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Sikkim pip (2012 13)


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Sikkim pip (2012 13)

  1. 1. Sikkim PIP (2012-13)
  2. 2. Background/InfrastructureGeographic area-7096 sq KmTotal Population – 6.07 (Census 2011)District-4District Hospitals – 4PHC – 26 (including 2 new)Sub- Center - 147
  3. 3. Health IndicatorSl. No. Health Indicator Sikkim1 Maternal Mortality 22 (absolute number)2 Infant Mortality 30 (SRS 2010)3 Birth Rate 17.8(SRS 2010)3 Total Fertility Rate 2.0 (NFHS-3)
  4. 4. Part. A. RCH Flexipool
  5. 5. Maternal Health Activities Amount Proposed Remark (in lakhs)• Operationalise Safe abortion services•Consumables and supplies for RTI/STI clinics(PHCs)• Monitor quality of service delivery and utilization including through field 143.04 visits• Monthly village health sanitation &nutrition day• JSY• Maternal Death Audit•JSSK- Janani Shishu Surakhsha
  6. 6. Child Health Activities Amount Proposed (in Remark lakhs)• Operational cost for existing 2 SNCU & 4NBSU• Infant and Young Child Feeding/IYCF 33.10•Management of Diarrhea, ARI and Micronutrient malnutrition
  7. 7. Family Planning Activities Amount Proposed Remark (in lakhs)•Review meetings•Sterilization camp & Compensation 19.66• procurement (NSV/IUD kit)•Printing of the IUCD card•Workshop on F.P for North East, WestBengal & Orissa
  8. 8. ARSH Activities Amount Proposed (in Remark lakhs)Establishment of new clinics and 3.2operating expenses for existingclinicsIFA supplementation & 6.81DewormingReview of ARSH Counsellors. 0.50School health programme 12.82•Joint Supervision & monitoring•Procurement of Drugs for HealthCheck up
  9. 9. Urban RCH Activities Amount Proposed (in Remark lakhs)•Strengthening of urban health 7.20posts and urban health centers•Incidental expenditure 1.44
  10. 10. Tribal RCH Activities Amount Proposed (in Remark lakhs)•Implementation of Tribal RCH 9.50activities
  11. 11. PNDT Activities Activities Amount Proposed (in Remark lakhs)• Support to PNDT cell• Orientation• Review meeting• Incidental expenditure 3.72 for check list, internal audit format etc• Computer System, One Set
  12. 12. Training Activities Amount Proposed (in Remark lakhs)Strengthening training center. 6.5Maternal health- SBA, BEmOC, EmOC, 20.77LSAS, Safe abortion, Blood storage,Quality Assurance.Child Health – IMNCI,F-IMNCI,NSSK, 18.52orientation on MCP Card, Orientationon IYCFFamily Planning- Laparoscopic 7.80sterilization ,NSV, IUD insertion & ARSHProgramme Management - CME 12.00
  13. 13. Human Resources Activities Amount Proposed Remark (in lakhs)Salary of Specialist & MO 307.12Salary of LT/Store keeper/OT ,ECG,X-ray 85.78tech & PharmacistSchool Health and ARSH (Counsellors, 15.72Co-ordinators, School Health OfficeAssistant,)PCPNDT Cell-DEO cum Office assistantSalary of staff under Urban RCH – 24.45MO,ANM,MPHW & DEO.IMEP- incinator Operaters. 6.85Immunization-Cold chain officer& 12.92Technician, Computer assistant
  14. 14. Cont. Human Resources Activities Amount Proposed (in Remark lakhs)Salary of SPMU staff 19.14Salary of DPMU staff 29.38Salary of BPMU staff 77.78Salary of AYUSH staff 45.18Salary of Dental Surgeon & 34.58TechnicianSalary of Call Center for 108 staff 12.00
