5hrs flight from Jakarta. You can fly with Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air.
  21. 21. Sectarian  conDlict   broke  out  in  Maluku   in  January  1999  until   February  2002.   Claimed  more  than   6,000  lives  and   displaced  700,000   others. Image:!
  22. 22. A mission to bring back Maluku’s old title: Maluku Manise.
  23. 23. THE TEAM: 10 TRAVELLERS 10 well-known and creative travellers, are brought together for the #BarondaMaluku mission. Contribute to promote Maluku using their expertise.
  24. 24. INFLUENCERS TEAM @marischkaprue   @r_djangkaru   @dayuhatmanti   Marischka Prudence and Riyanni Djangkaru are Indonesia celebrities with more than 350,000 followers on Twitter. Dayu Hatmanti is “Miss Scuba International”.
  25. 25. CONTENT TEAM @atre7   @BackpackerNotes   @indohoy   Atre is a travel journalist. Herajeng is the travel writer who has published her own book. And Indohoy is a blog dedicated to travelling in Indonesia (in English).
  26. 26. CAMERA TEAM @giri_prasetyo   @barrykusuma   @ferryrusli   Barry Kusuma is one of the most famous travel photographers in ID. Giri Prasetyo is an excellent travel videographer and Ferry Rusli is an underwater specialist.
  27. 27. 10M! Daily impressions for #BarondaMaluku hashtag Comparison:   13.5M! Guaranteed impressions when you buy Promoted Trend from Twitter for $10,000 per 24 hours.
  28. 28. CLOSING STATEMENT AND TIPS Photos and video are the king of tourism destination social marketing from an inspiration & awareness point of view. Try the new Facebook Page Link Post to engage your audiences and also drive traffic to your site. Identify and engage travel key opinion leaders in your market. Let them talk about you in their own words.   Social media marketing is crucial these days, but it’s even greater if you integrate it with other marketing channels.  
  29. 29. You can take a better look at this deck by click the link on my Twitter profile page: @madalkatiri.   Terima  kasih!