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U2 l1


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U2 l1

  1. 1. Unit 2Lesson 1 How do we process information?
  2. 2. Let’s see some examples
  3. 3. How do we usefirst, after, next, finally?
  4. 4. New words slice –хэрчих pour –хийх, цутгахpan – хайруулын таваг beat – цохих fold - нугалах store- hadgalah receive- huleen awah process- achaallah
  5. 5. How do you cookmushroom omelet?
  6. 6. -First, slice themushrooms.-Next, add salt andpepper to the eggmixture.-After that, pour theeggs into a fryingpan. Add themushrooms and cook.-Finally, fold theomelet in half. Andenjoy! Your omelet isready!
  7. 7. Now write how to processinformation.
  8. 8. Homework1. Write how to cook your favorite food? 2. Page: 21-22 exercises: 3, 2b