  16. 16. ASHAActivities Amount Proposed Remark (in lakhs)•Monthly ASHA Divas•ASHA MENTORING GROUP 66.72•ASHA Ghar•STATE ASHA SAMMELAN (2012)•ASHA SUPPORT SYSTEM (Sling Bag,Aluminuim Drug Kit, Diary)Home Based Newborn Care/HBNC 156.28
  17. 17. UNTIED FUNDSActivities Amount Proposed Remark (in lakhs)Untied Fund for 26 PHC 6.50 @25,000/-Untied Fund for 147 14.70 @10,000/-PHSCsUntied Fund for 641 64.10 @10,000/-VHSC
  18. 18. ANNUAL MAINTENANCE GRANTSActivities Amount Proposed Remark (in lakhs)AMG for 26 PHCs 13.00 @50,000/-AMG for 139 PHSCs 13.90 @10,000/-
  19. 19. Hospital Strengthening, Upgradation of CHCs, PHCs & DHs to IPHSActivities Amount Remark Proposed (in lakhs)Equipment for Bl. Storage 5.45 at DH Singtam and upcoming Jorethang CHCHorizontal Autoclave for Major OT 60.00 at Namchi Hospital& DH SingtamProcurement of X-Ray Machine 35.00 Tashiding , Soreng,Sombaria in West & Melli PHC in South.Procurement of digital X-Ray 50.00Machine (MA 500)for DH,GyalshingEndoscope (computerized) for Dist. 4.00Hospital NamchiSub Centre Rent and 2.16Contingency
  20. 20. Logistic management/improvementActivities Amount Proposed Remarks (in lakhs)•Training•Printing and computer, 3.60stationeries
  21. 21. New Construction/Renovation and Setting upActivities Amount Proposed Remarks (in lakhs)Construction of residential class II qtr for 747.60MO at DH & PHCConstruction of residential class III qtr for 60.90staff nursesAugmentation of training centre at District 24.58Hospital Gyalshing, West SikkimExternal water supply to Health Centres 20.06Proving footpath to the PHSC Duga and 8.00NandokInstallation of Fire Safety equipments 40.00Rewiring of class II &III residential qtr 29.01Construction of protective wall and box 3.04drain at Phadamchen PHSC
  22. 22. Corpus Grants to RKSActivities Amount Proposed (in Remarks lakhs)District Hospital 20.00 @5,00,000/-PHCs 26.00 @1,00,000/-
  23. 23. Cont.Activities Amount Remarks Proposed (in lakhs)District Action Plans 10.00(including block, village)Panchayati Raj initiative 17.25(training of VHSC members)Mainstreaming of AYUSH 1.90(excluding human resource)
  24. 24. Cont.Activities Amount Remarks Proposed (in lakhs)IEC- Health Mela, Awareness of various 71.78health issue through various medium ,IECexhibition, Production of Calendar &News letter.MMU-Printing & Stationeries, Medicines, 142.82Consumables & Lab Kits, DA for MMUstaffs, servicing,NGO programme 50.00Community Monitoring 48.94
  25. 25. Activities Amount Proposed Remarks (in lakhs)Monitoring and EvaluationWorkshop /training, Internet 43.88connectivity, Development ofwebsite, printing of forms,register, Review meeting ofM&E/MCTS activities & mobilitysupport.
  26. 26. Cont.Activities Amount Remarks Proposed (in lakhs)Procurement of 57.00 Procurement of Furniture &Equipment basic instrument for Ante Natal ward & Labour room.Procurement of Drugs & 65.00 PROCUREMENT OF ESSENTIALSupplies DRUGS FOR DISTRICT HOSPITAL & PHC including Vit. A and IFA- large.
  27. 27. New Initiatives/Strategic InterventionsActivities Amount Proposed Remarks (in lakhs)Rural Dental Services 21.92Emergency Medical Services 112.76Disability scheme 22.31Mental Health Programme 81.20Tobacco Control Programme 10.00Health Mechanical Workshop 13.93IMEP 50.02
  28. 28. Activities Amount Proposed (in Remarks lakhs)Incentives to Doctors, GNMs, ANMs,Paramedical etc.For Difficult Areas 13.22For Most Difficult Areas 13.92For Inaccessible Areas 11.21Research, Studies &AnalysisImpact assessment of NRHM and 33.00Various Component
  29. 29. IMMUNIZATION Amount Proposed in Activities LakhsRI Strengthening Project (Review Meeting, Mobility 25.77Support, Outreach Services, etc.)Training Under Immunization 6.70Cold Chain Maintenance 1.00ASHA Incentive for full Immunization 16.50Pulse Polio Operational Cost 25.00Total 74.97
  30. 30. National Disease Control Programme
  31. 31. NVBDCPActivities Amount Proposed RemarksIEC (Malaria, Kala Azar & Filaria)Training (Malaria, Kala Azar & Filaria)Spray Wages (Focal Spray) 37.33Contractual StaffPurchase of Computer, Laptop, Microscope& Spray Machine for NVBDCP OfficeMaintenance SHS & Establishment (DHS)
  32. 32. RNTCPActivities Amount Proposed (in Remarks lakhs)•Civil works•Honorarium/Contractual services•IEC 203.93•Equipment Maintenance•Training•Vehicle Maintenance/hiring•NGO/PP support•Medical Colleges•Printing & Miscellaneous
  33. 33. NPCBActivities Amount Proposed Remarks (in lakhs)•Cataract Operations, Screening & Camps•Contractual Manpower•School Eye Screening Programme @ 200/ pairof spectacles 208.56•IEC/BCC•Maintenance of Ophthalmic Equipments,Mobile Ophthalmic Unit Van•Honorarium•Training•Non-Recurring Grant-in-aid
  34. 34. NLEPActivities Amount Proposed (in lakhs)•Incentive to ASHA•IEC/BCC•Capacity Building 58.72•Supervision, Monitoring & Review• Contractual Services•Office Expenses & Consumables•POL/Vehicle operation & hiring
  35. 35. NIDDCPActivities Amount Proposed (in lakhs)•IDD Cell, H.Q.(Salary of l Staff & Office Expenses)•IDD Monitoring Laboratory (Salary Lab. Tech. & lab. Assistant & Lab material and chemicals) 31.56•IEC/BCC•IDD re-survey in North District
  36. 36. IDSPActivities Amount Proposed (in lakhs)•Surveillance preparedness•Contractual services 68.42•Operational cost (office expenses, mobilitysupport, Prepaid Voucher for SSO)•Unforeseen natural calamities/disaster•Outbreak Investigation and Response•Up gradation of microbiology lab
  37. 37. NPPCDActivities Amount Proposed (in lakhs)•Training•IEC/BCC 16.58•Manpower•Screening Camps/Hearing Aid•Maintenance of Central Cell at State Level
  38. 38. Budget Proposed for 2012-13Sl. No. Programme Amount Proposed (In lakhs)1 RCH –II 1251.832 NRHM 2353.573 Immunization & PPI 74.97 Operation Cost4 NIDDCP 31.565 IDSP 68.426 NVBDCP 37.337 NLEP 58.728 NPCB 208.569 RNTCP 203.9310 NPPCD 16.58 TOTAL 5742.63
  39. 39. Financial Progress Report 2011-12 as on 29.2.2012Sl. Name of Opening Budget Grant Received Total Expendi UnspenNo. Program balance approved fund ture as t me GoI State availabl on balance Share e 29.02.2 0121 RCH –II 361.07 1097.46 516.00 100.00 977.07 580.27 396.80 Flexi pool2 Mission 931.52 950.66 652.00 100.00 1683.52 729.60 953 Flexi pool3 Strength 15.10 31.83 21.00 0.00 36.10 14.51 21.59 ening of RI4 Pulse 0.00 0.00 21.37 0.00 21.37 3.84 17.53 Polio Program me Grand 1307.69 2079.95 1210.37 200.00 2718.06 1328.22 1389.84 Total
  40. 40. Thank You